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2011, September

Part 2: Which Wheel Balancer is Best for You?

We recently posted a synopsis of a variety of CEMB tire changers and to whom they are best suited for... So we thought it fitting to follow up with a varied list of wheel balancers and their "ideal" owners. We hope this information helps you make the right decision when purchasing a wheel balancer. Take a look...

C-29 Wheel Balancer: Gas stations, small and medium size garages requiring basic computer

K-8 Digital Wheel Balancer Wheel balancing for automobiles and light trucks Entry level customer looking for value with features and benefits. Well beyond leading competitively priced machines. Features to include items such as 165 lb weight capacity, ability to split and hide weights, and a quick release nut for mounting and dismounting. (C-29 is hand spin and K-8 is motorized)

K-9 Wheel Balancer: Same physical size as the K-8 balancer, but has automatic data entry for distance and diameter as well as stick on weight location program for exact placement.

C-71 Wheel Balancer: Medium to large size garages, car dealers, tire shops or any shop that wants to be able to balance all aluminum wheels with precision, speed, accuracy, and ease of use. Customer should realize the amount of features this medium-priced balancer has to offer, including automatic parameter data entry, automatic start when dropping the hood, the ability to place stick-on weights right the first time without respinning. Optional modes include automatic width reading sonar and pneumatic chucking.

C-73 Wheel Balancer: This customer wants all the high end features available plus the ability to merchandise his wheel service business with this video display balancer with a user friendly menu. This balancer comes in various models which can include automatic width reading, pneumatic chucking and radial run out.

C-88SE Wheel Balancer: This balancer will to to the high-end market with the features that are standard: touch screen monitor, pneumatic chucking, width, radial runout and lateral sonar. Other features in the software tells you if the tire and wheel need to be optimized. It even tells you where to place the tire on the car.


ER80: This balancer will probably do the best at the tire shop level. It appears that the access to the wheel along with the light and laser weight positioning will make this very quick and easy to use with stick on weights. Steel wheels will be just as easy with the electronic brake and sonar width reading.

ER100: When balancing wheels and diagnosing tire and wheel issues, there is no better product on the market. The customer who buys this machine will be looking to solve ride complaints as well as balancing tire and wheel assemblies as correctly as possible. The customer needs to feel confident that the vehicle owner will get the best ride possible with the tire and wheel assemblies balanced on the ER100.

Part 1: Which Tire Changer is Best for You?

Here are some options by CEMB and which of their offerings may best suit your needs. We will post a similar listing with descriptions for Wheel balancers very soon...Stay tuned.   l

SM-825 Moto Motorcycle Tire Changer: Does wider motorcycle wheels out to 15” diameter, some low wheels and also does cars and light trucks SM-825 Moto Press Arm Tire Changer: Has Press Arm to help assist with changing low profile wheels on  motorcycles, cars and light trucks. SM-825 Tire Changer: Gas Stations, Small Garages, and Auto Salvage Yards that require basic tire changer needs. Not planning to change any low profile tires at the present time, but is aware of the large chucking capacity and the option to add a low profile mounting helper at a later date.

SM-825 Press Arm Tire Changer:  Small & Medium size garages, car dealers, tire shops, etc needing to have a bigger capacity machine with outside chucking to  26” with optional mounting adapters for low profile wheels SM-915 Maxi Tire Changer: 22” outside chucking 26” with optional adapters, no mounting helpers SM-915 Jumbo Tire Changer: 24” outside chucking 26” adjustable and 30” With optional extensions No mounting helper SM-915 Jumbo Press/Arm Tire Changer: Same but with low profile mounting helper and bead pressing tool SM-930 Help/Arm Tire Changer:

Tilt tower machine designed with rigidity in mind for changing stiff sidewall tires. Ideal for high volume tire or specialty wheel shops who know the value of the tilt tower design machines. SM-935 Press/Help Arm Tire Changer: Same as SM-930, but has mounting helpers on both sides for operation of low profile and stiff sidewall tires. This is the ultimate tilt tower type machine. SM950R Press/Help Arm Tire Changer: Same operation as SM-935, but tower does not tilt back and use extra room. It raises up and tilts instead. Also has larger table 28” outside with optional adaptors and 4 Chucking Cylinders.