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2011, October


Are you in need of a wheel alignment machine? Now is the time to bite the bullet! Clark Heintz Tools & Equipment LLC is now offering a free offer with purchase of this machine. Buy the Cemb DWA 1000 Compact Total Wheel Alignment Machine (**INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING**) and receive 2 free Samsung 24” Full HD 1080p LCD Monitors! Watch the video below demonstrating the features of the DWA 1000 Compact to learn more. ABOUT THE FREE MONITORS 24" LCD monitors feature full HD 1080p resolution with a stunning 70,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio for clear images. MagicReturn dual-monitor technology automatically transfers content from both monitors to one if you turn off or lose connection to your second monitor. Monitor's HDCP protects the integrity of content transmitted via the DVI interface to deliver high-resolution images. The 5ms response time helps prevent motion jitter, blurring and ghosting for seamless motion in fast-moving content. Product Features: 24" HD LCD monitor MagicReturn manages dual-monitor use to keep documents in sight and available if one monitor loses connection with the other (second monitor not included) MagicAngle offers a brilliant picture regardless of the viewing angle MagicBright 3 automatically optimizes brightness, contrast and gamma correction based on which mode is selected 70,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio (1,000:1 typical) 1920 x 1080 resolution in 16:9 HD format; 170° and 160° viewing angles 5ms response time helps prevent motion judder, blurring and ghosting MagicEco offers effortless, energy-friendly brightness adjustment HDCP helps reveal content in the highest resolution possible through the DVI interface HDMI input allows connection to DVD players, game consoles, camcorders, digital cameras and more High-gloss black cabinet with acrylic accent bar and integrated cable housing for a sleek look Windows 7- and Mac-compatible for wide-ranging use Rated EPEAT Silver and ENERGY STAR Compliant for environmental friendliness Connectors: 15-pin D-sub in, DVI-D in, HDMI in, VGA in and audio out Includes monitor, D-sub cable, power cord, stand, stand connector, cleaning cloth, user manual, installation manual and product warranty Warranty: 1 year (Model B2430H)

Smoke Wizard vs. Smoke Pro: Smoke Wizard is the Best Choice for Smoke Technology
Capabilities Smoke Wizard- with the UV dye- can find internal engine leaks that a smoke machine with "smoke only," like the Smoke Pro, can't find. You can use the 'Smoke Pro' for checking EVAP system leaks if you want to risk the potential hazards of adding oxygen to the system. The Smoke Wizard's advanced technology allows it to be used with shop air or inert gas for safer EVAP testing. The Smoke Wizard does both pressure and vacuum decay. Smoke Pro's outdated design can't do vacuum decay, required for natural vacuum decay testing. Note, systems that self-test with Vacuum: Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Toyota, and many others. The Smoke Wizard's easy to read directional knob tells you exactly the flow position. Smoke Pro's round knob makes it impossible to tell where you're at. In addition, Smoke Wizard can diagnose using vacuum decay and dye. Features Smoke Wizard includes a better quality combination Pressure / Vacuum gauge. Smoke Wizard's meter is full size and can measure a .010" like Chrysler now requires. Smoke Wizard includes a UV light. Oops, a UV light won't do Smoke Pro any good! Smoke Wizard can be laid in a drawer. Redline doesn't want you tipping theirs over. Technology Smoke Wizard uses 10 year warranty advanced Bosch Glow Plug Heater design with advanced microprocessor controller. Smoke Pro uses outdated 'resistence wire' heater, first introduced in 1994 Vacutec 'general purpose' smoke machines. Smoke Wizard uses a much more advanced control processor. It's true; the 'base' material of both is mineral. But Smoke Wizard's solution is much more! Its patented UltraTraceUV smoke solution is highly refined, has dye and is approved by every OEM using smoke today. There isn't an OEM in the world that has approved 'baby oil.' It's about 5 cents per test more expensive to use the proper solution, when you consider Smoke Pro gets about 100 tests and Smoke Wizard over 300. $14.95 for cheap baby oil with a little fragrance sounds very expensive to me! Smoke Wizard doesn't say you must use our solution. Heck, you can even use baby oil but we don't know why you'd want to. Have you ever smelled baby oil after just a few uses in a smoke machine? It stinks! Baby oil is not formulated for repeated heating and vaporization into smoke. Additional Features of Smoke Wizard missing from Smoke Pro Leak Down Test w/Vacuum Delay - Test the latest vehicles that use vacuum delay onboard testing such as Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Toyota and many others. Auto Shut off Safety Solenoid - Without this feature, gasoline fumes could exit the EVAP system and fill your work bay. Internal Filter / Water Separator - Protects machine and vehicle systems from contaminants. (Also keeps the flow meter clean.) Uses OEM-Approved Technology - No OEM in the world approves of using Redline's products. I guess it is more than just the "stink."
Just In! Extreme Tool Boxes
[caption id="attachment_713" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="EXTREME EX7218RCBK 18 DRAWER ROLLER TOOL CABINET COMES WITH STAINLESS STEEL TOP"][/caption]Clark Heintz Tools & Equipment just received a shipment yesterday of Extreme tool cabinets. We currently have in stock the EX7217RC and the EX7218RC, both in black. These roller cabinets are both among the 72" Professional Series Tool Boxes made by Extreme Tools, and both models include a stainless steel top, as well as free shipping and no sales tax! Below is a quick guide to both of these solid roller cabinets, in addition to links to them on our website for further information. Please call Clark at 603-234-2612 if you have any questions or for ordering information.

Extreme EX7217RCBK Roller Cabinet Specifications:

• 72”W x 30”D x 46w”H • (6) 6”x 2” casters • Handle included fits either end • Extra deep, high gloss powder coat finish • Drawers with ball bearing glides, all drawers extend fully • 250 lbs. rating per drawer • Skid proof drawer liners with top pad made from high density foam • 17 drawers • Theft proof lock system • Shipping weight, 1300 lbs.

EX7218RC 72” 18 Drawer Black Roller Tool Cabinet Specifications:

• 72”W x 30”D x 442”H • (6) 6”x 2” casters • Handle included fits either end • Extra deep, high gloss powder coat finish • Drawers with ball bearing glides, all drawers extend fully • 250 lbs. rating per drawer • Skid proof drawer liners with top pad made from high density foam • 18 drawers – one extra wide & one extra deep • Hutch and Side Cabinet not available for this model at this time • Shipping weight, 1200 lbs. Please check out our full selection: we have lots of Extreme Tool Boxes with Free Shipping to choose from!
cemb usa logo
    • CEMB has been selling equipment in the US for about 40 years, mostly under private labels
CEMB is one of the largest garage wheel service equipment manufacturers in the world. They have been in the wheel service equipment manufacturing business since 1946.
  • Distributors may have sold or end users may even be using a CEMB product and are unaware of it!
  • CEMB invented the fixed shaft automotive wheel balancer, which we use today
  • CEMB is a privately held company with a double digit percent increase in sales in the recent down marketplace.
  • CEMB is the largest balancer manufacturer in the world.
  • CEMB is the "name behind the brand throughout the world on wheel balancers."
  • CEMB's wheel alignment equipment-- only recently introduced in the US -- is already a major player in that product line
  • CEMB is the only manufacturer in the world to make both garage and industrial balancing equipment
  • CEMB is the only manufacturer in the world to make both garage and automated assembly line wheel service mounting and balancing equipment. As well as tire matching, diagnostic, and tire uniformity testing.
  • CEMB'S assembly line equipment can be found throughout the world in plants of automobile and tire manufacturing companies.
  • CEMB balances everything in the transportation industry: Bus, Truck, Airplane Wheels and Jet Engine Rotors to High Speed Train Wheels and Axles.
  • In the automotive industries --besides wheels, tires, and alignment service-- CEMB also sells equipment to OEM manufacturers to balance and mill disc brake rotors and balancers for engine crankshafts.
  • In the industrial field, CEMB sells equipment to balance everything from a dentist drill and the rotating tool and holder that made it to the diagnostic tool to solve vibrations issues coming from the rotation of a vibrating drive shaft and screw of large cruise ships.


  • Lower the optical head to about 1 foot off the floor.
  • Level optical head by rotating eccentric wheel at rear of base until level vial registers "level."
  • Place the laser in position on top of the optical head and turn laser on.
  • At center of front wheels of vehicle, measure the distance from the floor to where the laser strikes the measuring device.
  • At center of rear wheel of vehicle, measure the point where the laser strikes the measuring device.
  • If the measurements are not the same, the floor has a slope and adjustments are needed.
  • Rotate the floor slope handle left or right on the eccentric wheel until laser strikes the measuring device at the same heights as it did at the front wheel.
  • Move to the center of the front wheel and measure the point where the laser strikes the measuring device.
  • If both front and wheel measurements are the same, record the position of the eccentric wheel. If measurements at the front and rear wheels are NOT the same, note the front wheel measurement.
  • Move to the center of the rear wheel and rotate the eccentric wheel so laser strikes the measuring device at the same height as front wheel measurement, then measure the height of the laser at the front wheel again.
  • Repeat this process until both front and rear wheel measurements are the same.
  • When both measurements are the same, make note of the floor slope number for this bay.
  • Turn off the laser and store in a safe place.

2. Headlamp Alignment

  • Turn the sighting unit until you can see the front edge of the optical head through sight lens.
  • If the line on the lens does not line up with front edge of optical head, loosen thumbscrews and align lens.
  • Tighten thumbscrews.
  • Position SCA 1 approximately 12" in front of headlamp to be aligned.
  • Set the floor slope to proper setting for current bay.
  • Align SCA 1 to vehicle using the sight window and 2 common points on vehicle.
  • Turn on the headlamps and move the optical head up, down, left, and right, until the light is centered on the optical head lens.
  • Adjust headlamp until the pattern on the ISO screen is in the proper position. *Proper position is centering the most inner area of color over the appropriate white dot of low beam or high beam.

***REPEAT THE ALIGNMENT PROCESS FOR THE NEXT HEADLAMP We now have IN STOCK the Symtech SCA 1 ISOColor Headlight Aimer. The SCA 1 Headlight Aimer is an easy-to-use, precise method of headlamp alignment featuring new ISOColor technology for accuracy. Features of the SCA ISOColor Headlight Alignment System Include: ISOColor Technology Laser Floor Slope Measurement Field Calibration Adjustable Height Accurate and Repeatable Alignment Compact and Portable Non Electric Rotational Mast Durable and Lightweight Call Clark 603-234-2612