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2022, October

Ray leaves nice review of his Elevator 2000E Electric Motorcycle Lift

Ray in Kosciusko, Mississippi, left us a really nice review about his Elevator 2000E Lift on our website, which we were so happy to see. Thanks to Ray for taking the time to leave this detailed review!

"I own a farm in the sticks of Mississippi and decided I was too old to be working on the floor with all my machines.  I needed a lift to handle my Kubota RTV which weighs 2000 lbs, plus a variety of other machines including motorcycles, ATVs, lawn mowers, etc.  I talked with Clark about the 2000E and it seemed perfect for my needs.  I did ask Clark if he hired his kids and cousins to write the reviews on the product.  No one gets all 5 stars on anything.  Here is another one.  The lift is made like a battleship.   It is smooth and handles my needs perfectly.  I ordered the wheel chock instead of the vise since I work alone most of the time.  I am not sure I would do that again.  I am not coordinated enough to lock the chock sitting on the bike.  I think the vise might be a better option but the chock works fine for my motorcycles.  If you have something with very wide front tires the chock may not work so good. If you need a heavy lift with wide ramps, this is a great choice."

Below is a pic he shared of his Honda Goldwing up on the lift:

Ray's Honda Goldwing on 2000E Electric Motorcycle Lift

BP-9X 9K 2 Post Lift Pic and Review from Rubin in VT

Ford F100 up on BP-9x 2 Post Lift AmgoRubin shared a pic of his BP-9X 9K 2 post lift and says "I load tested yesterday with my '66 F100. Worked great! '66 Ford F100 short bed, custom cab with 3 on the column & a 352. 🙂" Rubin tells us ths is his third restoration project and it's taken a year so far. He shared a little bit about his restoration projects, which we always enjoy hearing about. "The truck will get an interior restoration next, the mechanical is done (enough) for now. It got a new correct wiring harness and top end rebuild last winter."

This lift is commercial grade and features 9,000 lbs capacity. It is a 2-post base plate lift, designed and built for professional shops and home garages to fit low-ceiling (under 10' ceilings) shops without overhead obstruction.

More info on this 2 post lift.

Edmar in Louisiana posts pic of his touring bike on Elevator 1800 Lift Table

Touring Bike on Elevator Lift Table

We want to thank Edmar in Prairieville, Louisiana, for the nice review of his Elevator 1800 motorcycle lift table.

He says, "It’s been great. It’s very sturdy for my touring bikes." This photo Edmar posted on Facebook is of 2009 Street Glide with 52,000 + miles. We appreciate the photo and comments, Edmar!

Constructed with thick 10 gauge steel, the Elevator lift tables are perfect for motorcycles, right up to UTVs and are rugged enough to handle the heaviest vehicles.  The quick lock wheel chock on the Elevator motorcycle lift is completely adjustable, so the table is able to accommodate bikes of all kinds. Front and rear drop down panels, also included, are a great asset when performing tire service.

Bob at Turn 4 Automotive Reviews his 9K 4 Post Storage Lift

Ford F150s on 9K Storage Lift - Bob G in Lewiston Maine

We want to thank Bob of Turn 4 Automotive in Lewiston, Maine, for the feedback on his 409-HP 9K storage lift! He tells us the lift, "Works great. Gonna need another soon." He also shared these awesome pics of 2 Ford F150s on the lift. On the top is a 2002 F150 STX with a 3" lift and 34" tires. Bottom is a 2007 F150 Cragar Edition, one of 75 ever produced.😎

The 409-HP lift is similar to the 408-P lift, but it is longer, wider, and heavier. The 409-HP is capable of lifting 12″ higher and an additional 1,000 lbs than the 408-HP car storage lift.

More info on the 409-HP 9000 lb storage / parking lift.

Titan Motorcycle Lift Review from Mark in Somerset, MA

Titan Motorcycle Lift Review from Mark in Somerset, MA
Mark in Somerset, MA, posted this pic of a 1982 Yamaha Virago atop his new Titan SDML-1000D Motorcycle Lift. He says, "How did I ever live without this lift? It is absolutely amazing. There is nothing that I don’t like."

Right now this lift table comes with free shipping - and there is no sales tax! We also offer financing.

The Titan SDML-1000D Motorcycle Lift is a heavy duty, diamond plated air-powered lift table. It offers 1,000 lb. lifting capacity and features an extra-long working table so that even your longest motorcycle won't have a problem fitting on the 99" work space. Lift your table to 35" for a comfortable working height. Includes 2 wheeled dolly, loading ramp, wheel clamp, front extension, and more.