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2019, October

Motorcycle Lift Packaging and Shipping Review from Jon

Our customer, Jon, commented on another post of ours about our shipping process. It's always great to hear from customers about the products and service they've received from us. It helps us to strive to be better when we receive feedback, good or bad! It's especially nice and helpful for us to hear about the shipping process and how that is handled; from our paperwork and communication with the customer regarding scheduling, right down to the shipping carriers and the delivery itself. We want to thank him for taking the time to give his feedback about this part of the buying process! We're glad to hear the carrier was impressed, too! And, yes, we do include a photo of the shipment when it leaves our shop, as we believe having this documentation in place verifies the shipment condition in case there are any other issues en route that might need to be addressed.

He says, "I’ve never taken a photo of an item I purchased upon arrival before. The carrier and I stood over this NHPro shipment and were amazed how well it was packed up. It even had a photo of the shipment on the top box showing how it looked when it left NHPro. This is an example of the personal treatment you get from these guys. I got the Elevator 2000 with pretty much the works. I grin every time I use it two years later."

Shipping PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift

NEW VIDEO of CDX Series Rollcabs Brand Tool Boxes

"The CDX Series Tool boxes from are designed to be a commercial tool box but in the price range that's affordable for a homeowner. A guy can feel confident that it's going to hold up over time and that it'll suit his needs. Our DX series line of tool boxes has a lot of the same features as our commercial line of tool boxes without the big commercial price. I'm sure you've checked out all the box stores and see what they have to offer, now come to and check out what we have to offer. Features include: 2 extra long storage drawers for all types of tools and 2 extra deep drawers for larger tools, easy open/close drawer mechanism, self-latching system secures drawers even if tool box is unlocked, Quick release drawer pulls connect along drawer front for a secure handle, heavy duty mag wheel casters support over 900lbs each, and durable 14 gauge steel frame for extra support."

Right now, we have an incredible sale going on on our CDX 72" combo set! Use coupon code 400BUCKS at checkout to receive $400 off this tool box set (originally priced at $2398). What a savings! Sets come in your choice of black, orange, blue or green, all with black trim. Visit tool box sale page to learn more and get a really nice deal - please note, this is a limited time offer, so act fast!

Tips for Buying a New Wheel Balancer Online

Buying a wheel balancer online can be a big concern. You can save a lot of money if you make the right choice, or you can be disappointed if you don’t do your homework. When buying online it’s always good to talk with someone on the phone to make sure what you view online is legitimate. Make sure that where you buy has a complete operation.

Do they have a store or showroom? Are they just a website that doesn’t warehouse product? Do they stock parts? Does someone answer the phone?

Be sure of their history, ask about service after the sale, warranty, and what you can expect going forward. Ask questions about the product, dig deep to make sure you’ll have what you need, or will you have to buy additional accessories later at an added expense to accomplish your needs. One good example of this is sellers providing the minimum to get started, such as including 3 cone sizes which balance wheels up to 4 3/4” center hole. Wheels with 6 7/8” center hole such as Ford F350 cannot be mounted without a larger cone and spacer which most times are not included. You find out when you tell a customer you can balance his wheels but cannot mount them on your machine.

Get ready to spend $200 to $300 for the large cone set or send the tires out to your competitor for balancing. Another consideration is, how does it ship? Is it included in the price quoted or is there an extra charge for shipping? Tire machines are heavy, has your sales person worked out the delivery with you? You can get some good products online and save money by buying direct. Just make sure when you buy direct you get a complete package and you have somewhere to go for technical service and support and parts if needed. Check out our line of wheel balancers to see if they suit your needs.

Buying a wheel balancer

Mike shares pics of his 72" Tool Box Set and Leaves a Google Review!

Big Shout Out to Mike at Harry's Auto Center, located at 400 Roselle Street in Linden, NJ! Mike left us this very positive Google Review, as well as submitted photos of his tool box set up at the shop. Mike, we appreciated your well thought out review and were so happy to check out your photos, too! You've done a great job organizing them after only buying the set last month!

Mike says,"Clark and Bobby were very easy to deal with and answered all my questions. Seem like very authentic guys. I was contemplating on Snap On or Matco, but am so glad to have gone with this brand of tool box. I have felt and seen Snap on boxes and these are comparable and or better. There are small minor things I do recognize however, is that the slides seem to stick but with some dry lube it works 100%. The other thing is the paint, the paint seems to be easily scratched but with some buffing and a lil elbow grease it comes off. I did take the precautionary measure to vinyl it. However with the actual structure it is very well built, right out the box I can feel the quality of steel and it’s up there with the best. I stood on the lower shelf and it easily carried my weight. It is sturdy strong and not to mention 80 percent cheaper than those other high end brands. Thank You guys and hopefully I can purchase more from you in coming time."

air tools in the tool box

Harry's Auto Center New Jersey

rolling tool box harry's auto center

wrenches drawer nhproequip tool box crx

1984 Cushman Truckster up on the Elevator 1800 lift table

Thanks to Mark of Pelosi Family Farm in Epping, NH, for sharing this nice pic of his 1984 Cushman Truckster on the Elevator 1800 lift table! The truckster is a small, light duty utility cart. First one we've ever seen on this lift - very cool!