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55" Tool Box Set Review and Photos from Royce in Michigan

Royce in Stockbridge, Michigan purchased a CRX Series 55" Rollcab tool box and then a couple months later, decided to pick up a 55" top chest to go with it. When we asked him what he thought of the 55" tool boxes, he replied, "I am happy with my purchase so far. Quality and function are good and bot...

Elevator 1800M Mower Lift Table shared by KC Mowers in Missouri

Thanks to Blake, Owner of KC Mowers in Oak Grove, Missouri for sharing this awesome pic of their Elevator 1800M Mower Lift Table. Blake tells us the lift "Works great! This is a big 72” machine, lift has since been moved to my shop." (Photo shows Bad Boy Outlaw 72” mower raised up on the lift.)

KC ...

Motorcycle Lift Packaging and Shipping Review from Jon

Our customer, Jon, commented on another post of ours about our shipping process. It's always great to hear from customers about the products and service they've received from us. It helps us to strive to be better when we receive feedback, good or bad! It's especially nice and helpful for us to hear...

NEW VIDEO of CDX Series Rollcabs Brand Tool Boxes

"The CDX Series Tool boxes from are designed to be a commercial tool box but in the price range that's affordable for a homeowner. A guy can feel confident that it's going to hold up over time and that it'll suit his needs. Our DX series line of tool boxes has a lot of the same features...

Nate's Pics of PRO 1200SEMAX Motorcycle Lift Table - and a Review!

We want to thank Nate in South Paris, Maine for the nice photos he sent to us of his PRO 1200SEMAX Motorcycle Lift Table he purchased back in April. He says of the bike lift: "Love it. It is the best lift I’ve used to date." He also shared pics of his lift with his 2010 Yamaha R1 Valentino Rossi edi...

Tips for Buying a New Wheel Balancer Online

Buying a wheel balancer online can be a big concern. You can save a lot of money if you make the right choice, or you can be disappointed if you don’t do your homework. When buying online it’s always good to talk with someone on the phone to make sure what you view online is legitimate. Make sure th...

1984 Cushman Truckster up on the Elevator 1800 lift table

Thanks to Mark of Pelosi Family Farm in Epping, NH, for sharing this nice pic of his 1984 Cushman Truckster on the Elevator 1800 lift table! The truckster is a small, light duty utility cart. First one we've ever seen on this lift - very cool!

Get $500 OFF NOW! Professional Series 72" Roller Cabinet w/ Stainless Steel Top

The CEX7217RC 72" 17 Drawer Roller Cabinet Professional Series is a 3 bank cabinet with a net weight of 1132 lbs. It is of incredibly high quality and the features will blow you away. But before we talk about that, we want to inform you of our latest SALE!

Right now, when you purchase this model to...

Elevator 1800U Lift Review from Kevin in NH

Kevin of Salem, NH gave us some really nice comments sabout his Elevator 1800U ATV UTV lift table and also shared some photos! He tells us, "I absolutely love it. It makes things so much easier."

This heavy duty professional lift features a 2 year warranty. The Elevator 1800U was built to service A...

Clark and Bobby discuss the RollCabs brand Tool Boxes

Bobby and Clark sit down with Greg Trost to talk about their new RollCabs brand tool boxes. Many customers have cited a comparison between the name brands (Snap on, Matco, Mac, to name a few...) to the CRX Series brand tool boxes. We wanted to highlight this fact, so in our video we ask...