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2013, January

PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift Christmas Deal Extended Thru 1/31!

That's right, we extended the deal another month due to popular demand! This sale was wildly successful and we want to present every opportunity for folks to grab hold of this great deal one last time!  Here's a quick recap of the deal: Purchase a PRO 1200 (basic package, priced at $699 *see above) and qualify to receive a scissor jack and roller plate for an additional low price of $69.95. Check out the links to this great lift and directions on how to order the jack/roller plate special are listed on the product pages. Or - you may call 603-234-2612 to order it over the phone. Here is the link to the PRO 1200.

Thanks, Mary, for the great review of the SDML-1000D-XLT Titan Motorcycle Lift
"...Arrived yesterday and hubby is setting it up now. He is thrilled- Thanks so much for the fast, friendly service! We have 2 bikes...a 16 and a 21" wheel- he can adjust the chock in minutes and service both quickly and easily. The side extensions allow us to work on the lawn tractor as well. We love it!" WE LOVE THE PHOTOS, MARY! THANKS SO MUCH FOR SENDING THEM ALONG! We sincerely hope you and your husband enjoy the lift! chock-xlt xlt-workingxlt-niceliftphoto
PRO 1200 Installed - Pics!
Thanks to Steve Hill for allowing us to post his photos of the PRO 1200 lift installed flush with the floor. Looks great! We sincerely hope you are enjoying the lift and that it is living up to your expectations. PRO 1200 motorcycle lift installed into concrete floor PRO 1200 motorcycle lift Installed flush with floor PRO 1200 motorcycle lift gets installed flush with floor
Happy New Year! Welcome 2013
Happy New Year 2013 Wishing everyone out there a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!