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2014, September

Lindell in Oklahoma City Leaves Review of PRO 1200SEMAX Purchase

Thanks to Lindell in Oklahoma City for leaving this nice comment on our website! "I talked with Clark several times before I purchased the lift. He was always able to answer my questions. I did a lot of research on lifts prior to my purchase, and couldn't find a better product and price. The lift was shipped and I received emails daily about the shipment. it arrived at the terminal here in Oklahoma City, Ok (Estes Motor Freight) right on schedule. They were kind enough to load it on to my trailer for me at no extra charge. I did give the forklift operator a nice tip. No transit damage, crating/packing was excellent. Got it home and put together and wow is it nice not to have to crawl around on the floor anymore. I have several friends who will be ordering one of these from Clark soon. Happy camper! Thanks Clark."

Scorpion Choppers in NJ is Happy with Purchases!

Bought 2 full motorcycle lift packages, A tire machine and a wheel balancer with all the motorcycle adapters and everything shipped super fast and works great, I couldn't be happier and every time someone asks where I got my Equipment I proudly say, ask for Clark Heintz, he is the man!!! Anthony Caruso Scorpion Choppers Freehold, New Jersey

John's 2014 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic Gets a Lift in NH

Thanks to John in Claremont, New Hampshire, for submitting photos of his HD 2014 Ultra Classic on the PRO 1200. And a big thanks for the nice review! We're glad the lift is working out for you!

"By far, hands down Clark Heintz is the best to deal with and the lift is built so rugged that my Harley Davidson 2014 Ultra Classic didn't even realize it was getting a lift. Plus I put this on the lift all by myself. Let's just say I have been out of school more years then I've been in school. You guys, don't hesitate to buy this lift. Oh, yea, my John Deer 304 fits this lift just as nice."

-John L., Claremont, NH

Visit the PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift here.

John L of NH 2014 Harley Ultra Motorycle Gets a Lift

Facebook Business Page Up and Running!

It's taken awhile to get this Facebook thing figured out. I had set up a couple business pages previously, because we have 2 websites, and I wasn't sure how to connect them to our personal page, which is where we do our "business" postings. Probably not the best way to handle it - personal pages should be used for personal stuff, right? - but mostly everyone's been hugely supportive when we post about current sales or products! But we like to read about YOU and comment on your things. So even though some business things bleed over...I think it's been working quite well, overall. And now things will be a little more organized. I ended up getting rid of all the business pages but one, and cleaned the one page up, updated it and connected it to our personal page, and invited friends to like it. I was so amazed at the number of people that gave us a like - I've said it before and I'll say it again...WE HAVE GREAT CUSTOMERS! We are so appreciative of the fact that people are keeping us on their radar. And we, in turn, want to hear about you, your lives, your businesses... We like to stay in touch with our customers and Facebook has really provided a great way for us all to stay connected. Anyway, in cleaning up the pages, there were - unfortunately - a few things I'd overlooked. One was this great photos of one of our customers, Johnny, from Rust to Riches Cycle in Newburgh, NY with his PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift with side extensions. Looks like the sides are set up for Trikes?


Thanks for sharing this, Johnny - sorry we were delayed in posting it to our blog! "Like" us on Facebook here.

Mig Welders: Comparing Eastwood vs. Lincoln
"What we're going to do today is talk about Mig Welders, and in particular, our MIG135. Now recently we've had some inquiries about other units looking identical to ours, and they may. There's other units out there that look alike with the face, your different adjustment knobs, the switch. But we can't guarantee the performance or the weld quality of those units, but what we can do is we can guarantee the performance of our unit equivalent to the industry leader. This here happens to be the Lincoln MigPack 10. This is one of the most popular 110v Mig Welders on the market. "What I want to do is show you some of the differences and some of the similarities between these two units. The Eastwood welder has infinitely adjustable wire speed. It lets you tailor the speed to the material and the voltage output- same with the Lincoln unit. "The Lincoln unit, however, for the heat settings has just a 4 position switch here, while what we have on our unit is infinitely adjustable heat position and voltage. What this does is it allows you to dial it down for that thin sheet metal to patch panels and then also bring it back up to cover any thicker materials in your carbons and your stainless steels. "So what we're going to do now is show you these machines welding identical materials at identical settings and let you guys see for yourself the weld bead quality, the penetration, smooth wire feed and ease of use. "What we've got here is some 1018 3/16 gauge steel. We're going to do lap welds on both of the units. First one we're going to do is the Lincoln Mig Pack 10. This is the torch cabling coming right out of the unit. And then right after that we're going to stop and pick up the Eastwood Mig135, go ahead and run the same 1 1/2", maybe 2" long bead. [demonstration] "As you can see, pretty much equivalent between the Lincoln and the Eastwood, both in weld bead quality and also in penetration of the substrates." Lincoln MIG welder vs. Eastwood MIG welder Video Courtesy of
50 Reviews of the PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift!
We've officially received our 50th REVIEW OF THE PRO 1200 MOTORCYCLE LIFT! We're very excited to have reached this milestone and we couldn't have done it without our customers. Thank you to each and every one of you for letting us know what you think about the products, us and our service. It is great to have feedback to work with and we've appreciated all of your efforts to let us know your thoughts! Many of you have sent photos of your bike on the lift, as well. This is has been a wonderful addition to our website. We have a link set up on our lift pages named "Customer Photos" and it's fun for us to see what you are riding, as well as a great resource for those in the market for a lift. We thank you for sharing these photos. So without further adieu... Thanks to Jim M., of Windsor, Virginia for this review of the PRO motorcycle lift table! "Hi Clark, I received the Pro 1200 motorcycle lift today. Wow, I am super-impressed -- this lift exceeded my expectations. I used to work in a motorcycle shop, and this is just as solid -- if not better -- than the lifts we had there. I called a buddy over to see it. He has another brand (I won't mention the name) which is not made as well as this one. He's mad at me for showing it to him, because now he hates his lift more than he already did! Another friend of mine had one of the "foot pump" lifts, but his hydraulic pump broke in less than a year and he can't find replacement parts for it. I told him never to buy that one, anyway. Thank you very much for everything. Your customer service is as top-notch as your product! Jim" Pls visit the PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift Product Page for more info.
Harley Davidson Bikes Like the PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift!

We want to give a shout out to Michael Hebert, down in Massachusetts, for posting pics of his HD '86 Sportster and '12 Street Glide on the PRO 1200 Bike Lift. They look great! Michael also commented about the lift, "I love my lift. Have used it for a lot more than just my bikes." We're glad you are getting lots of use out of the lift! And please feel free to send along pics of your other vehicles, too!

'86 Sportster gets a lift2012 Street Glide on lift table

Big Bear Chopper on Handy Lift with PRO Extension
"Thanks Clark Heintz for the table extension, Made getting the Big Bear on my Handy air table a breeze !!!" -Ron B. Handy Motorcycle Lift with PRO ExtensionThanks to Ron for posting this pic to Facebook!