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2020, April

New Product! Spotlight on Black Diamond Wheel Balancer W1024ML

Black Diamond Tire Equipment is high quality and built to last. Using current technology, engineering, and the latest designs and features, we've packaged these units for you at an affordable price. The W1024ML wheel balancer is 110V/60HZ unit and boasts 512 angular sensing positions, 4 times more accurate than your average balancer. This balancer also uses a magnetic levitation system and self-propelled balancing. Which means....No Motor and No Belts! With self-calibration and self-diagnosis capabilities, it also includes 3D measurement for distance, diameter, and width.

Some of its features include Auto Entry - use measuring arm for distance and diameter, and measure width manually. Auto Lock: Stop Key: Lock Wheel for mounting weights, or inspection, or to stop in emergency. Auto Position: SPL key, "Smart Position Locator" wheel rotates to 12 o’clock, wheel locks, add required weight, cabinet light illuminates wheel, user-friendly for weight placement. ALU-S mode: SPL key : wheel rotates to 4 o’clock and locks, easily add adhesive weights, and the laser projects on wheel to pinpoint weight placement for both inside and outside plane. ALU key: Toggle to select corresponding aluminum mode. Split Weights: Hide key: hide weights behind spokes when ALU -S program is activated. Dynamic and Static balancing modes.  F key = Fn/Static. Fine key:  Balance within 1/4oz. Or 5 grams. C key: Recalculate balance without spinning after distance, diameter, or width has been changed. User Data pre setting: 4 pre sets for wheel data can be stored.
With cabinet floor plate for extra stability, and cabinet light for dim areas, this machine has all the features you'd want in a professional tire balancer. Call us for more info 603-234-2612. There is no sales tax on these units, and shipping is free.

Black Diamond Wheel Balancer

Keith shares pic of his Spyder RTL up on the Elevator 1800 Lift Table

Keith in Etters, PA shared this nice pic of his Spyder RTL up on the Elevator 1800U ATV UTV Lift Table. He says, "Love the Lift Elevator 1800. Makes detailing and working on my Spyder RTL so much easier not having to constantly be bending over."

New Product Alert! Black Diamond Auto Equipment

Are you searching for Tire Equipment that offers the features that are necessary to service today’s larger, performance, stronger sidewall, and various fancy aluminum and steel wheels? Would you like to offer quality service, using current technology but with a moderate investment? We are excited to introduce Black Diamond Tire Equipment to our customers. We have developed a way to provide our customers with current technology, engineering, and the latest designs and features packaged at an affordable price. Based on our conversations with our customers we found different levels of need. A small shop may be shopping for standard equipment because of the volume they do. A larger shop may want a machine more automated to save time. We have the tire equipment to suit your needs.

Please Take the time to call, don't miss out on these very high quality products for a great price, you won't be sorry, we promise! 603-234-2612

Automatic Tire Changer from Black DiamondBlack Diamond wheel balancer

NHProEquip is OPEN during COVID-19

Here in New Hampshire, state officials released a list of industry sectors that provide essential services and support to the response to the spread of COVID-19  that will continue to operate with necessary staff to complete critical and essential functions. Under the Transportation and Logistics umbrella, NHProEquip is deemed an "Essential Business" and will remain open for the forseeable future. As we supply automotive equipment to garages, repair shops, and the like, we are part of a supply chain that keeps vehicles on the road. We want to let our customers know that we are taking all necessary precautions while our doors are open. We are not a shop that gets a large amount of foot traffic, so please understand there will not be crowds of people, if you decide you'd like to stop by to pick up equipment. We are also very careful to keep a safe distance from any customers who visit the shop. When picking up larger equipment such as a tool box or a lift, or anything else that requires a forklift to get it onto your vehicle, there is no worry for direct contact during this exchange. Also, please be aware that orders may be made over the phone and online, as well as payment processing. We are here to serve you, our customers, and we pledge to work with you in a "socially distanced" manner to ensure your safety and comfort.

Visit online and let us ship your order to you!

As extra added insurance, if you come to pick up equipment from us during this time, it would be adviseable to wear a cloth face cover to ensure no germs are spread.

Other CDC recommendations include:

1. Avoid touching your face, e.g., eyes, mouth and nose
2. Wash your hands often
3. Cover your face when coughing or sneezing
4. Practice social distancing, staying at least 6 feet away from others

Coronavirus safety in New Hampshire