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Manufacturer part number: POWERPLASMA 80
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Manufacturer: Everlast

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PowerPlasma 80 Features and Benefits

Easy starting with Pilot arc allows easy cutting of rusty and painted metals.

Cuts virtually any type of metal with ease.

Simple to use torches with inexpensive service parts and consumables.

High duty cycle @ 60 % of rated amperage capacity.

Exceptionally clean, smooth cuts.

Adjustable Post Flow (power plasma only) control up to 60 seconds to improve consumable and torch life.

Front air pressure adjustment makes adjusting pressure easy and painless. ( Power Plasma only)

Front air pressure gauge allows quick verification of air pressure.

Over Current and Air Pressure light indicators keep you updated on your units operating condition.

Suitable for use with 15,500 W "clean power" generators.

**5 Year Warranty**

Recommended Areas Of Use

  • Cutting in all conditions where Oxy Fuel cutting is impractical, slow, unsafe, expensive, or otherwise restricted or undesirable.
  • Excellent choice for smooth cut requirements without warping metal from high heat input typical of Oxy fuel torches.

Standard Equipment

  • Trafimet A81 torch
  • Consumable starter kit
  • Water trap/filter
  • Air pressure gauge

Optional Equipment

  • Welding helmet with special 7 shade for plasma cutting
  • Consumable Kit
  • Welding cart

Recommended Metals

- Virtually all types of metal

The Power Plasma line from EVERLAST offers premium cut quality and cut thickness at one of the best prices in the industry. The 50 - 100 amperage line of plasma cutters has one of the widest ranges of plasma cutters available, in 1 and 3 phase designs.

Each model comes ready to cut, with water trap, air connection, extra consumables and lengthy power cord. If you need to cut aluminum or stainless steel, the pilot arc technology delivers consistent cuts. It also excels at cutting expanded metal quickly without the delay of having to restart the arc every time, so that cutting speed is maintained without interruption.

Commercial duty cycles of 60% at maximum amperage allow you to keep cutting for extended periods of time without stopping or taking cool down breaks. If you do overextend the duty cycle, the unit is equipped with over-current / overheat protection to prevent costly failures. Take a look at the power plasma generator performance and design by viewing these videos.

The Power Plasma 80 is one example of an excellent cutter from EVERLAST. Users can cut virtually any type of metal. Adjusting the pressure is very easy. Also, users can verify the air pressure by using a front air pressure gauge, which has light indicators about the equipment's operating condition. Suitable for professional welders and hobbyists, the Power Plasma 80 is an ideal choice from EVERLAST.

Everlast PowerPlasma 80 Specifications

Everlast PowerPlasma 80 Manual


PowerPlasma Series Inverter Type Voltage/
Start Type Pilot Arc Gouge Recommended maximum cut @ 10-12 ipm in steel. Decrease by 25-30% for Aluminum Maximum  severance cut @ 3 ipm in steel Typical Use
PowerPlasma 80 Infineon IGBT 240 V 1 phase High Frequency YES YES 1-1/4" 1-1/2" General Repair, Industrial and Commercial, Fabrication /Machine Shop, Agricultural