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2019, June

Connecting Your Wheel Dolly to the PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift

We had an email query from a customer asking how to connect his wheel dolly to the PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift. Here is the response we sent to him: On the back of your lift where the pull out for the rear tire is there is an orange or red stud (depending on table color) hanging down about 3/8" diameter and 3" long. The loading ramp must be removed to see it. It is to the right of center at the very back edge of the the lift table.

Connecting wheel dolly to PRO 1200 lift

The lift must be in the down position for the wheel dolly to engage the pin. There is a hole in the stem of the wheel dolly, the stem is between the wheels on the dolly. Align the hole so the pin on the lift table fits through the hole on the dolly. Pull the handle on the wheel dolly towards you and prop the lift up to allow rolling on the front wheels of the lift table and on the dolly wheels.

Chris Reviews the Launch 9000lb 2 Post Lift

Chris in Salisbury, MA, says, "Lift's great, really is, couldn't be happier with it! Thanks again," of his 2 post Launch Tech lift.

Free Mag Wheel Upgrade with 55" Tool Box

For limited time, get a FREE Mag Wheel Upgrade with purchase of this tool box - 55" X 25" 12 Drawer Rolling Tool Cabinet model# CRX552512RC. The Mag Wheel upgrade is valued at $349, so this is an incredible offer! Call us for more info 603-234-2612. The CRX Series tool boxes are made by Extreme Tools. The CRX Series is based on Extreme's RX Series but with upgrades added! Spend a fraction of what you might for a name brand and get the same quality! See below for some customer reviews comparing these boxes to name brands.

Part number (Extreme's "RX" Series) change to CRX to designate the following upgrades:

  • All boxes with the CRX prefix are labeled and follow the same warranty as Extreme Tools products.
  • The CRX series (improved features) comes in 55” and 72” sizes with the label include heavy duty 150 pound ball bearing drawer glides.
  • On all CRX series drawers 4” high or more, where two ball bearing glides are used, the load capacity is 300 pounds.
  • CRX series use rubber drawer liners in place of foam drawer liners
  • CRX series roll cabinets include new, thick protective work panel in place of foam pad.
  • All CRX toolboxes are not only reduced in price but have added benefits compared to the RX Series Extreme Tools' tool boxes!

"Love it. Just bought the black triple bank top and bottom it's a ton of storage for the buck everything seems to be high quality and just as good as Snap On and MAC."
-Nicholas, Newton, NH

Just unboxed my new toolbox! Extreme Tools. Wow it is so nice I wasn’t sure what to expect since I’ve never seen anyone with this brand. But if your in the market for a new box this is 3x the box for the money compared to anything else. Very impressed. They are very close to and in some ways they are rated better than Snap On. And 1/4 the price. They have the best prices trust me I researched for about a month. And free shipping!!!
-John H., Lowell, Arkansas

New box, came packaged really well. And seems to be on par with other boxes, even impressive next to my coworkers $20000 snapon toolbox with side cabinet.
-Scott, Wiscasset, Maine

Quality box every bit as good as name brand. Guy from my shop is gonna order a black one. I got the blue. Shipped in wood hard to damage that.
Anthony C.
I absolutely love it. I had a snapon box that I sold after leaving the industry after 10 years for a different field. 7 years later I decided to go back in the field and was tool box shopping. I really didn't want to spend 10-15k on a large box again so I took a chance on this Extreme toolbox and have not been disappointed. Quality is every bit as good as the snapon I once had. The big name tool dealers that come in the shop all comment on how nice it is and can't believe what it cost.
-Brian, Pickerington, Ohio

Free Mag Wheel Upgrade with 55 inch tool box

Rich in Michigan shares detail about his shipping experience with NHProEquip

Rich shared some awesome photos and perspective that we don't receive very often! Below is a photo of the lift, packaged and secured - this is when Rich received it. He also included the photo we included in with his shipment, verifying how it left our warehouse. This way, if there are any discrepancies, any damage, denting or tampering in any way, the receiver of the shipment will be aware to not sign for it! We were appreciative of Rich acknowledging this effort - we really try to make sure we are as thorough as possible for the protection of all parties involved. It overall has made for smoother transactions with our customers. Here's the Google Review (and photos) Rich left for us!

"Got my lift today, So excited to get it set up. Packaged very well, Thanks.
I see skids all the time, and am very impressed in the care taken to package it to prevent damage during shipment.
Not to mention the photo on the skid, so you can see rather quickly if anything is missing.
I drive truck and would be very happy to see a skid like this...
most of the time they are packed sloppy with loose bands.
Speaking of the band's they even use corner protection... Awesome Job
Just shows the pride and care you take to get stuff to your customers timely and undamaged.
Excellent customer service and response time as well.
I'm not big on taking time to do these reviews because I'm not usually that impressed with companies, These guys however deserve it.
They earned my review"

Rich encloses photo of Elevator 1800 lift packaged up with note from NHProEquip

Rich's packaged Elevator 1800 lift table as it arrives at his shop