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2022, September

Jon in Wisconsin Shares a Video of his Elevator 2000E Lift Table in Use for a Special Project

Tin Tent Titan Trailer builds using Elevator 2000E

Jon in Neenah, Wi reached out to us 2 weeks ago to let us know he's still promoting us! He purchased his 2000E UTV Lift Table in April of 2018 and has consistently shared projects and photos with us since that time, which we've always appreciated. Jon bench builds trailer systems (See YouTube Channel Tin Tent Titan) and uses the Elevator 2000E Electric Lift Table to transport pieces as needed. A great idea and use for this lift. We want to thank Jon for sharing this video with us, it's awesome to see his project and how the lift can better serve his needs for this purpose.

Aiden of Haughey Unlimited shares pics of his 4 post car storage lift

Haughey Unlimited 4 Post Car Storage Lift

Thanks to Aiden of Haughey Unlimited in Wolfeboro, NH, for sharing these pics of his '79 Chevy C10 up on the 408-P 4 Post Car Storage Lift - he tells us he loves the lift and adds "I’ll get some pictures of the big truck on it at some point. Put my one ton on and it lifted it fine."

We are still running our deal right now: Get a FREE DRIP TRAY SET with purchase of this lift or the 409-HP 4 post car lift (9K capacity, longer, wider, and heavier!)

Mustang up on the Midrise Lift! Courtesy of Tom in Maine

Mustang on Midrise Lift Table NHTom in Wilton, Maine picked up an MR06 midrise car lift from us in August. He sent this comment, along with a pick of his 2014 Mustang up on the lift. He tells us it has 588 miles on it (he bought it new). "I picked my lift Thursday from Bobby, nice people and good service. Set it up Friday. They put the warranty on computer for me, so far awesome." The MR06 Midrise Automotive Lift is an excellent choice for low ceiling shops and garages. It's also an ideal choice for adding a bay for seasonal increases in business. Great working height for tires, brakes and body repairs with extended raised height. Quick set up time. Includes excellent warranties.

9K 2 Post Lift Lifting a 1973 VW Bus

VW Bus 2 Post LiftA big thanks to Phillip in Webster NH says of his BP-9X 2 Post Base Plate Bus Lift: "It's working great, thanks for asking. It gets used daily." He recently posted this very cool pic of the lift in action: "One of the next projects 1973 VW bus. We have to do all brakes/lines etc. Get it running and driving and then some bodywork/interior etc. It's been off the road for 20 years so lots of maintenance/minor restoration." This lift is commercial grade and features 9K lb capacity. A particularly nice feature of this lift is it fits under 10' ceilings without overhead obstructions. Perfect for the DIY'er who doesn't have a lot of vertical space in their garage. It also includes 4 three-stage arms, suitable for working on more vehicles.  The arms stay locked in their proper positions with automatic arm restraints. Single-point safety release allows the operator to unlock the safety locks from both columns simultaneously. There is also a dual locking system for additional safety on this lift.