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2016, February

John Reviews PRO 1200MAX Motorcycle Lift Package, Compares to Handy

Thanks to John in Camden, South Carolina for the awesome review he left on our website about his PRO 1200MAX Motorcycle Lift Package purchase on 2/15: "OUTPERFORMS HANDY LIFT" "I researched online before deciding on this package and found no other lift of this quality at anywhere close to the price. The Handy 1000 lb. lift sells for $999 at Northern (No accessories and shipping is extra)." "Clark and his Staff provide EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE and are a pleasure to deal with. I will certainly do business with NHPROEQUIP in the future and highly recommend this company to anyone looking for the absolute best value in motorcycle lift tables." "A sincere thank you to Clark and his team." So glad to hear you were happy with the product, price and service. Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback!

PRO 2500 ATV Motorcycle UTV Lift Table from Lee at 21st Century Equipment, Inc.

Thanks to Lee at 21st Century Equipment, Inc. in Sidney Nebraska for his comments about his new PRO 2500 Motorcycle ATV UTV High Rise Lift Table! "We got the unit assembled and are using it. The tech that is using it said he is happy with the performance of the lift. No complaints.  Thanks."

-Lee, 21st Century Equipment, Inc. Sidney, NE

PRO 2500 ATV UTV Golf Course Equipment Lift features 48" Rise and Quartered Side Extension Panels for a variety of vehicles. Electric/Hydraulic Power Unit.


110V Electric / Hydraulic Power Pack 2,500 lb Capacity Lift with Maximum Lift Height: 48" 4 Piece Side Extension Kit, expanding the lift table to 60" wide 40" Detachable Drive-On Loading Ramp Set (3) features low angle to protect vehicles and stays positioned on the ground when lift is raised, easily moved aside Adhesive Back Grip Strips for Loading Ramps
Drop Panel for Rear Tire Change
Rubber Lined Wheel Vise
Super Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Cylinder Assembly High Quality and Dependable Locking Mechanism Extra Wide Roller Bearings in Scissor Mechanism
Smooth Finish Table Top for Easy Cleanup
Work Table has multiple welded cross members underneath to support the heaviest of vehicles
Equally Spaced Holes on Table Edges to Accept Tie Downs
9 Position Safety Locking System secures lift in place while working, max height 48" Grease zerks on X frame maintains smooth operation Powder Coated Finish for durability
Includes 2 Warrantees and Free Shipping to Commercial Location with Means to Offload***


Big PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift News: Upgraded!

NEW PRO 1200 MOTORCYCLE LIFT PACKAGE INCLUDES RUBBER LINED WHEEL VISE AND SEAT CREEPERWe are announcing a New and Improved PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift Package! We've sold thousands of these lifts now, and we've received a lot of great feedback along the way. Our goal is to give our customers the best possible product, and we found there were a few places where we could step it up - so we did! Last year we upgraded our foot pedal which is much more solid and doesn't leak air over time, like the previous one did. We've found customers have been very satisfied with it. This move helped facilitate more improvements. Another thing we've heard feedback about is the wheel vise. Without a rubber lining, it makes vehicles more vulnerable to scratching when they are clamped in. So we've also added a rubber-lined wheel vise to this package, to protect vehicles from dings and scratches. We were also finding people were ordering the longer ramp to make loading and offloading their bikes a little easier. With a longer ramp, there is less of an incline, which makes it easier to roll a bike or any other vehicle onto the lift. It's also nice having a longer ramp when you have a heavier, larger bike that's harder to maneuver. So, instead of having the long ramp as an option, we've decided to include it in this package, as well. And lastly, we've included a rollaway seat creeper, so you can now sit down while working on your vehicles, and save your back and legs from pain or discomfort from having to bend or contort your body in an uncomfortable way! The New PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift Package is Priced at $769 and Includes: 1200 lb capacity lift + 2 YEAR PARTS WARRANTY 40" Long Loading Ramp (Upgraded from 20") Pullout / Drop Through for Rear Tire Change Seat Creeper (NEW!) Rubber Lined Wheel Vise (Upgraded: Now features rubber lining) Wheel Stop Stabilizer Bar Pneumatic Foot Pedal (Upgraded last year, built to LAST!) Note: There is still time to lock in on an old lift package priced @ $699. We still have a few left in stock! See both packages here:

Doug Reviews PRO 1200 lift; submits great pic of his Harley Softtail!
A big thanks to Doug for sharing this great pic of his Softtail on the PRO 1200MAX Motorcycle Lift Package. We're glad you are enjoying the lift! Thanks for the nice comments! He writes, "My Softtail sitting on a lift I got from Clark Heintz tools. If you haven't been, stop in. It's a great lift and well worth the money. This guy will treat you right." Softtail Harley Davidson on PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift
Polaris Sportsman 400 HO gets a lift on the PRO 1200SEMAX Motorcycle Lift Table

Thanks AGAIN to Mike in Shakopee, Minnesota, for sharing another vehicle pic on one of our PRO lifts - this is his Polaris Sportsman 400 HO being lifted up on the PRO 1200SEMAX Motorcycle Lift Package! Great photo! Mike says the lift is "Well worth the money!"

Polaris Sportsman 400 HO submitted by Mike Blair

Soon it will be time for Wind Therapy!

Chris shared this nice pic of his Harley getting a nice tune-up on the PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift. He writes, "Progressive Suspension Installed, All Fluids Changed, New Plugs, Washed & Waxed, Ready For Spring Now! Bring On The Wind Therapy." Thanks for sharing the pic, Chris! We hope you can get therapy out on the open road very soon!

Harley Davidson PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift Maintenance

Greg's 2014 Harley Street Glide Special Gets a Lift on the PRO 1200SE Motorcycle Lift Table

Greg shared some photos of his newest bike on the PRO 1200SEMAX Motorcycle Lift - a 2014 Harley Street Glide Special, which he picked up in September with 2600 miles. He documented some of his upgrades: "Stage 1 with Arlen Ness Big Sucker, S&S Power Tune Headers and Bassani DNT slip ons, Power Vision tuned. Lower fairings, fairing air deflectors, highway pegs and mounts, C&C wide solo seat faux ostrich. Long Ride Shields windshield, PM windshield trim and extended foot boards, and Custom Dynamic LED turn/stop/running lights in all four corners! Now I need good weather!"  He also adds, "NH is probably my favorite place to ride in the USA."  You might even like it now, in February, Greg...43 degrees - not too bad for a winter day in the north country!

2014 Harley Street Glide Special on PRO 1200SEMAX Motorcycle Lift Table

Rich Reviews PRO 2500 Electric/Hydraulic Lift Table

Thanks to Rich from R.F.B. Electrical Co., Inc., in Tyngsborough MA for his excellent review of the PRO 2500E Electric/Hydraulic Lift Table. He writes: "The lift works great. I have done several projects on it since I purchased it and love it. The lift height is great and lift is very stable." We're glad to hear the lift has been working out for you, and thank for the nice feedback! PRO-2500E HIGH RISE ELECTRIC/HYDRAULIC UTV ATV LIFT TABLE

PRO 2500E Electric/Hydraulic UTV Motorcycle 3 Wheeler Lift Table Package Includes:

110V Electric / Hydraulic Power Pack 2,500 lb Capacity Lift with Maximum Lift Height: 48" 40" Detachable Drive-On Loading Ramp Set (3) features low angle to protect vehicles and stays positioned on the ground when lift is raised, easily moved aside Drop Panel for Rear Tire Change Rubber Lined Wheel Vise Also features high quality and dependable 9 position safety locking system, which secures lift in place while working, a maximum lifting height of 48", a super heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder assembly, adhesive back grip strips for loading ramps, extra wide roller bearings in scissor mechanism, work table has multiple welded cross members underneath to support the heaviest of vehicles, equally-spaced holes on table edges to accept tie downs, grease zerks on X frame for smooth operation, and a smooth powder coated finish for durability and easy cleanup. Call us at 603-234-2612 to learn more about this lift table or visit the link above.