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Amgo Hydraulics Lifts in Stock Now! Best Warranty in the Industry!

We have Amgo Hydraulics lift in stock now! These lifts come with the Best Warranty in the Industry!! Check out some of our in stock lifts here. Stop by and pick one up at our warehouse, located at 1298 Rte 3A in Bow NH. Our new stock consists of 2 post lifts (clear floor and base plate), 4 post lifts, single post lifts, and more.

Storage/Parking Lift 9000lb 409-HP

2 Post Lift 12000lb OH-12

Portable Single Post Lift 6000lb SML-6

2 Post Lift Clear Floor 9000lb OH-9

2 Post Lift Clear Floor 10000lb OH-10

2 Post Lift Clear Floor 10000lb OHX-10H

Amgo Car Lifts

Amgo Automotive Lifts Warranty

Chris sends review and photo of his storage lift in action!

Silverado on 408-P Storage Parking Lift

Chris in Northfield, NH, tells us the work he's doing using his 4 post parking/storage lift (model 408-P manufactured by Amgo Hydraulics) is "is going well, thanks" and he shared this pic of a Chevy Silverado pickup truck on the lift. This lift has 8K lb capacity and is perfect for light-duty vehicles. It features a skid-proof diamond platform, which provides traction for the tires, keeping them securely in place while vehicle is up on the lift. You can pick this lift up at 1298 Rte 3A in Bow NH. Please call us before pickup so we can confirm it's in stock! These lifts sell fast.

Erik's Import Auto in Marlborough NH shares pics of their 4 post lifts

Erik's Import Auto Marlborough NH 4 post lift from NHProEquip

Erik's Import Auto Amgo Storage Lift from NHProequip

Erik of Erik's Import Autoworks in Marlborough NH tells us his (2) Amgo Hydraulics (model 408-P) storage/parking lifts are "Excellent!" and he shared these pics of the lifts set up at his shop.

The AMGO 408-P 4 Post Lift is a space-saving powerhouse - it's the best service lift for shops and home car ports with limited floor space. The 408-P requires no special foundation or complicated installation. One of the best commercial or private use lifts in the world, the 408-P is the perfect choice for commercial shops or residential car ports. Features 8,000 lbs capacity.

Amgo 408-P Storage Lift Review from Jeff in Bow NH

Jeff's Amgo 408-p Storage Lift Customer Photo

Set up of storage lift in NH

Jeff sent us some nice pics of his Amgo Hydraulics 4 post storage/parking lift set up and says, "It’s awesome. I love it." This 8000lb capacity lift is a space-saving powerhouse! It is ideal for shops and home car ports with limited floor space, and requires no special foundation or complicated installation. Features hidden safety locks and manual single-point release device allows for operators to unlock the safety locks from one column, simultaneously. The overall length of the lift, including ramps is 207". Overall width is 109 5/8". More info on the 408-P Amgo Hydraulics Parking Storage Lift.

Doug Posts pic of his 4 Post Lift (PRO FP8000-DX)

Doug in Herman, Maine, posted this pic along with his comments about his PRO FP8000-DX 4 post lift. He says, "Today's project. Need to get the new rails put up for the doors though." When we asked him what he thought of the lift, he said, "Love it. Thank you."

This lift comes with steel approach ramps, poly caster kit, 3 drip trays, and a jack/tool tray. It features a slack-cable/safety device system, non-skid diamond plate runways; single point, manual lock release; and adjustable Lock Ladder leveling.

4 Post Lift 8000-DX

Automotive Lifts are in stock!

[caption id="attachment_3430" align="alignleft" width="227"]PRO 11000ACD3 2 POST LIFT FEATURES ASYMMETRIC DESIGN, DIRECT DRIVE, AN EXTRA LONG CARRIAGE, AND SINGLE POINT LOCK RELEASE. PRO 11000ACD3 2 POST LIFT FEATURES ASYMMETRIC DESIGN, DIRECT DRIVE, AN EXTRA LONG CARRIAGE, AND SINGLE POINT LOCK RELEASE.[/caption] Happy December to you all! We hope your holiday season has been warm and happy so far! We have an announcement: Our new line of automotive lifts are now in stock! The PRO series auto lift line features 2 post lifts, 4 posts lifts, storage lifts, midrise lifts, and car rotators/rotisseries, and more. Here are some highlights of our inventory: 2 Post 9000 lb lifts, which are available in both symmetric and asymmetric applications. (The symmetric 2 post lift is 9000FP and the asymmetric 2 post lift is 9000AC. Both are Chain driven, and feature dual cylinders with low friction chain rollers and low profile automatic arm restraints. They both include stackable drop-in height adapters. PRO CR3000 Car rotator/rotisserie features a heavy duty balancing system and it securely locks at any angle. It includes 2  6,600 lb. capacity jacks that adjust the working height and 4  16" mounting arms. PRO 11000ACD3 direct drive 11,000 lb. capacity, clear floor, asymmetric 2 post lift has unique triple telescoping asymmetric arms, both front and rear, and dual cylinder direct pull lifting. It has an extra long 44" high carriage, which helps to reduce stress on slider blocks and columns. PRO 600048 midrise/scissor lift features 6,000 lb lifting capacity and twin hydraulic cylinders and scissors lift design for maximum strength and stability. It includes easily adjustable sliding radius arms and swivel pads. 110 volt. Please visit: PLEASE NOTE! We can ship these new products from 15 locations around the U.S.!! Please call for a pick up appointment. We will ship to commercial locations with means to offload and we are happy to arrange freight terminal pick ups. WE ALSO WELCOME CUSTOMER PICKUPS AT OUR SHOP!! We are located at 1298 Rte 3A in Bow, NH. Please contact Clark Heintz for more information at 603-234-2612.