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NEW! Upgraded Extreme Tools EX7217RCQ Now in Stock!

We have a new Extreme Tools Tool Box in stock! Extreme's EX7217RC has been upgraded (now# EX7217RCQ)! This tool box now includes Patented Professional Quick Release Self Latching Drawer Pulls. This tool box is an incredible buy at $3995 and compares with the name brands, but costs only a fraction of...


We are now carrying a new Plasma Cutter made by Steelvision Tools. This portable and extremely efficient plasma cutter, includes adjustable air regulator, 12 ft Viper torch and return lead, starter consumable pack, and an easy-to-follow operation manual.  Right now, the introductory price is only $500, which includes Free Shipping and a 3 Year Warranty.

Saylor-Beall VT-735-80 5 HP Air Compressor Demo

Model VT-735-80 5 HP 2 Stage Industrial grade compressor. 705 pump, manufactured at the Saylor Beall plant - Made in the USA.

Shopping for a Tool Box A Review

There are a whole lot of people that need tool boxes, and a number of reasons why people need to own them. There are many suppliers to choose from. The quality manufacturers listen to their customers and build products that include features with the end user in mind.

Smoke Wizard Ad from PTEN Magazine

This Smoke Wizard Ad was featured in PTen Magazine. Is your Smoke Machine finding ALL leaks? Don't just blow smoke! Find leaks with smoke and dye. Smoke Wizard uses patented, OEM-approved UltraTrace UV to pinpoint leaks - even hidden leaks that require dissasembly to find.

Visit Smoke Wizard produc...

Connecting Your Wheel Dolly to the PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift

We had an email query from a customer asking how to connect his wheel dolly to the PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift. Here is the response we sent to him: On the back of your lift where the pull out for the rear tire is there is an orange or red stud (depending on table color) hanging down about 3/8" diamet...

PRO 2500 High Rise Lift Services a Wide Range of Vehicles!

PRO 2500 Mower, UTV, ATV, Golf Cart, Snowmobile LiftOur PRO 2500 High Rise ATV/ UTV Lift , PRO 2500 Air/Hydraulic High Rise Snowmobile Lift and PRO 2500 High Rise Lawn Mower / Riding Mower Lift are so versatile in not only weight capacity but in width and lifting height, which means they can service a wide range of vehicles. We wanted to post a list ...

PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift Manual / Set Up Instructions