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2017, March

Harley Davidson '49 Pan Head (Hydraglide) Restoration Project Using PRO 1200 Lift

Thanks to Brian J., of Fairfield, Connecticut, for his review of the PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift and this great pic of a '49 Pan Head that he is restoring! Check out part 2 of his review below where he briefly describes why it was named "Hydraglide," and some detail about his project. “Love my new lift. Looks like its built better than the three lifts the bike shop uses in my building. Got this lift to restore a ’49 Hydraglide. Only put it up ‘n down a dozen time before the bike is totally in pieces. Now it’s my work bench lol. Would highly recommend it to anyone or any shop.” He added: “It’s actually ’49 Harley Pan Head. Called a Hydraglide because its the first year Harley used telescopic / hydraulic front end. Up until 1949 all front ends were springers. Guess you can call it a barn find. Widow of owner sold it to me. Very rough condition but all original. Must have been sitting at least 20 years last time it was moved. Will be a long process but that’s all the fun.”

Harley Davidson '49 Pan Head  (Hydraglide) Restoration Project Harley Davidson '49 Pan Head (Hydraglide) Restoration Project[/caption]

JDL Cycle Shop, LLC Posts Great Pic of 2002 H-D Sportster on the PRO 1200 lift table!

Jeremy says of his PRO 1200, "It's fantastic! Fits all the bikes well; makes work an ease. Very happy with it." As for the bike, he's doing a little spring maintenance! He tells us, "That's my 2002 H-D Sportster, modded to 1250cc but originally an 883 Standard."

Thanks to Jim at 603 Baggers for the Elevator 1100SEMAX Motorcycle Lift Table Review

We want to thank Jim at 603 Baggers for his review of the Elevator 1100SEMAX Motorcycle Lift Table (he says it's "Excellent, I love it!") - and thanks for all these photos he posted of various HD bikes on the lift!! (Shown from top to bottom: 2012 HD Roadglide, 2001 HD Sportster, 2006 HD Streetglide, and 2015 HD Roadglide.) 2012 Harley Roadglide HD Elevator 1100SEMAX Lift 2001 Sportster at 603 Baggers on Elevator Lift 2006 Harley Streetglide on Elevator 1100 lift table 2015 Roadglide on Elevator 1100SEMAX Motorcycle Lift

We thank Robert at Second Shift Cycles for Elevator 1100MAX Motorcycle Lift Review + Photos

Robert kindly left us a wonderful review on our Facebook page today - he purchased the Elevator 1100MAX Motorcycle Lift yesterday and got it up and running in record time! He gave us some great feedback, here's what he said about our service: I am sending a BIG THANK YOU to Mr. Clark Heintz for working around my schedule at SECOND SHIFT CYCLES for taking time out of his Sunday to help me out. Thank u sir !!!!! Looking forward to LOTS OF FUTURE BUSINESS. YOU ARE A TRUE GENTLEMAN !!!!!!! Of the lift, he says, "I love it !!! The air piston design is the BEST I lifted and lowered the lift over 10 times !!!! Setting it up, my compressor did not cycle 1 time !!!!! My other 2 lift have air behind piston which is VERY POOR - an incredible WASTE OF AIR ! SECOND SHIFT CYCLES will be REPLACING the OTHER 2 LIFTS, which 1 is a HANDY and other is a DIRECT LIFT. By far at this point . Time will tell. But this ELEVATOR 1100 IS A SUPERIOR LIFT. Thanks again looking forward to MANY YEARS OF BUSINESS WITH YOU. Thanks again for sharing your feedback with us, Robert!

1990 HD Fatboy on Elevator 1100MAX Motorcycle Lift -Second Shift Cycles 1990 HD Fatboy on Elevator 1100MAX Motorcycle Lift taken at Second Shift Cycles 1990 Harley Davidson Fatboy on Elevator 1100MAX Motorcycle Lift by Second Shift Cycles

Robert's Photos of the PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift in Action

Thanks again to Robert for not only leaving us a glowing review on our website, but for sharing the photos of your bike on the lift! Great to see that the lift has been working out for you!

pro 1200 garage installation pro 1200 with glider

Thanks to Robert in Chicago for an Awesome Review of the PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift!

Thanks to Robert in Chicago for such an awesome review of the PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift. We're so glad you are enjoying the lift & we're grateful for your feedback! "Ordered the PRO 1200 MAX Package from Clark on Monday evening, shipped Tuesday and by 10:00am Thursday it was delivered to Chicago! The lift is very good quality and has exceeded my expectations in strength and durability. I would highly recommend this lift package to anyone who is looking for a motorcycle lift. I lifted my Street Glide on the lift after setting up and their was no bow in the table, the lift went up smoothly without struggle and went down just as smooth. I want to thank Clark for the SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE HE PROVIDED! From start to finish, Clark sent updates on shipping, tracking information, estimated arrival time and followed up to make sure the lift was delivered as promised. Thank you for providing a quality product and a smooth stress-free transaction!"

Scott in TX says "No issues" with PRO 1200SEMAX Lift

"I ordered this package Tuesday. It arrived today, Friday, to south TX. Took me a few to put it together, no instructions necessary, it's pretty self explanatory. Put my bike (2011 Ultra Limited) on the lift, tied it down, hooked up my Dewalt 6 gallon pancake compressor and away she went.. no issues whatsoever.. raises super smooth and lowers almost as smoothly, in a mild jerking drop, but nothing that concerned me. Bike was stable on the lift and will bring my oil changes to eye level on my little creeper chair I already had. One important word of caution: Invest in some anti-slip tape to put on the side extensions.. maybe my garage floor is dustier than most, but it was slippery as snot.. made the trip to hardware store and bought 16' of it. I'm putting 3' per side ramp."

-Scott, Portland, Texas

Scott of Portland, Texas submits photo of2011 H-D Ultra Limited on PRO 1200 lift