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2011, December

Tiger Tool featured on Motorhead Garage with their 10608 HD Truck Wheel Stud Service Kit
[caption id="attachment_845" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="Tiger Tools featured on Fox Sports Network on Dec. 11-12 demonstrating proper wheel stud install and removal"][/caption]Tiger Tool International Incorporated made its television debut on Fox Sports Network (FSN) on Sunday, Dec. 11 and Monday, Dec. 12 by demonstrating proper wheel stud installation and removal techniques on heavy duty trucks with their new 10608 Heavy Duty Wheel Stud Service Kit, on the MotorHead Garage - Big Rig Series. Viewers got a close-up look at the hydraulics in action, as Kirk Jansen, Production Manager, for Tiger Tool International Incorporated, demonstrated the easy removal and installation of wheel studs in just minutes. This patented design safely delivers up to 10 tons of pressing power making quick work of the most stubborn wheel studs while eliminating the need to use a hammer or remove the hub risking damage to studs, hubs, seals, or wheel bearings.
We currently have on promotion MOTORVAC flush machines! These units are BRAND NEW, unused units that were used as store display models and they are now on sale - check out the huge savings below! Know a mechanic who needs one? Here's the perfect Christmas gift and it's on sale! 1.  Motorvac 500-1125 TransTech IV 2 in 1 Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange System is Inline and Dipstick Capable, allowing for the two most common methods of ATF exchange from a single machine. With both Inline and Dipstick services together in one cabinet, TransTech IV occupies reduced floor space with minimal investment while providing service to a wider variety of vehicles. List price $4,195 Selling for $3K Features include: * Automatic Inline Exchange - Connect to a transmission cooler line and press one button. Walk away until the service is complete. * Dipstick Exchange - A convenient dipstick tube exchange requiring no tools or adaptors. * Drain Pan Feature - Allows operator to drain transmission pan for a convenient and mess-free filter change. * Transmission Cooler Flush Feature - Allows operator to flush transmission cooler and cooler lines. * Patented Level Synchronization - Ensures the transmission cannot be under or overfilled. * Automatic Bypass - Ensures that transmission will not run out of fluid during the exchange process. * 26 Quart (24.6 L) New Fluid Reservoir - Allows user to service large capacity transmissions. * High Volume Pump - For rapid and efficient service. * Compact Cabinet - Designed for ease of storage. * Complete Adapter Kit - For servicing most domestic and foreign vehicles. 2. Motorvac BrakeVac II offers a complete Brake System Flush in 10 minutes, and includes pressure and vacuum assist, ensuring quick operation. List price $2,495 Selling for $1,600 Motorvac BrakeVac II Features: * One person operation. * Adjustable pressure regulator controls operating pressure. * One gallon fluid tank & removable waste tank allows for multiple services. * Drain switch to empty new fluid tank for changing to different brake fluids. * Extra long 10 foot pressure hose with quick disconnect coupler assures full lift extension. * Easy to view tank allows for fast visual check of fluid in the reservoir. 3. Motorvac Coolant Clean MCF-5100 Professional Coolant Flush Service Center features a complete coolant exchange in less than 15 minutes. List price $2,795 Selling for $2K Motorvac Coolant Clean MCF-5100 Professional Coolant Flush Service Center Features: * System now Allows for Both Static and Dynamic Operation * One Multi-Function Switch Operation * New On-Board Waste Tank has a 28 Quart Capacity * Unique Vacuum Switch Allows for Cooling System Depressurization * Easy service filter UPDATE: THESE UNITS HAVE BEEN SOLD
Koken Tool Safety: Sockets, Extension Bars, Ratchets, and More

General (a) Make sure you use the right size socket whose opening fits the nut. (b) For use with electric or air IMPACT wrenches select IMPACT sockets only. (c) When using nut runners or IMPACT wrenches always wear safety goggles. (d) Plastic or rubber handles are not intended to act as insulation. (e) Never substitute a HAND Socket for a POWER or IMPACT Socket, or a POWER Socket for an IMPACT socket. (f) Items in the catalogue marked “ !” can be loaded to torque values which may cause breakage. In the interest of your own safety, always apply load evenly and progressively to avoid breakage and possible injury.

Sockets Any socket showing cracked walls, battered or damaged points, or other marks of wear should be replaced.

Ratchets / Handles A ratchet is not a hammer. Never use pipes or other improvised attachments on handles to increase leverage.

Extension Bars A single extension bar of the required length should be used, not a combination of several short extension bars.

Adaptors Adaptors should only be used when absolutely necessary. Be reminded that the torque applied by a bigger drive handle using a “down” adaptor (reducer) can often exceed the torque rating of the smaller drive socket. Always stay within safe working limits. Reducers are not warrantable.

Bits Ball point bit sockets have less strength due to the special design. Make sure to use them correctly. Tamper Resistant TORX® Bit Sockets have less strength due to special design. Make sure to use it correctly.