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2017, June

CRX 72" Rolling Tool Box + 72" Top Chest Video Demo!

Visit our website to check out this CRX 72" Rolling Tool Cabinet and Top Tool Chest Set.

"I have tears in my eyes!" Brian Reviews the PRO 1200MAX Motorcycle Lift

PRO 1200MAX Motorcycle Lift Review

We wanted to share this really great review recently left on our website by Brian in Rochester, NH....He purchased the PRO 1200MAX Motorcycle Lift Package.

Here's what he had to say about it: "I have tears in my eyes! Nah, I'm kidding about the tears but not far from it! I'm 57 yrs old, had motorcycles my entire life and why I never looked deeper into one of these I just don't have an explanation for! Anyone can own one of these and NHPE has a "financier/lender" if your strapped for cash! Should have bought one years ago!"

Thanks for the great comments, Brian!

Cody reviews his Phoenix Tire Changer Wheel Balancer Set

"I've run a lot of tire machines and balancers in my professional career within the shops I've worked (never really my job description but easy money) from Coats to Corghi and these two machines are right on par with them for my personal, after-hours shop. Easy setup, easy operation, and extremely functional. I compared the Phoenix balancer to the expensive Coats machine at work with a few tires and it was right on. Again, fantastic product!"

Thanks to Steve for the Review of his 72" Rolling Tool Box!

"I'm not one to write reviews but my experience at NHProEquip was exceptional. I cannot recommend Clark and his company enough. I wanted a professional-grade rolling tool box and began an extensive search online for the best value available. Not only are Clark's prices the lowest around, but the service was extraordinary. I called him, got valuable advice, and easily placed my order. I live in a densely populated urban area with narrow access to my garage, so I knew delivery was going to have its challenges. Without even being prompted, Clark took the initiative to figure out the best solution to ensure a seamless delivery process (including considerable investment of his own time to make it happen). You can go to a nameless eCommerce storefront and pay the exact same price with uncertain service, or you can call Clark and make sure the job is done right. I seldom have such a positive customer experience...anywhere. And of course the tool box is incredible. Thanks Clark!"

Steve A., Somerville, MA

Check out the CRX552512RC 55" ROLLING TOOL BOX product page here.

55" tool box review

NHPROEQUIP has a Booth set up at Laconia Bike Week - Stop by for a visit

We are happy to announce we have a booth set up at NH Motor Speedway during Laconia Bike Week, which is going on now through Sunday, June 18. Stop by and visit us! We have lifts on display and even a nice toolbox to check out! Make sure you stop by and say "hi!". We are here to answer your questions about any of these products! Enjoy your time at Laconia Bike Week. There's so much to see and a lot of fun to be had. Stay safe and cool! It's a scorcher out there today!

Elevator 1800 on Display at Laconia Motorcycle Week NHPROEQUIP booth at Laconia Bike Week

Wayne posts pic of his 2012 Can-Am Outlander Max on the Elevator Lift Table

We thank Wayne for posting some nice pics to our Facebook page of his 2012 Can-am Outlander Max on the Elevator Lift Table. He tells us, the lift handles a 950lb Harley as well with no issues, and he also left this feedback for us: "I use this lift for everything! Bikes, wheelers, workbench, etc.. Solid equipment and great prices.. Thank you Clark.." Thank YOU, Wayne! We're glad you've found the lift to be versatile in what types of vehicles you can use on it...Enjoy! can-am on elevator lift table

Joe submits photo of his 2014 HD Ultra Limited atop the PRO 1200 Lift

Thanks to Joe in Cheraw, SC for sending us some photos of his 2014 Harley Davidson Ultra Limited up on the PRO 1200SEMAX Motorcycle Lift Table. He says of the lift: "I love it I wish I would have got one before now." We are glad you ordered one, Joe! Thanks for your comments.

HD 2014 Ultra Limited on PRO 1200SEMAX Motorcycle Lift Table

5 Ways to Improve Plasma Cutter Performance

Plasma cutting seems like it should be easy process. Turn it on, point it where you want to cut, and make it happen... While the method is simple, there are still other reasons plasma's may give a sub-par performance. Below are 5 tips to help in your quest to cut any metal with ease.

1. Clean ground location: Some hi-tech plasma cutters like Eastwood's Versa Cut Plasma Cutter have a high frequency start, allowing the plasma arc to blast through paint and rust, cutting metal without necessitating having to clean the area that is being cut. However, the plasma cutter user needs a clean, solid ground to help create a strong arc to easily cut through metal. If it is not clean, it can create an unstable arc which may result in inconsistent cuts. Take the extra time to find a good ground location, or grind a clean clamping area. It makes all the difference!

2. Keep the torch “Slag-Free”: When plasma cutting, there will be molten metal splattering and slag goes flying, especially if you are cutting with the torch below the work surface. The slag can inadvertently make its way onto your torch electrode or nozzle. The build up of slag on the business-end of your torch can create an unstable arc and block airflow out of the nozzle. That buildup leads to poor cutting ability even on the most expensive machines. We suggest that you check the end of your torch after each cut to make sure there isn’t a build up of slag that can decrease the performance of your plasma cutter.

3. Dry Air is Friendly Air- Plasma cutters need a constant flow of clean, dry air to allow it to “punch” through the metal when cutting. This is another reason we can’t stress enough how important it is to make sure your compressor has an adequate dryer and water separator system installed. A “last chance” filter was integrated into Eastwood's Versa Cut plasma to make sure clean, dry air reaches the plasma torch. When dirty or moisture-rich air enters into the plasma arc it will be difficult to get a stable arc going as the moisture in the air coming out of the torch will cause the arc to wander. You NEED clean, dry air to create a stable, focused arc!

4. Avoid extension cords- Keep the machine as close to the power source as possible. The same goes for using a welder: the longer and skinnier the extension cord, the more it drops the voltage your machine is receiving. This means you could be “maxing out” your machine cutting something that should only require 3/4 power because the drop in voltage at the machine is so low by the time it makes it through that 20' extension cord. We suggest (especially on the 110V setting) keeping your plasma cutter plugged directly into an outlet. If you do need to use an extension cord, get a dedicated heavy-gauge extension cord that will have the least power drop possible. By heeding this warning you can get high quality plasma cutter performance. Remember, move the work surface or torch and ground, not the entire machine!

5. More Air= More Punch- Check the adjustment for air pressure along with a built-in pressure gauge. Make sure you have enough air pressure going to the torch to allow the plasma arc to properly “punch” through the metal. “Too much” air isn’t as problematic as “too little” air. However we recommend that you dial the air down a bit with thinner metal to reduce the amount of slag / sparks from flying across the room. Hopefully by following these 5 tips you can streamline your plasma cutting jobs, and keep your machine function properly. Thanks to Eastwood for posting these great tips!