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2018, October

Part 2: Jeff at One Pull Lawnmower Shares more pics of Zero Turn Mower on the Lift!

Jeff at One Pull Lawnmower shared some more pics of his lift in action with an awesome lawnmower. He tells us the lift, "Works great for all my commercial customers."

These are some great pics Jeff shared with us of an Exmark Lazer Z HPZero Turn Mower up on the Elevator 1800 Mower Lift Table.

XMark Zero Turn Mower on Elevator 1800 Lift
Thanks to Jeff at One Pull Lawnmower Shop for his Elevator 1800 Review!

Jeff of One Pull Lawnmower Shop in Southbridge, Mass. tells us his Elevator 1800 lift is "working out well." He shared these nice pics of a Yamaha Golf Cart and a Craftsman Lawn Tractor up on the lift getting some service!

The lift Jeff ordered comes with a chock for servicing motorcycles, but that can be removed. As you can see in the pics, taking the chock out allows for easy service of 4 wheel vehicles, too...

Yamaha Golf Cart on Elevator 1800 Golf Cart Lift

Craftsman Lawn Tractor on Elevator 1800 Lift

Funny Titan Motorcycle Lift Review from Chris

Chris gave us a nice (and funny!) review of his Titan SDML-1000D Motorcycle Lift after we noticed he posted a pic of his bike on the lift on Facebook. When I asked him how the lift had been for him, he replied, "It's had its ups and downs. Lol. Sorry had too. It's been great, love it." Ha! We are actually surprised - for all the motorcycle lift reviews we've received from customers - that no one has ever said this before! Thanks for the laugh, Chris!

Titan Motorcycle Lift Review