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2020, August

Rich lifts his Rhoades Car on the Elevator 1800 Lift Table

Check out this cool Rhoades Car up on the Elevator 1800 Lfit Table! Rich posted this one to Facebook and says, "Put a "CAR" on my motorcycle lift from
It handled it like a boss, same as always. It's a Rhoades Car.

"Time to try and restore it to its former glory, It's been sitting outside for a few years. (No not by me, I just picked it up)"

Rich has posted so many great photos of of his Elevator 1800 lift table, with and without vehicles! We want to thank him for giving us the shout-outs!

Rich lifts Rhoades Car on Elevator 1800 lift

TOOL BOX SALE NOW! Free Tool Trays (and more) with Extreme Tools 72" Roller Cabinet EX7217RCQ

Extreme Tools has upgraded their most popular tool box, EX7217RC to the EX7217RCQ. There are a ton of features on this heavy duty, professional-series 72" tool cabinet! An incredible deal for comparable quality to name brands! Why spend a fortune on your tool box when you can get one that has amazing features, plus lots of extras, and limited lifetime warranty - a testament to the quality of this tool box!

Dimensions 72"W x 31.06"D x 46.38"H


  • FREE TOOL TRAYS right now with purchase of this tool box!
  • Upgraded quick drawer latches
  • Net weight of 1158 lbs. - Heavy Duty!
  • Stainless Steel Top
  • Mag Wheels
  • Free Shipping (*Note shipping is free to most states and upcharges will be incurred for home delivery and liftgate service.)
  • No Sales Tax

Learn more about this tool box here.

Doug M., in Fenton, Missouri, says of this tool box:

"I am so thrilled with the quality, price, customer service with this company and their product,that I am not sure how to put it into words.  I did my research, (some with the help of Clark), who is a very knowledgeable guy and an ex snap-on dealer.  These boxes rate as well or better.  I have guys in the shop with Snap-on and Matco boxes, that are just drooling over my new tool box!  There were so many warnings on the paperwork regarding checking for damage when delivered, BEFORE the truck drive leaves or you sign off on it.  But honestly, this thing was packaged so well, strapped to a pallet, with a box built around it, with cardboard under the box, and foam packaging under the cardboard, I don't know how it could have possibly been damaged with NORMAL shipping protocol.  Impressive.  This is an absolutely beautiful tool box, that will outlive me!  Give Clark a call if you are in the market for a new box.  You can't go wrong!"
EX7217RCQ Extreme Tool Box Sale
72" Roller Cabinet + Hutch Tool Box Set CDX72211701SET Customer Review

Christopher in Sterling, Massachusetts says of his 72" Roller Cabinet + Hutch Tool Box Set CDX72211701SET, "Works out great. Nice piece of equipment." He chose the orange set with black trim!

This tool box set also comes in blue with black trim, green with black trim, or matte black with black trim. Features include quick release drawer pulls, drawer self-latching system that secures drawers,
and heavy-duty mag wheel casters support over 900lbs each. Tool Box frame is made with tough 14 gauge steel for extra support. Also includes 2 extra deep drawers allow you to store larger, more unwieldy tools.

Right now there is a special sale going on! Check out this tool box set and current sale here:

CDX72 orange tool box set

Big Tool Box Sale! Free Tool Trays with Purchase!

We are offering a hot summer deal right now - order any of our select CRX Series Rollcabs and Rollcab/Hutch combos and get FREE TOOL TRAYS with your purchase! These are always a big hit with our customers, because the trays are a really helpful for organization and to keep your new tool box neat and orderly. We are giving away 10 of these tool trays: 2 red wrench trays and 2 black wrench trays, as well as 6 socket trays (3 black, 3 red). They are valued at $70 (this is the regular price when you purchase them, along with a tool box or tool box set). Mag Wheels Included on All of these Boxes!

This deal is available with the following model tool boxes:

Extreme 72" Roller Cabinet w/ Stainless Steel Top, Quick Latches, Mag Wheels EX7217RCQ *NEW, IMPROVED...AND IN STOCK!

55" X 25" 12 Drawer Rolling Tool Cabinet CRX552512RC

55" X 25" 12 Drawer Rolling Tool Cabinet + Top Hutch CRX55251201SET

55" X 30" 12 Drawer Rolling Tool Cabinet CRX553012RC

55" X 30" 12 Drawer Rolling Tool Cabinet + 55" Top Hutch CRX55301201SET

72" x 25" Rolling Tool Cabinet CRX722519RC

72" x 25" Rolling Tool Cabinet and 72" Top Hutch CRX72251901SET

72" x 30" 19 Drawer Rolling Tool Cabinet CRX723019RC

72" x 30" Rolling Tool Cabinet + 72" Top Hutch CRX72301901SET