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2015, May

Check out our Extreme Tools Rolling Tool Cabinet Demo Video!

We filmed a demo video of the Extreme Rolling Tool Cabinet #RX722519RC at our shop last week. Clark points out some of the highlights in this informative video. Have a look...  We have a roll cabinet here from Extreme Tools, it's a newer release and the model number is RX722519RC. It's available in black, shown here, or blue, and it measures 72" in width and 25" in depth. It has 19 drawers which are full extended ball bearing runners. Comes with 6 wheels underneath it, 4 swivel wheels and 2 rigid wheels. They're 6" in diameter and 2 inches wide, plenty of support. As we mentioned there are full extensions drawers, they come open all the way to the back. Each drawer has a polished aluminum handle with a unique latching system, which you can see here: This box is priced @ $1,995 for the foreseeable future and it ships free. It's an awesome deal. It weighs about 600 lbs.

Thanks to Randy for Reviewing Clark Heintz Tools & Equipment LLC on Yelp!

We want to thank Randy for taking the time to leave us a nice review on Yelp! We appreciate the kind words and we are always glad when folks find the time to post reviews. "Received my lift table yesterday ,got it all put together. Very satisfied with the look and quality of the product. The buying process was easy and shipping was fast. Received emails from the shipper all during the delivery. All in all a great company to do business with. Try them out." -Randy C., Savannah, TN

New Hampshire State Motorcycle Laws

Check Out Current New Hampshire State Motorcycle Laws, including up-to-date info about Lemon Laws, Helmet Laws, Eye Protection, Turn Signals, and Minimum Operator Age.

Phoenix Tire Changer in Action at Christopher's Mobile Automotive

Thanks to Justin at Christopher's Mobile Automotive in Lonetree, Colorado for sharing this great pic of the Phoenix 2950A tire machine in action! (Note the Phoenix wheel balancer in the foreground...) He says, "Mounted and balanced 38/13.50/20 tires with ease."

2950a tire changer at christopher's mobile automotive

Smoke Wizard GLD-40 Leak Detector Review

Thanks to Mario in El Paso Texas for the feedback about the Smoke Wizard GLD-40 Leak Detector Machine. We appreciate the review! "I am a (sometimes) weekend car tinkerer. I have used Smoke Wizard 3 vehicles and the device has worked as advertised. No complaints whatsoever. I might develop my hobby into a business at later time. Thank you." -Mario El Paso, Texas Check out the Smoke Wizard GLD-40 Automotive Leak Detector Machine here.  Smoke Wizard, the automotive diagnostic smoke machine combining pressure and vacuum style Evaporative Emission (EVAP) System leak detection capabilities, is packaged in a compact design that stores comfortably right into your toolbox.

Smoke Wizard GLD 40 Package includes: Smoke Wizard & Operator's Manual OBD-II Service Port Fitting Cap Plugs Kit Schrader Valve Removal Tool Combination Light (white LED and UV LED in one light) w/ batteries & UV Glasses Smoke Diffuser Exhaust Cone Adapter UltraTraceUV Smoke Producing Solution Leak Detection Innovation Using new generation technology, Pressure and Vacuum EVAP monitoring/testing is now possible with one Diagnostic Smoke vapor leak detector. Monitor EVAP System pressure or vacuum while comparing to Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor scan data to provide even quicker and more accurate diagnosis. Pressure decay or Vacuum decay test to verify system integrity. Smoke test with OEM EVAP Approved UltraTraceUV dye smoke solution (the smoke that won’t stink!) to find the leak when the smoke is gone, or when the leak(s) may be hidden and disassembly is required to pinpoint the exact leak location. The Smoke Wizard’s internal filter protects its components and the vehicle when using shop air as the pressure source. Perfect for safer EVAP testing, the optional Inert Gas Pack provides a clean and dry pressure source for a pure OEM EVAP Approved leak test.Automotive diagnostic smoke machine Smoke Wizard

Headed to Laconia Bike Week? PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift Sale During June!

pro 1200max motorcycle lift

Headed to Laconia Motorcycle Week 2015 We are offering 2 great deals on motorcycle lift packages during Bike Week - and the entire month of June! Save $$$ when you pick up the PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift at our shop! DEAL#1 - PRO 1200MAX MOTORCYCLE LIFT PACKAGE -REG. $899 Cash Pickup price $799 CC Pickup price $824 DEAL#2 - PRO 1200SEMAX MOTORCYCLE LIFT PACKAGE -REG. $1049 Cash Pickup price$949 CC Pickup price$974 Visit Clark Heintz Tools & Equipment LLC, 1298 Rte 3A in Bow, NH. We are only 40 min from Laconia exit 11 off of I93. Call Clark 603-234-2612 for more detail about the sale.