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Erik's Import Auto in Marlborough NH shares pics of their 4 post lifts

Erik's Import Auto Marlborough NH 4 post lift from NHProEquip

Erik's Import Auto Amgo Storage Lift from NHProequip

Erik of Erik's Import Autoworks in Marlborough NH tells us his (2) Amgo Hydraulics (model 408-P) storage/parking lifts are "Excellent!" and he shared these pics of the lifts set up at his shop.

The AMGO 408-P 4 Post Lift is a space-saving powerhouse - it's the best service lift for shops and ho...
Amgo 408-P Storage Lift Review from Jeff in Bow NH

Jeff's Amgo 408-p Storage Lift Customer Photo

Set up of storage lift in NH

Jeff sent us some nice pics of his Amgo Hydraulics 4 post storage/parking lift set up and says, "It’s awesome. I love it." This 8000lb capacity lift is a space-saving powerhouse! It is ideal for shops and home car ports with limited floor space, and requires no special foundation or complicated ...

Doug Posts pic of his 4 Post Lift (PRO FP8000-DX)

Doug in Herman, Maine, posted this pic along with his comments about his PRO FP8000-DX 4 post lift. He says, "Today's project. Need to get the new rails put up for the doors though." When we asked him what he thought of the lift, he said, "Love it. Thank you."

This lift comes with steel approach ra...

Thanks to Harris for Posting Pics of his 2 Post Lift in Action!

Harris in Warner, NH, for posts a great pic of his PRO 9000AC 2 post lift in action in his home garage!

Craig of CDM Motorsports Posts Photos of 3500 Cummings Ram up on the PRO 11000C-DX 2 Post Lift

Craig of CDM Motorsports, located in Danvers, MA, posted some great pics of his PRO 110000C-DX 2 Post Lift in action!

Trusted Rentals LLC Sends Great Pics of their PRO 11000C-DX 2 Post Lift!

We want to thank George at Trusted Rentals LLC for the pics he shared with us of their PRO 11000C-DX 2 Post Lift. He tell us the lift is "Awesome" - which we are always glad to hear.

Chris Reviews the Launch 9000lb 2 Post Lift

Chris in Salisbury, MA, says, "Lift's great, really is, couldn't be happier with it! Thanks again," of his 2 post Launch Tech lift.

Landry's Truck Repair Reviews their 2 Post Truck Lift!

Landry's Truck Repair, LLC in New Hampshire reviews and posts a photo of their PRO 12K Auto/Truck Lift in action! They tell us "It is working out really well!" which is always something we love to hear!

Ayers Auto LLC in Raymond, NH shares photo and review of their two 2 post lifts

We want to thank Ayers Auto LLC, in Raymond, NH, for the nice comments about their lifts and also for letting us share their photo! After seeing a great Facebook photo of the lifts, back-to-back, servicing vehicles, we asked them how their two automotive lifts they purchased from us (PRO 11000CD-X 2...

PG European Automotive Installs the PRO 11000C-DX 2 Post Lift!

Thanks to Peter of PG European Automotive in Concord, NH for sharing these great pics of his PRO 11000C-DX 2 post lift installation on Facebook! When we asked him how the lift was working for him, he commented that it is "Working great - thanks again." We are glad to hear that! PG European Automotiv...