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2012, October

PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lifts in Stock in 2 Days!

Following the massive success of our first shipment of PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lifts, we are gearing up for an even bigger and better round 2! The PRO 1200 Series Lift certainly surpassed our expectations in a lift, and from all the feedback we've received, it appears to have surpassed yours, too! Please leave us a comment if you purchased this lift! It's so important for others to read about your experience in purchasing this lift, as well as your observations regarding overall quality of this lift. We want to take this opportunity to thank YOU ALL for your support as we launched this new product. We're so excited and encouraged to see the enthusiasm you've brought with your comments, and we are very grateful for all the calls! The PRO 1200 motorcycle lift is priced at $699 and includes so much extra both in terms of features and accessories. The working deck is built with 11 gauge steel, the undercarriage is a heavier material, and the powerful cylinder assembly is capable of lifting 1200 lbs. with ease, expanding the capability of the PRO 1200. Color choices are Black and Orange or Black and Red. The basic lift package comes complete, including a wheel vise; rear pullout for rear tire service; front extension which allows the main table to expand from 24" x 84" out two additional settings up to 24" x 110" for chopper style bikes; loading ramp; and pneumatic foot pedal. Many other lifts are built one piece at a time (a la carte); not so with the PRO 1200. You get a full, complete package at one low price. Optional equipment consists of 12" side rail extension kit to expand the the lift table to 48" width, allowing the lift to accept ATV's, Snowmobiles, Riding Mowers, Jet Skis, and Power Equipment; a Scissor Jack for use on the table capable of lifting from 3 1/-2" to 17 1/2"; and the roller plate which fits into the rear wheel drop out to allow wheel cleaning and service without jacking the bike off the table. Again, pricing starts at $699, a very fair price. The warranty is a full one year. Parts, Service and Support from someone who has been in the business for 39 years and knows what customers expect. Call us today at 603-234-2612 to place your order.

PRO 1200 Power Lift
So, the Pro 1200 Motorcycle Lift has really taken off! We introduced this new lift in August and we've been really pleased with the response. Incidentally, if you've purchased one from us, we'd be grateful for a review on our website! Reviews really guide customers (as they should!) and we've gotten an incredible amount of positive feedback (a big thank you to all of you who took the time to call us and let us know!). Our introductory deal to the public brought us sales that truly surpassed our expectations. If you called in and placed an order with Clark, and are interested in leaving feedback about this lift, we'd be so grateful! It is a VERY quick process! Simply visit our home page, click the "Register" link in the top right-hand corner, and fill out the name and address field, then set up a password...and that's it! You now have credentials to log in and leave feedback for the PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift. We thank you so very much for taking the time to do this. Since we've had such HUGE response to our Pro 1200 motorcycle lift offer this summer (we've taken a considerable amount of orders, as our next shipment is due to arrive in October), we've decided to add a new package to make shopping a little easier for someone who needs to work on their ATV, Tractor, or Snowmobile...So we've packaged the PRO 1200 Power Equipment Lift kit, which includes side rails, loading ramp and pneumatic foot pedal. A 1 year warranty and your choice of black and orange or black and red color schemes complete the package. Call Clark Heintz Tools & Equipment LLC to find out more about the PRO 1200 Power Equipment Lift.