Motorcycle lift reviews, handy motorcycle lift review

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Many factors to consider when choosing a motorcycle lift, including packaging, price and optional preferences, like pneumatic or hydraulic...
Best Motorcycle Lifts
A motorcycle lift is ideal for some maintenance activities like changing fluids or just washing the motorcycle from tail to tip. Lifts are gaining more popularity as more bikers are taking responsibility of maintaining their bikes. As a result, various models of lifts are now available. There are different models for sports bikes, street bikes, race bikes, cruisers, choppers and custom bikes.

A motorcycle lift with the optional extensions can be used for many different recreational vehicles such as four wheelers, ATVs, jet ski, snowmobile, as well as non-reacreational vehicles such as a riding mower. The main difference between the various lifts is the weight capacity that it supports and the style of the wheel frame, which has to be considered very carefully as using an incorrect type of lift could scratch your bike or could also damage the brakes with the wrong type of wheel secure.

Two types of motorcycle lifts available are:

* Air Lift
* Air / Hydraulic Lift

Motorcycle lift ratings can vary, depending on some of the following factors. You definitely want to be sure you are buying what you need, and what will work best for your bike, as well the physical capabilities of your body! Be sure to keep these things in mind when you are considering buying a motorcycle lift:

* How high you want the platform to rise
* Where will the lift be used
* How long will you be leaving the bike on the lift
* What type of security you require
* How big is the bike

The biggest attraction to owning your own lift is the ease of working. Lying on the floor is uncomfortable, and maneuvering is difficult, not to mention hard on the back, knees, joints. Once you’ve used one you’ll wonder how you ever got by without one. How do you justify the expense? The comfort factor alone makes it worth spending the money on a lift. And performing your own maintenance tasks saves you from having to take your bike to a professional. You’ll see the return in no time, not to mention the relief you’ll find not having to bend over and kneel down.

If you’ve ever considered purchasing a motorcycle table lift for working on your bike then we recommend several. To buy motorcycle lift you should always research the possibilities. We recommend PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lifts, Handy Lifts, and Titan Lifts. To prove they are our top motorcycle lift picks, we are a dealer for all 3 to and have linked our pages to them for your convenience. We stand behind the quality of the lifts of each of these manufacturers. They each make top notch, solid-steel units you’ll want to check out.


PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift Includes Vise

The PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift is our #1 choice for motorcycle lifts, hands down. Why? Well, first we’ll look at pricing, features, packaging, and then we’ll compare them. PRO 1200 (basic package) is priced at $699.

Features of this lift include Pneumatic operation: Air powered w/ foot pedal controls; 7 Position Safety Locking System: secures lift in place while working Detachable Drive-On Ramp: Low angle ramp protects bikes as they are rolled onto and off of the lift; Front Wheel Vise: secures vehicles and includes adjustable front stop; Pullout / Drop Through for Rear Tire Change: Allows access to rear of vehicles and makes wheel service easier; 3 Stage Adjustable Front Extension: Chopper extension allows long bikes to fit onto the PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift. Make the table 84″ long, 97″ long or 110″ long; Single Heavy Duty Pneumatic Cylinder: Heavy-duty construction w/ sealed roller bearings for smooth operation; Greasable shaft: Grease zerks on X frame maintains smooth operation; Powder Coated Finish: Powder coat finish for durability with red or HD orange accents; Compact Portable Design: Makes the PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift easy to move and store.

The basic package includes a 1,200 lb capacity lift (watch our demo video of this lift raising and lowering 1,500 lbs), plus a 1 year warranty.

It also includes:

  • Front Extension (Adjustable from 84″ to 97″ or 110″)
  • Loading Ramp
  • Pullout / Drop Through for Rear Tire Change
  • Wheel Vise and Wheel Stop
  • Stabilizer Bar
  • Pneumatic Foot Pedal

Above, we linked to a video of this lift holding a certain weight amount. Did you catch the number of lbs? We hope the ruggedness of this lift speaks for itself in that demonstration.

Lastly, don’t take our word for it. Check out our customer reviews of the PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift here.

Note: There is also a PRO 1200SE Motorcycle Lift  Model, which includes the basic accessories plus side extensions. This model is priced at $868.

The newest in the PRO series line of motorcycle lifts offer even MORE of a lift for heavier, larger vehicles, which puts them in their own class. This lift is perfect for UTVs, trikes, spyders, even golf course and road paving equipment. This heavier series includes a versatile quartered side extension kit with each package, to accommodate trikes, spyders, and more. These lifts can lift it all!

The PRO 1750 UTV motorcycle lift includes a 52″ side extension kit. The PRO 2500 UTV Motorcycle Lift includes a 60″ side extension kit. They are both air/hydraulic powered, and include a rubber-lined wheel vise. The PRO 2500E has the same (specifications) as the PRO 2500 lift, but it includes an electric/hydraulic control instead of air. All of these lifts includes free shipping.


Presently, Handy manufactures goods for the power sports and power equipment markets and the recreational vehicle market. Its shop products include electric and air powered lifts and motorcycle stands. Their lift tables are used both by individuals and commercial use alike.

While some may prefer the electric screw type, air powered equipment is also a great alternative. If you are doing your own work, chances are you’ve already got an air compressor, so why pay the additional cost for the electric?

Handy 16900 Sam2 1000 Motorcycle Table Lift

The Handy 16900 lift is versatile. Its state-of-the-art features were actually designed by the people who use the lifts as well as motorcycle techs. This Handy lift features include drop down front and drop down back, and for optional equipment, they offer quad side rails rather than half side rails, enabling them to come apart in fours, a nice innovation for 4 wheelers, 3 wheelers, etc. It also has 93″ x 28″ deck which is longer and wider, 1000 lb capacity, and lifts to 35″.

This Handy Air Lift is the newest Handy lift on the market. This Handy motorcycle lift is designed to lift bikes up to 1000 lbs. It was developed for bike professionals who need a longer (93″) and wider (28″) work surface, with the convenience of double drop panels (15″ x 28″) for easy maintenance. The Handy Sam Lift2 has a maximum height of 35″ and a longer ramp of 40″ for lower-built bikes.

As of this writing, the Base Model starts at $1,139 (does not include vise or side rails).

Attach the 14476 CV 17 Cycle Vise to the front drop leaf or position it back on the table for rear wheel maintenance. This lift was made in the USA. (Price with vise – $1,289.10)


Capacity – 1000 lbs.
Length – 93″
Width – 28″
Max. Height – 35″
Min. Height – 7-1/2″
Work Surface – 93″ x 28″
Power Source – Air 90 to 120 psi
Ramp Length – 40″ x 28″
2 Drop Leafs – 15″ x 28″
Weight – 345 lbs.

Available Colors: Powder Coated Gray Deck with Black Underframe

Handy SAM 1000 Lift

Handy Sam 1000 Motorcycle Lift
Handy Sam 1000 Motorcycle Lift

Another option is the Handy SAM 1000 motorcycle lift table, which has a longer 84″ length. Owners of longer vehicles will enjoy that extra length and probably find that it’s necessary. And remember that a shorter motorcycle will fit on a longer table, but not vice versa. You can cover all the bases with it.

The Handy SAM Lift is the same as the standard air lift, with additional features of a dropout panel and 84″ length for working on those longer motorcycles.

Handy 1000 Handy SAM Lift Features:

* Handy S.A.M.’s specifications include a safety-rated 1000 lb. capacity, 24″ width, 30″ maximum height, 7″ minimum height, and weight of 330 lbs.
* Handy 1000 S.A.M. Handy Lift also offer several attachments to customize your S.A.M. 1000 Lift, such as various handy lift extensions, including as a 14476 CV 17 Cycle Vise, 16002 8″ Side Extensions , 12″ Side Extensions, 16011 13″ Front Extension, 10732 Lift Dolly and a 16010 Tool Tray.

The drop out panel at the rear of the table is a great option. This allows the rear wheel to be more easily removed on motorcycles that don’t have a single-sided swing. The drop out panel would be beneficial for anyone that has a bike with a full rear fender that makes getting the rear wheel out very difficult.

Just position the rear wheel over the drop-out panel, support the bike, remove the panel and you’ll be able to lower the wheel out the bottom. If you are willing to pay the money for a lift, you might just want spend a little extra for all the amenities to make life that much easier!

There are six other horizontal positions available in between fully lowered and fully raised. These positions are set with the table locking mechanism for a total of 8 possible heights. Once the table is set to the desired height, it is lowered down onto the locks and the air line can then be disconnected for other uses when the motorcycle is being serviced.

This Handy lift table may be raised and lowered with a foot pedal. It is rocked one way to raise the table and the other to lower the table. This leaves you with both hands free should you need them. The required air pressure is only 90-100 psi with 100 being the maximum allowed.

Handy states that any compressor that develops the required pressure will be adequate, since it requires very little volume to raise it. This lift table should work fine with any small portable compressor that’s capable of producing 90-100 psi.

The Handy Sam 1000 lift is rated for a total weight of 1000 lbs.

The price of the Base Model is $999. Add a vise and the pricing is $1149.10

Handy 14472 1500 BOB Handy Lift is longer, wider and taller for your Bike

The introduction of Handy 1500 BOB Handy Lift solves numerous challenges in today’s professional workshop. The Handy B.O.B. lift has an adjustable height from 10 to 40 inches; lifts 1500 pounds for the fully dressed motorcycles, trikes and quads; and has a drop-out panel for convenient tire changes. Handy also made the lift a full 7′ long and expended the width to 28″. To further customize the B.O.B. to your needs, you can add 12″ side extensions (14473), a 13″ front extension (14474), and a 14475 trike extension kit to the lift.

Handy 1500 B.O.B. Handy Lift Features:

* 1,500 lb. safety rated lifting capacity
* 40″ maximum height
* Work surface of 84″ x 28″ (not including any extensions)
* Drop out for tire changes
* 11 gauge steel construction
* Air Source 90-100 psi
* Ramp length 31″
* CE approved

The B.O.B. lift is priced at 1,439. It does not include vise, side extension, or front extension.

Handy 10740 Air Lift

Handy lift 10740

Another highly recommended lift by Handy is the 10740 Air Lift is used for motorcycle maintenance in power sport shops around the world.

This motorcycle lift has a lifting capacity of 1000 lbs. and an 80″ x 24″ deck, again, making it ideal as a motorcycle lift, ATV lift, snowmobile lift, garden tractor lift, etc.

The Handy 10740 raises to a working height of 30″ and lowers to 7″ for easy loading. The lift is a solid steel fabrication and is powered by a pneumatic cylinder from your air source (90-100) psi.

Lift can be used with or without accessories. W:24″ x L:80″. CE Approved.

Base Model is priced at $839. Add a vise and this lift is priced at $989.10.

Add ons include:

* 14476 – CV-17 Cycle Vise
* 10728 – 12″ Side Extensions
* 16011 – 13″ Front Extension
* 10737 – Snowmobile Wings
* 10732 – Lift Dolly
* 16355 – Covered Foot Pedal
* 16010 – Tool Tray

Handy lifts are a rugged, solid option. While pricier than the others featured in our list and not as well packaged, they are Made in the U.S.A., are heavy duty lifts that we endorse to last a lifetime.


Motorcycle table lift front wheel vise

The optional 14476 CV 17 Cycle Vise wheel vise has a really nice feature for motorcycles with a center stand. The front stop of the vise comes off after removing a pin, and the motorcycle can be rolled beyond the center of the vice so that when it’s pulled back on to the center stand the front tire will be centered in the vise.

Two eyebolts are also included with the CV 17 Cycle Vise. They can be secured to the table top in a couple of locations for tying down the motorcycle if additional stabilization is required. The front wheel vise is a must have option.

The goal is to make it easy to work on the motorcycle when it’s on the table lift. It’s the best thing to be able to stand next to the bike while working on it or to set the table at a height where everything can be reached while sitting on a chair. No more crawling around with your head on the floor to change the oil, either.

Another way to justify the price of a lift is making it multipurpose! As we stated above lift also works nicely as an additional work bench to lift a riding lawnmower or for many other uses.

Handy makes some great accessories for their lift tables to make them even more versatile. The 16002 12″ Side Extensions that I mentioned earlier make the tabletop wider by 12″ on each side. The 16011 13″ Front Extension makes it longer by 13″.

This gives a theoretical overall length of 97″ and width of 48″. If you’ve got an ATV, a lawn tractor, a snowmobile or other toys that have a wide wheelbase, an extension an extension may be necessary to fit them on the table.

The table lift weighs about 300 lbs so Handy also sells a lift dolly (10732) to use to move it around the garage.

Tool tray 16010

A tool tray that clamps onto either side of the table with a slick single lever clamping device that holds a 39 1/2″ X 8 1/2″ plastic insert with various sized sections that can hold tools, parts or whatever is another add-on that is necessary. It helps to keep the tools and parts from collecting immediately under the bike and prevents any unwanted tripping!

If you do your own maintenance and repair, you’re going to love having a table lift. The table lifts made by Handy are strong, simple to use, well-built, and should last a lifetime. They require only a periodic drop of oil and shot of grease as maintenance.


Titan SDML-1000D Heavy Duty Motorcycle Lift
Titan SDML-1000D Heavy Duty Motorcycle Lift

We’d first like to mention the SDML-1000D motorcycle lift model. It is a heavy-duty diamond plated air-powered lift table with a 1,000 lb. lifting capacity.

It features an extra long working table so that even your longest motorcycle won’t have a problem fitting on the 99″ work space. With its comfortable 35″ working height, the Titan 1000D Lift is a great addition to any shop or home garage.

This is a well packaged, lift, also.

Titan SDML-1000D Motorcycle Lift Includes:

  • Front Wheel Vise
  • Multi-Positional Front Table Extension
  • Standard Rear Wheel Drop Out
  • Roller Plate Drop Out
  • Detachable Ramp
  • Air Powered Lift Controls
  • Two Wheeled Dolly

It is priced at $939 and includes free shipping.

The Titan SDML-1000D-XLT Motorcycle Lift comes fully equipped with front tire vise, front extension and side extensions, which provide it with a large enough platform to work on everything from motorcycles and ATVs to jet skis and snowmobiles. Also a heavy-duty diamond plated lift, it can handle up to 1,000 pounds with its 7 inch air-powered cylinder, which raises the extra-large platform up to a 35 inch working height.

Titan SDML-1000D-XLT Motorcycle Lift Includes:

  • Front Wheel Vise
  • Multi-Positional Front Table Extension
  • Side Extensions
  • Stabilizer Bar
  • Standard Rear Wheel Drop Out
  • Roller Plate Drop Out
  • Detachable Ramps
  • Air Powered Lift Controls
  • Two Wheeled Dolly

Both the SDML-1000D and SDML-1000D-XLT come with 2 color choices: Black & Grey or Black & Orange.

The last option we’d like to mention from Titan is the HDML-1500XLT motorcycle lift.

HDML-1500XLT motorcycle lift by Titan
HDML-1500XLT motorcycle lift by Titan

The Titan HDML-1500XLT motorcycle lift gives you a large working platform to help you maintain and repair your heavier ATVs, motorcycles, and other vehicles. This lift from Titan, with its 1,500 pound lifting capacity, is a great addition to any enthusiast’s garage. The lift can be moved when loaded, it includes automatic safety locks, and built-in retractable casters. It is constructed with solid, heavy 12-gauge steel. Features a dual function power unit, offering air or hydraulic foot-pump operation. Comes in red or black powder coat finish. Two rear wheel drop outs for back wheel maintenance and single hydraulic lifting cylinder.

Titan HDML-1500XLT Motorcycle Lift Includes:

  • Front Table Extension
  • Side Extensions
  • Standard Rear Wheel Drop Out
  • Roller Plate Drop Out
  • 3 Detachable Short Ramps
  • Detachable Motorcycle Ramp
  • Air/Hydraulic Pump Unit
  • Rear Support Poles
  • Retractable Casters

It is priced at $1429, also includes free shipping.



Author: Clark Heintz

Clark Heintz Tools Extreme ToolboxClark Heintz celebrates 42 years of business this year! A former Snap On dealer, Clark has been selling high quality tools to a wide range of customers, from hobbyists to professionals. His shop is based at 1298 (same location but formerly numbered 678) Rte 3A in Bow, NH. Now featuring the PRO series line of motorcycle lifts and automotive lifts. His line of Phoenix tire changers and wheel balancers are quality machines and will fit your budget. Come on up to the shop and watch a demo of these products in action!


  1. Have an interest in your Handy 16900 Sam 2 1000 Motorcycle Lift. Pls.
    give me an idea on pricing. I live in Akron, Ohio 44313

    Does it come in Electric, as well as Air Operated?

    Thanks. Jack

    1. Hi Jack,

      Thanks for your inquiry. Our list price for the Handy 16900 SAM 2 lift is $1,289. Please call Clark and he can give you shipping costs directly – 603-234-2612.

      Thank you,

  2. I’m looking for a Trike lift for my Honda Gold Wing Trike Bike. It weighs 1200 lbs, is 110″ long, 55″ wide, 69″ wheel base. I need a lift and platform to hold my bike up so that I can have my car in the garage at the same time. There are many one post and 2 post lifts and there are very few platforms to hold my bike. I would like a durable lift that can hold the bike over the winter months yet easy accessible to take it out of the garage every other day. It needs to go up 54″ minimum. Can fit on the back or inside of garage.

    Thank you

  3. Hi, im very interested in purchasing a promax1200 lift the model with all the options. I live in anchorage alaska i can pick it up at any shipping company. Please call me or email me back with a quote. Thanks for your time. or 907-715-9299

  4. I have a small cycle repair shop with one part time mechanic…and we need a lift…..and I saw a “package” with a lift, wheel balancer, tire changer and motorcycle dolly all together…it was either a pro or titan. I need at least a thousand pound lift as we work on some goldwings, that come close to that weight…maybe we need a 1500lb…can you help?

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