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2020, May

Scott in Pembroke shares pic of 800 Maverick Trail on PRO 1200SEMAX Lift!

Scott shared this pic with us and says, "Just picked this up. It’s an 800. My other machines are Outlanders, Obviously this is bigger. It’s an 800 maverick Trail. Just picked it up for my wife. I totally love it. In fact I love it so much I’m thinking about getting myself a 1000 next year and keeping two of the Outlanders for my kids. It weighs 1300 pounds stock, but it has four to $5000 worth of accessories so I would imagine that adds a few hundred pounds. Lifts it no problem. Just doesn’t fit on ramp. I’ve had this lift for several years and had absolutely no issues with it. I own four ATVs and service others for friends." More info on the PRO 1200SEMAX Lift Table here.

800 Maverick Trail on PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift

Detailed Review of Buying Experience and Tool Box Set from Jay in Utah

"I spent a LOT of time doing research on toolboxes. I looked at numerous websites, tool forums, independent reviews, and pretty much everywhere I could find good information on choosing the optimal setup, and from a customer-centric seller. This will almost assuredly be the last toolbox I buy, and it will very likely last my lifetime. I wanted to get it right. Lots of companies claim they have great customer service; and if everything goes smoothly, you really don’t know if in fact their customer service is good, or not.

"I spoke with Bob a couple of times prior to making the purchase. He was friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and professional. I’ll be honest and say I was very concerned about getting the toolboxes from New Hampshire to Southern Utah undamaged. These are very expensive items, and partially due to their size - can be easily damaged in shipping... and I’m a picky guy. The idea of spending  thousands of dollars and getting a damaged toolbox had zero appeal to me. And, having been moved multiple times by so-called “professionals” while serving in the USAF, I had learned damage in shipping is all too common. Bob reassured me as to their packaging methods, and procedures if the shipment does arrive damaged. I placed the order…and crossed my fingers.

"The first shipment arrived ahead of schedule, and true to USAF standards - the shipping carton was damaged. The shipping company’s driver was a genuinely good guy who completely understood my concerns and was very patient and helpful as I called Bob, texted him photos, and moved forward. We unpacked the box, found the bottom center drawer damaged, but everything else was okay. Bob told me to accept the shipment, note the damage on the paperwork, and he would get a replacement drawer sent out.

"I’m going into detail so you can see what happens if things don’t go perfectly. Bob’s customer service was exceptional from start to finish. I’ve learned that when shopping for expensive products, it’s NOT all about price. Customer service is crucial, especially when there are problems. sells top quality products at compelling values, and they back it up with world-class customer service. Guys, that’s as good as it gets!

"When my wife saw the two large toolboxes she was impressed with the quality. (As was I!) I asked her what she thought they cost; shipped, delivered, everything. Her estimates ranged between $6K and $10K. We are both pleasantly astounded by how far your dollar goes with The toolboxes I chose have latches as opposed to detents in the drawer slides. These boxes replace some Craftsman Industrial boxes I’ve had for years, and they have detents. In my opinion there is simply no comparison; the latches are light-years better than the detents. I’m very surprised many high-end tool boxes still use detents. (Before you buy, I highly suggest you personally try both systems. I think you’ll find you prefer the latches.) 

"If you're looking for a top quality toolbox, I absolutely recommend you call Bob while doing your homework on toolboxes. If you make that call I’d be surprised if you subsequently buy from anyone else.

I will close by saying this. You don’t know me. I will tell you I value my integrity above all else. You can not buy my recommendation."