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Photo Polaris Sportsman ATV on the Elevator Lift

Boomer in Waitsfield, VT sent us a nice message and photo about his Elevator 1800U ATV UTV Lift Table. He writes, "Wanted to let you know the lift is awesome." This is a Polaris Sportsman ATV up on the lift. Thanks for sharing your feedback and pic, Boomer!

Polaris Sportsman ATV on Elevator 1800 Lift Table

Ray leaves nice review of his Elevator 2000E Electric Motorcycle Lift

Ray in Kosciusko, Mississippi, left us a really nice review about his Elevator 2000E Lift on our website, which we were so happy to see. Thanks to Ray for taking the time to leave this detailed review!

"I own a farm in the sticks of Mississippi and decided I was too old to be working on the floor w...

Electric Motorcycle Lift Review from Scott in East Texas

Scott D., of SD Motorworks, in Greenville, Texas, left this nice review on our website about his 2000E Electric Motorcycle-ATV-UTV Lift Table. We appreciated this review, as it outlines both quality of product and customer service. We are glad we served you well, Scott. Thank you for taking the time...

Twisted Fab Motorsports leaves NHProEquip a Google Review!

Bryan at Twisted Fab Motorsports in Greenville, SC just left us an awesome Google review...thanks for the kind words Bryan Hall!

"Thank you Clark,Amy and every one at nhproequip!! The most valuable tool in my shop is my ATV/UTV lift table! Before I had different brand of lift from another manufacture...

Jon leaves Facebook Review...then Google Review Months Later!

I am happy to report some nice news for NHProEquip! We have noticed some recent Google Reviews for our business and feel happy that people are willing to take the time to share their thoughts about the products they purchase from us and the service they receive. Last week, we received a particularly...

Keith shares pic of his Spyder RTL up on the Elevator 1800 Lift Table

Keith in Etters, PA shared this nice pic of his Spyder RTL up on the Elevator 1800U ATV UTV Lift Table. He says, "Love the Lift Elevator 1800. Makes detailing and working on my Spyder RTL so much easier not having to constantly be bending over."

Freiers Truck Cap Super Center in Neenah, WI Reviews their 2000E Electric Motorcycle Lift

2017 Harley RoadGlide Special with the new Milwaukee 8 107 in Superior Blue.

Don Reviews the PRO 2500 UTV Motorcycle High Rise Lift Table..and sends a pic!

Don tells us using the PRO 2500 UTV ATV Lift is, "Going great for about 8 weeks -  it is my father's wheelchair lift, then on to my toys.." 

Canam Spyder Gets Service on the Elevator 1800 at York County Power Sports Repair in PA

Southern York County Power Sports Repair in Brogue, PA, posted this great pic of a Can am Spyder RT in for a transmission problem and being lifted by the Elevator 1800 lift table.

Bryan Posts Pics of a Can Am Getting New Brake Pads - on the Elevator 1800 lift table!

Twisted Fab Motorsports in Greenville, South Carolina posts great pics of a Can Am getting worked on to our Facebook page. They tagged us in the post: "Putting new brake pads on the Can Am The easy way using the best Atv lift!! Thank you Clark Heintz this lift is a back saver!!!"