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2021, June

72" Rollcabs Brand Tool Box Review and Customer Photo

CRX722519RC Tool Box Review Customer Photo from James M

James shared this nice photo of his green CRX722519RC Tool Cabinet with black trim! (manufactured by Extreme Tools, and branded by When we asked him how it was working for him so far, he said, "Good, I like it." This particular model has proven to be one of our more popular tool boxes. A three bank tool box, it measures 72" wide and 25" deep, and stands 47" high. With 19 drawers there is plenty of room to organize your tool set. It has a mix of long, deep, narrow and wide drawers which offers lots of versatility.

The top drawer is 51” wide x 5.8” high, which makes it the perfect size for socket trays and deep sockets or power tools to be displayed -- no more drawer jams! The 2 drawers below it are also 51” wide x 2.8 “ high and allow for long pry bars, extensions, screwdrivers, and other hard to store tools to be locked up.

In all, 25 sets (50) ball bearing glides are used, there are 6 drawers that are deep enough to accept 2 sets of ball bearing glides. These drawers are rated at 300 pound capacity. The remaining 13 drawers are rated at 150 pound capacity, with one set of glides.

All drawers are full extension drawers and pull out to the back, so you can find all your tools. All wide drawers have reinforcing support panels spot welded under the drawer, which supports heavy loads and keeps the inside of the drawer open for full storage use.

Learn more about the CRX722519RC Roller Cabinet

David's Pics of his 11000C-DX 2 Post Lift and Comments

PRO 11000 2 post lift set up at repair shop

David left this nice detailed comment about his service, buying process, and the product he purchased, the PRO 11000C-DX 2 post lift, which he picked up at our shop!

"Called Bob on Monday....went up Tuesday and purchased the Prolift 11K....Installed wednesday and thursday and BAM...ready to go. I was replacing a 9,000 pound lift that I bought and installed 5 years ago...the quality of this lift matches the quality of lifts twice the price...great finish, great packaging and awesome customer service!!!"

Polaris RZR Up on the Elevator 1800U, courtesy of Bryan in Greenville, SC

Polaris RZR Elevator 1800U Lift Table

Bryan has been an amazing customer and resource for fantastic pics of his Elevator 1800U lift table lifting a variety of vehicles! He's sent us pics from tractors to ATVs! We're so grateful that Bryan is so generous with them - we love seeing new ones! The latest one Bryan shared is of his Polaris RZR up on the Elevator Lift. "My old lift would have never picked up my rzr! This one lifts it no problem !!!"