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2023, April

Mike B. Adjusts pushrods on his Harley using the PRO 1200SEMAX Motorcycle Lift!

Mike says, "Adjusting pushrods on my Pro 1200. Works great - I cannot believe I went this long without one!"


A motorcycle lift is ideal for some maintenance activities like changing fluids or just washing the motorcycle from tail to tip. Motorcycle Lifts are gaining more popularity as more bikers are taking responsibility of maintaining their bikes. As a result, various models of lifts are now available. There are different models for sports bikes, street bikes, race bikes, cruisers, choppers and custom bikes.

A motorcycle lift with the optional extensions can be used for many different recreational vehicles such as four wheelers, ATVs, jet ski, snowmobile, as well as non-recreational vehicles such as a riding mower. The main difference between the various lifts is the weight capacity that it supports and the style of the wheel frame, which has to be considered very carefully as using an incorrect type of lift could scratch your bike or could also damage the brakes with the wrong type of wheel secure. Two types of motorcycle lifts available are: * Air Lift * Air / Hydraulic Lift Motorcycle lift ratings can vary, depending on some of the following factors. You definitely want to be sure you are buying what you need, and what will work best for your bike, as well the physical capabilities of your body!

Be sure to keep these things in mind when you are considering buying a motorcycle lift:

* How high you want the platform to rise
* Where will the lift be used
* How long will you be leaving the bike on the lift
* What type of security you require
* How big is the bike

The biggest attraction to owning your own lift is the ease of working. Lying on the floor is uncomfortable, and maneuvering is difficult, not to mention hard on the back, knees, joints. Once you've used one, you'll wonder how you ever got by without one. How do you justify the expense? The comfort factor alone makes it worth spending the money on a lift. And performing your own maintenance tasks saves you from having to take your bike to a professional. You'll see the return in no time, not to mention the relief you'll find not having to bend over and kneel down. If you've ever considered purchasing a motorcycle table lift for working on your bike then we recommend several. To buy motorcycle lift you should always research the possibilities.

We recommend PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lifts, Elevator 1800 Lift Tables, and Handy Lift Tables. To prove they are our top motorcycle lift picks, we are a dealer for all 3 for a reason. We only sell what we, ourselves, would buy. We want to offer equipment to our customers that makes them feel they've gotten a deal and a piece of equipment that will last. And...we want to turn them into repeat customers. (Editor's Note: Since this writing, we've stopped selling Handy Lifts. We find the other options are much more affordable, so we've continued selling lifts that we feel are more than a brand name; they offer quality, longevity and a more affordable price point.  We have a 'higher end' model to offer to people who are really serious about quality. We stand behind the quality of ALL of these lifts. All are rugged and a good buy for the money. We've made videos demonstrating each of these motorcycle lifts, so you can see the features and durability in real time! Make sure you watch them, they are worth checking out.


PRO 1200 Best Motorcycle LiftThe PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift is our #1 choice for motorcycle lifts, hands down. Why? Well, first we'll look at pricing, features, packaging, and then we'll compare them. PRO 1200 (basic package) is priced at $1599. Features of this lift include Pneumatic operation: Air powered w/ foot pedal controls; 7 Position Safety Locking System: secures lift in place while working Detachable 40" Drive-On Ramp: Low angle ramp protects bikes as they are rolled onto and off of the lift; Rubber lined Front Wheel Vise: secures vehicles and includes adjustable front stop; Pullout / Drop Through for Rear Tire Change: Allows access to rear of vehicles and makes wheel service easier; 3 Stage Adjustable Front Extension: Chopper extension allows long bikes to fit onto the PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift. Make the table 84" long, 97" long or 110" long; Single Heavy Duty Pneumatic Cylinder: Heavy-duty construction w/ sealed roller bearings for smooth operation; Greasable shaft: Grease zerks on X frame maintains smooth operation; Powder Coated Finish: Powder coat finish for durability with red or orange accents; Compact Portable Design: Makes the PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift easy to move and store. The basic package includes a 1,500 lb capacity lift (watch our demo video of this lift raising and lowering 1,500 lbs), plus a 1 year warranty. Above, we linked to a video of this lift holding a certain weight amount. Did you catch the number of lbs? We hope the ruggedness of this lift speaks for itself in that demonstration. Lastly, don't take our word for it. Check out our customer reviews of the PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift here. The newest in the PRO series line of motorcycle lifts are designed for even higher weight capacity for heavier, larger vehicles, which puts them in their own class. This lift is perfect for UTVs, trikes, spyders, even golf course and road paving equipment. This heavier series includes a versatile quartered side extension kit with each package, to accommodate trikes, spyders, and more. These lifts can lift it all!


Elevator 1100MAX Motorcycle LiftElevator 1100 and 1800 lift tables are designed by NHProEquip. These lift tables were manufactured to the highest degree of quality. We left no stone unturned, because we wanted to offer people a lift that would stand the test of time, and be top of the line for any professional or DIY-er who wants to work on their motorcycle, sled, atv, utv, trike or any other vehicle without having to pay someone else to get it up on a lift. These lifts are built beautifully, with every detail in mind. Elevator series lift tables are designed and crafted to last for years. These lift tables are not your average products. The quality, workmanship, and materials used in manufacturing are of the highest level.

Elevator lift tables are made with thick 10 gauge steel, rugged enough to handle the heaviest vehicles. We start with a quality frame and rectangular base, a footprint that ensures safety in lifting and safety in working. The base frame is fitted with a tow bar that accepts a wheel dolly, the base frame is also pre drilled with to accept a wheel kit which allows for easy placement and storage. A safety locking mechanism is built into the base with 4 and 5 settings, depending on the model, to adjust to your height. Includes a completely adjustable quick lock wheel chock allowing the table to handle bikes of all kinds. Front and rear drop down panels are a huge asset when performing tire service.

This lift includes a 2 year warranty and is built beautifully. There is no better lift built anywhere; both the design and craftsmanship will blow you away.

There are several packages to consider for the Elevator 1100 and the Elevator 1800 lifts. The Elevator 1800 motorcycle lift with sides is a top choice for our customers. In addition to motorcycle lifts, we also offer, golf cart lifts, snowmobile lifts, lawn tractor / mower lifts, atv/utv lift. Your choice as to whether you want sides. We wanted to make attractive, affordable packages for all powersport needs and vehicles.

Here is a review from our customer Bryan in NC:

"It's awesome!! It is a very well built and smooth fast lift and lowering! I love it!! Great lift, great price and fast shipping. It's double duty of any other lift I've used or researched. Very sturdy with a heavy utv or atv on it and its the easiest to add and remove the extension width panels ! No tubing or pins to put in and take out to add the atv wide panels and the drop outs are very solid and easy to operate. I am just looking for more projects to work on on the lift!! Its so convenient and saves my back!! Thank you NH
Lifts ! Best tool in my shop!"

3. HANDY MOTORCYCLE LIFTS Presently, Handy manufactures goods for the power sports and power equipment markets and the recreational vehicle market. Its shop products include electric and air powered lifts and motorcycle stands. Their lift tables are used both by individuals and commercial use alike.

We should note that current prices as of this writing-- spring 2023 -- reflect about a $1000 difference in price from the PRO 1200 lift table, which includes several accessories, and the Handy lift table, which includes no accessories. If you want a jack, vise, and sides (which are all included in the PR0 1200SEMAX package), these three acessories alone will cost an extra $1600.

While some may prefer the electric lift tables, air powered equipment is also a great alternative. If you are doing your own work, chances are you've already got an air compressor, so why pay the additional cost for the electric?

Its state-of-the-art features were actually designed by the people who use the lifts as well as motorcycle techs. The Handy SAM 1000 motorcycle lift table, which has a longer 84" length will be great for owners of longer vehicles who need the extra length. And remember that a shorter motorcycle will fit on a longer table, but not vice versa. You can cover all the bases with it. The Handy SAM Lift is the same as the standard air lift, with additional features of a dropout panel and 84" length for working on those longer motorcycles.

Handy 1000 Handy SAM Lift Features a safety-rated 1000 lb. capacity, 24" width, 30" maximum height, 7" minimum height, and weight of 330 lbs. * Handy 1000 S.A.M. Handy Lift also offer several attachments to customize your S.A.M. 1000 Lift, such as various handy lift extensions, including as a 14476 CV 17 Cycle Vise, 16002 8" Side Extensions, 12" Side Extensions, 16011 13" Front Extension, 10732 Lift Dolly and a 16010 Tool Tray. The drop out panel at the rear of the table is a great option. This allows the rear wheel to be more easily removed on motorcycles that don't have a single-sided swing. The drop out panel would be beneficial for anyone that has a bike with a full rear fender that makes getting the rear wheel out very difficult. Just position the rear wheel over the drop-out panel, support the bike, remove the panel and you'll be able to lower the wheel out the bottom. If you are willing to pay the money for a lift, you might just want spend a little extra for all the amenities to make life that much easier!

Once the table is set to the desired height, it is lowered down onto the locks and the air line can then be disconnected for other uses when the motorcycle is being serviced. This Handy lift table may be raised and lowered with a foot pedal. It is rocked one way to raise the table and the other to lower the table. This leaves you with both hands free should you need them. The required air pressure is only 90-100 psi with 100 being the maximum allowed. Handy states that any compressor that develops the required pressure will be adequate, since it requires very little volume to raise it. This lift table should work fine with any small portable compressor that's capable of producing 90-100 psi.

The Handy Sam 1000 lift is rated for a total weight of 1000 lbs.

Handy 14472 1500 B.O.B. Handy Lift is longer, wider and taller for your Bike The introduction of Handy 1500 BOB Handy Lift solves numerous challenges in today's professional workshop. The Handy B.O.B. lift has an adjustable height from 10 to 40 inches; lifts 1500 pounds for the fully dressed motorcycles, trikes and quads; and has a drop-out panel for convenient tire changes. Handy also made the lift a full 7' long and expended the width to 28". To further customize the B.O.B. to your needs, you can add 12" side extensions (14473), a 13" front extension (14474), and a 14475 trike extension kit to the lift. Handy 1500 B.O.B. Handy Lift Features: * 1,500 lb. safety rated lifting capacity * 40" maximum height * Work surface of 84" x 28" (not including any extensions) * Drop out for tire changes * 11 gauge steel construction * Air Source 90-100 psi * Ramp length 31" * The B.O.B lift is CE approved. It does not include vise, side extension, or front extension.

PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift: The Return of a Legend

PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift Back in Stock!After many, many inquiries from our dedicated customers, and many starts and stops, we are thrilled to announce that the PRO 1200 motorcycle lift is BACK IN STOCK after a couple of rough years of supply chain issues, a direct result of the pandemic.

When we launched the PRO 1200 motorcycle lift, now over 10 years ago, we had no idea what it would become. We really worked hard with our manufacturer to make the specs competitive with other lifts, and even adding our own features to give that extra edge, without the big price tag. We set up various packaged options, to include everything from sides, to a jack, to our own specialized rubber lined wheel vise, to protect bikes while secured on the lift. We sold thousands of these lifts across the continental US --and when folks were willing to pay the shipping overseas--- we even sold as far away as South Africa (that particular cutomer bought 2!). The PRO 1200 has made appearances from bike events spanning from Laconia Bike Week to Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, and was featured in American Motorcycle magazine in a profile about a customer, Analog Cycles.

We've received a lot of buzz in motorcycle and biker forums over the years, from Garage Journal to Harley Davidson forums and everything in between, eg.,, XL forum,,, Indian Motorcycle Forum, GL1800 Riders, to name a few. Every time we discovered new "buzz" floating around about our lift, we celebrated, knowing more and more people would be reading about it and fully understanding the incredible value they would find with this lift, that truly stands the test of time. The best part is hearing from customers years later to learn that they are still as happy with the lift as they were the day they bought it! We've posted many of these "follow up reviews" on our blog, in fact.

Our main goal continues to be to offer a great product at a great price and let the quality of this lift do the rest of the talking...

Looking For a Used Tire Changer? Think Again...

Inside the Black Diamond Tire ChangerWe receive many requests for used tire equipment. Used tire changers and balancers easily cost $2,000 or more and are not always available; and, they are usually traded in for a reason. We often hear, " I don't do that many tires in a week, but I need to offer tire service."

It's a fact that right now that, especially in the height of the pandemic, the demand for products at that price point outweighs the supply by far. While it's improved considerably, the supply chains were jammed up for quite awhile.

As a dealer, our answer to those requests for used tire machines was to find a supplier that built a quality tire changer and wheel balancer at a reasonable price. After 15 months of research we were able to find the right products. We now have dozens of machines out in the field with great success.

Although imported, it is possible to combine good quality with an affordable price, and- at the same time- offer new products instead of used tire machines for just a fraction more than used pricing. Why not buy new and receive a 1 year warranty?

We offer a full line of Black Diamond line of automatic Tire Changers and wheel balancers - please take the time to view these products, each product is detailed completely with features and benefits as well as related items.

We care deeply about quality control and customer satisfaction and we are here to answer any questions you may have, so we not only sell, but service, if necessary, and are eager to answer your technical or operational questions as they come up.

We have a full inventory of parts available if ever parts are needed. We have invested fully in the products we sell and as with each of our products we not only know how to operate, service and sell them we welcome your questions.

Why buy used when you can buy NEW, receive a 1 year parts warranty, technical support, and complete service for a couple of bucks more.

Mario's 9000lb Vehicle Storage Lift (409-HP) with Chevy Camaro

1981 Chevy Camara on the 408-P 4 Post Car Lift from NHProEquip

Many thanks to Mario in East Barre, Vermont, who shared this great pic of his Amgo 409-HP 9000lb car storage lift to our FB page last week and says, "That 4 post lift is awesome, I love it!!" The car showcased up on the lift is a 1981 Z-28 Chevy Camaro. Mario says he's a, "backyard mechanic kinda guy. I just built the garage and always wanted a car lift. I’m beyond excited!"

The Amgo 409-HP is similar to our very popular 408-P car storage lift, but it is longer, wider, and heavier. The 409-HP is capable of lifting 12″ higher and an additional 1,000 lbs than the 408-HP lift. It is a high lifting rise of 82" and 9000lb lifting capacity. It features multi-safety locks in each column and manual single point release device. It also features an adjustable lock ladder and non slip platform. It has a standard configuration with 4-wheel stops ensuring safety. The portable design of this lift makes it easy to move, using the optional caster kits.

409-HP 4 Post Car Storage lifts Pics from Kevin of Viper Logistics in Goffstown, NH

4 Post Lift 409-HP from Viper LogisticsThanks to Kevin of Viper Logistics in Goffstown, NH, who sent us this message regarding his 409-HP 4 post lifts:  "Hi Bob- Lifts are still working great.. thought you might like a few pics." Beautiful cars up there, Kevin! We're glad the lifts have served you well!
Shown on the lifts are some beautiful cars...a '68 Road Runner, '70 AAR ‘Cuda, '72 Demon, and a '16 Hellcat.
More info on the (2) 409-HP model lifts here.