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2015, September

2011 Heritage Harley on the PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift - Thanks to Bob for the photo submission!

Thanks to Bob in Essex Junction, VT for the photo he submitted of his 2011 Heritage Harley sitting on his new PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift. Bob tells us he "tried the lift today-works great!", which was great to hear - we appreciate the nice feedback! Bob also inquired about a longer ramp and whether they help with heavier bikes. For those of you out there who are wondering whether you might need one, the longer ramp (we have the 40" ramps in stock right now) reduces effort to load and adds clearance at bottom of bike, making it easier to load a larger or heavier bike onto the lift with a longer ramp. 

Bob's 2011 Harley Heritage rests on the PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift.

A Shout-Out to the Boss

Thanks to Steve for his feedback on the 2710/1530 Phoenix Tire Changer Wheel Balancer Combo Set. While he tells us he hasn't had much of a chance to use them yet, he took the time to send us his comments, not just about the equipment, but about Clark's responsiveness. We appreciate our customers letting us know how their interactions are with us; we strive to make ourselves available as much a humanly possible, even if we are out of the shop! Positive customer experience is key! "So far everything is fine with them. I would like to thank the owner for taking a call regarding assembly while he was on vacation in Florida. Very nice."

Extreme Tools Rolling Tool Box Now In Stock!

EXTREME TOOLS RX722519RC ROLLER CABINET TOOL BOX[/caption] The Extreme Tools Model RX722519RC Rolling Tool Box is now in stock at our shop in Bow, NH Includes Free Shipping and we will even set up free home delivery for you, just be sure to call us at 603-234-2612 to ask for it. This tool cabinet measures 72”W x 25”D x 47”H. With a new design, featuring expanded drawer width that includes 3 extra long full width drawers. It also includes Free Shipping! And since we are located in NH, that also means no sales tax! Other benefits include: • (6) 6” x 2” casters (4 lockable swivel and 2 rigid) • High Gloss Powder Coat Finish • Full-width, polished solid aluminum drawer pulls are self-latching, quick-release drawer pulls • Drawers use full-extension ball bearing glides • Load Capacity: 100-200* lbs. rating per drawer • Deep drawers with double slides • EVA drawer liners included • Tubular coded lock and keys


Saylor Beall improves compressor performance by installing two stage hone
[caption id="attachment_4205" align="alignright" width="303"]2-stage-hone-saylor beall compressor New Saylor Beall Honing Machine[/caption] Saylor Beall has made a significant manufacturing improvement with the recent installation of a new two stage hone, and it has dramatically improved the performance of their air compressors. The hone provides for a rounder cylinder with more consistent micro-finish. It allows the piston ring to seal more closely against the cylinder, reducing the amount of oil that can pass downstream. The main advantage of two stage honing is the ability to perform a roughing operation, then come back and do the finish operation with much more accuracy. The machine uses CNC control to vary the honing speed, also switching to different grit stones needed for the finish operation. The machine also uses a brush final operation to knock off burrs or high spots that might have remained after the finish operation. While oil is a necessary evil, necessary to lubricate moving parts, disposing of it can be a challenge. Oil has always been an irritating side effect of air compressors. It often mixes with the compressed air, only to condensate later in the air system. It can cause valves to stick, and it can leak through gaskets. In today’s more environmentally conscious society, anything to reduce the impact of oil is considered a plus. This two-stage hone has been in production since March 2015, and Saylor Beall reports noticable improvements in their compressor pumps. Check out Saylor Beall Air Compressors here.