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Classic Auto Appraisal Shares pic of their Amgo 4 Post Car Storage Lift

Classic Car Appraisal NH 4 Post Car Storage Lift from NHProEquip
Big Thanks to Jed at Classic Auto Appraisal in Somersworth, NH, for sharing this nice pic of his Amgo 4 Post Storage Lift (model 408-P) on Facebook's NH Muscle Car page! He tells us he's, "Very happy with it, works great and great quality!" Great to hear that, Jed!

The AMGO 408-P is a space-saving powerhouse, ideal for shops and home car ports with limited floor space. The 408-P requires no special foundation or complicated installation. Features 8,000 lbs capacity and fits under 10' ceilings!

Right now, get a FREE Jack Tray with purchase of this lift! Limited time offer.

2 Amgo Lifts at Ouellette's Auto Repair in NH

Ouellette's Auto Repair in NH has 2 Amgo Lifts from NHProEquipDel at Ouellette's Auto Repair recently shared this cool pic of his 2 Amgo Lifts side-by-side! A 2 Post (OH-9) and a 4 Post (407-P) to cover all the bases.😎
We have SALES going on right now with these AMGO LIFTS! 4 Post Storage Lifts Come with a FREE Jack Tray. and 2 Post Lifts Come with FREE Saddle Adapters

The jack tray is perfect to keep your tools organized while you work. Makes work easier and less cluttered!

The optional frame adapter set is available for most AMGO 2-post lifts. These special saddle adapters (used on the two rear arms in place of the standard round lift pads) are designed specifically to provide a secure lifting surface for those trucks that have the gas tank mounted very close to the frame. This saddle adapter set allows the frame to “sit inside the saddles” and provide a superior lifting surface.

Amgo PRO -12 4 Post Lift Review and Customer Photo

Amgo 4 Post Lift

Pleasant Hill Auto Repair in Lebanon, Maine, shows a pic of their Amgo PRO-12 4 Post lift in use! They tell us it "Works pretty good" and we are happy to hear it!

We have 2 PRO-12s left in stock! More info here:

The Performance Place Shares Pic of 14000 4 Post Lift...and Review!

The Perfomance Place Reviews Amgo PRO 14AE 4 Post Lift

Thanks to The Performance Place LLC  in Hooksett, NH for this great pic of a Ford Expedition being serviced on their Amgo 14000lb capacity 4 Post Lift (model PRO-14AE). They tell us the lift is working "great"!

As one of Amgo's heavy duty alignment lifts, the PRO-14AE is a powerful lift boasting 14,000 lbs lifting capacity. With extra wide runways, it can accommodate a wide variety of vehicles and wheel bases.  Features include a skid-proof diamond platform, an air-released safety lock for convenient operation and reliabilit, and mechanical self-lock and cable-breaking protection.  Includes 1/2″ aircraft quality cable.


TwinLine Towing Shares Pic of a Freightliner atop their PRO-30 Amgo 4 Post Lift!

TWinline Freighliner on PRO-30 4 post Amgo lift from NHProEquip

Check out this awesome pic of a Freightliner SD108 (weighs about 26k lbs!) up on the PRO-30E 30,000 lb capacity 4 Post Lift they purchased from us earlier this month. This pic was shared courtesy of David at TwinLine Towing, Recovery & Auto Repair. The TwinLine guys (shout-out to David and Damien!) were very generous in sharing pics of different vehicles up on the lift. We'll be sharing more of these soon...

We have one PRO-30 left in stock!

Mario's 9000lb Vehicle Storage Lift (409-HP) with Chevy Camaro

1981 Chevy Camara on the 408-P 4 Post Car Lift from NHProEquip

Many thanks to Mario in East Barre, Vermont, who shared this great pic of his Amgo 409-HP 9000lb car storage lift to our FB page last week and says, "That 4 post lift is awesome, I love it!!" The car showcased up on the lift is a 1981 Z-28 Chevy Camaro. Mario says he's a, "backyard mechanic kinda guy. I just built the garage and always wanted a car lift. I’m beyond excited!"

The Amgo 409-HP is similar to our very popular 408-P car storage lift, but it is longer, wider, and heavier. The 409-HP is capable of lifting 12″ higher and an additional 1,000 lbs than the 408-HP lift. It is a high lifting rise of 82" and 9000lb lifting capacity. It features multi-safety locks in each column and manual single point release device. It also features an adjustable lock ladder and non slip platform. It has a standard configuration with 4-wheel stops ensuring safety. The portable design of this lift makes it easy to move, using the optional caster kits.

409-HP 4 Post Car Storage lifts Pics from Kevin of Viper Logistics in Goffstown, NH

4 Post Lift 409-HP from Viper LogisticsThanks to Kevin of Viper Logistics in Goffstown, NH, who sent us this message regarding his 409-HP 4 post lifts:  "Hi Bob- Lifts are still working great.. thought you might like a few pics." Beautiful cars up there, Kevin! We're glad the lifts have served you well!
Shown on the lifts are some beautiful cars...a '68 Road Runner, '70 AAR ‘Cuda, '72 Demon, and a '16 Hellcat.
More info on the (2) 409-HP model lifts here.

Bob at Turn 4 Automotive Reviews his 9K 4 Post Storage Lift

Ford F150s on 9K Storage Lift - Bob G in Lewiston Maine

We want to thank Bob of Turn 4 Automotive in Lewiston, Maine, for the feedback on his 409-HP 9K storage lift! He tells us the lift, "Works great. Gonna need another soon." He also shared these awesome pics of 2 Ford F150s on the lift. On the top is a 2002 F150 STX with a 3" lift and 34" tires. Bottom is a 2007 F150 Cragar Edition, one of 75 ever produced.😎

The 409-HP lift is similar to the 408-P lift, but it is longer, wider, and heavier. The 409-HP is capable of lifting 12″ higher and an additional 1,000 lbs than the 408-HP car storage lift.

More info on the 409-HP 9000 lb storage / parking lift.

Aiden of Haughey Unlimited shares pics of his 4 post car storage lift

Haughey Unlimited 4 Post Car Storage Lift

Thanks to Aiden of Haughey Unlimited in Wolfeboro, NH, for sharing these pics of his '79 Chevy C10 up on the 408-P 4 Post Car Storage Lift - he tells us he loves the lift and adds "I’ll get some pictures of the big truck on it at some point. Put my one ton on and it lifted it fine."

We are still running our deal right now: Get a FREE DRIP TRAY SET with purchase of this lift or the 409-HP 4 post car lift (9K capacity, longer, wider, and heavier!)

Thanks to Michael for the Review of his 4 Post Storage Lift

Michael of Relentless Welding in Merrimack, NH, shared this pic of his Amgo Hydraulics 408-P 4 post storage lift and gave us a nice review. He says, "Thank You for reaching out. I absolutely love the lift." The second pic shows a 1983 Mercury Capri RS 5.0 up on the lift.

This lift fits conveniently under 10' ceilings and has amazing warranties; a 2-Year Warranty on Electrical Components, a 3-year Warranty on Hydraulic Parts, and a 5-Year Warranty on Steel Components. With 8,000 lbs. capacity, it is ideal for light-duty vehicles. The AMGO exclusive manual single-point release device and hidden safety locks allow for operators to unlock the safety locks from one column, simultaneously.

4 Post Storage lifts in Boston

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