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Brentwood Power Equipment Center's Elevator 2000E Electric Lift Tables Recessed into the Floor

Brentwood Power Equipment Center shared this pic of their 2 Elevator 2000E lift tables recessed into the floor - they look great! This is an efficient way to install them to save space. Check out the Elevator 2000E Lift Table here.  Elevator lift tables are made with thick 10 gauge steel. They are durable and rugged enough to handle the heaviest vehicles. With a quality frame and rectangular base, this solid footprint that ensures safety in lifting and working. The base frame is fitted with a tow bar that accepts a wheel dolly, the base frame is also pre drilled with to accept a wheel kit which allows for easy placement and storage. A safety locking mechanism is built into the base with 4 and 5 settings, depending on the model, to adjust to your height.

Brentwood Power Equipment NH

Thanks to Jeff at One Pull Lawnmower Shop for his Elevator 1800 Review!

Jeff of One Pull Lawnmower Shop in Southbridge, Mass. tells us his Elevator 1800 lift is "working out well." He shared these nice pics of a Yamaha Golf Cart and a Craftsman Lawn Tractor up on the lift getting some service!

The lift Jeff ordered comes with a chock for servicing motorcycles, but that can be removed. As you can see in the pics, taking the chock out allows for easy service of 4 wheel vehicles, too...

Yamaha Golf Cart on Elevator 1800 Golf Cart Lift

Craftsman Lawn Tractor on Elevator 1800 Lift

FREE Ratchet Straps with PRO 1000 Motorcycle Lift Christmas Sale!

PRO 1000 Motorcycle Lift Sale Free Tie DownsOur Christmas Sale is going on Now! PRO 1000 Motorcycle Lifts Now Come with FREE RATCHET STRAPS right now! These tie down straps have a $40 Value!!! Call 603-234-2612 or stop by to our shop at 1298 RTE 3A BOW, NH any time M-F 8 am - 5 pm. We also offer FREE SHIPPING!!! *ONLY $1795* ! However, if you PICK UP at our shop you can save $100!

PRO 1000 Lift Table Package includes a FREE wheel vise ($200 value) and FREE 2 pack ratchet tie down straps, 2500 lb capacity, 1 1/4" x 15' for securing your motorcycle on your new lift!

Lift table package includes 1 year warranty. This heavy duty, air-powered lift has 1000 lb lifting capacity and is ideal for motorcycles - and with the optional side extensions, also great for ATVs, mowers, golf carts, jet skis, and snowmobiles! Featuring an extra large platform it also boasts a 30" working height for ease and comfort. Comes with rubber-lined vise with wheel stop. Need Financing? We've got you covered!


Lifting Capacity: 1000lbs
Low Height: 7"
Lifting Height: 30"
Table Dimensions: 84" x 24"
Table Dimensions with optional sides: 84" x 48"
Shipping Weight: 420 lbs

Pic of ATV on the Elevator 1100A Lift Table from David in Louisiana

Polaris Sportsman on Elevator 1100 ATV Lift

David O., in West Monroe, Louisiana, secured himself an Elevator 1100A ATV lift table at the end of September, and has already used it several times! He shared these great pics of his 2013 Polaris Sportsman 850 up on the lift. He tells us the lift "Works great."
We carry several Elevator lift tables to handle different weight capacities. Call us today at 603-234-2612 to find out which one will work best for your needs!
More info on the Elevator 1100A ATV Lift Table

We have several models of the Elevator lift table in stock right now, including an 1100 lb, 1500 lb, 1800 lb and 2000 lb capacities. All of these lifts are packaged with or without side extensions, depending on your needs.

Titan Motorcycle Lift Review from Mark in Somerset, MA

Titan Motorcycle Lift Review from Mark in Somerset, MA
Mark in Somerset, MA, posted this pic of a 1982 Yamaha Virago atop his new Titan SDML-1000D Motorcycle Lift. He says, "How did I ever live without this lift? It is absolutely amazing. There is nothing that I don’t like."

Right now this lift table comes with free shipping - and there is no sales tax! We also offer financing.

The Titan SDML-1000D Motorcycle Lift is a heavy duty, diamond plated air-powered lift table. It offers 1,000 lb. lifting capacity and features an extra-long working table so that even your longest motorcycle won't have a problem fitting on the 99" work space. Lift your table to 35" for a comfortable working height. Includes 2 wheeled dolly, loading ramp, wheel clamp, front extension, and more.

Jon in Wisconsin Shares a Video of his Elevator 2000E Lift Table in Use for a Special Project

Tin Tent Titan Trailer builds using Elevator 2000E

Jon in Neenah, Wi reached out to us 2 weeks ago to let us know he's still promoting us! He purchased his 2000E UTV Lift Table in April of 2018 and has consistently shared projects and photos with us since that time, which we've always appreciated. Jon bench builds trailer systems (See YouTube Channel Tin Tent Titan) and uses the Elevator 2000E Electric Lift Table to transport pieces as needed. A great idea and use for this lift. We want to thank Jon for sharing this video with us, it's awesome to see his project and how the lift can better serve his needs for this purpose.

Shawn at Moto Minute Clinic Reviews his Elevator Lift Table
Moto Minute Clinic Elevator Lift ReviewShawn of Moto Minute Clinic in Nashua, NH posted this pic to his Facebook page and he tells us his Elevator 1800U lift that he purchased in March "is awesome! Absolutely love it so far. I will be visiting you for other equipment needs for sure!" We appreciated the pic of the set up, too, Shawn! Thanks for sharing your feedback!
With thick 10 gauge steel, Elevator lift tables can handle the heaviest vehicles. It features a quality frame and rectangular base; a footprint that ensures safety in lifting and working. The base frame is fitted with a tow bar that accepts a wheel dolly and is pre-drilled to accept a wheel kit which allows for easy placement and storage. Comes with front drop and rear drop panels for quick wheel service.
Jon in Wisconsin shares a follow up pic of his Elevator 2000E lift table

We had a nice suprise submission recently from Jon at Freier's Truck Caps of Wisconsin (located in Neenah, WI). He shared this pic and wrote, "NHPRO Elevator 2000E as shown on Shark Nation Harley FB Group. Still loving the lift." Jon purchased his lift table back in April of 2018. We appreciate when customers follow up in this way - we love to learn the lift has been working well over the years!

Freier's Truck Caps of Wisconsin Lift Table 2000E

Polaris RZR Up on the Elevator 1800U, courtesy of Bryan in Greenville, SC

Polaris RZR Elevator 1800U Lift Table

Bryan has been an amazing customer and resource for fantastic pics of his Elevator 1800U lift table lifting a variety of vehicles! He's sent us pics from tractors to ATVs! We're so grateful that Bryan is so generous with them - we love seeing new ones! The latest one Bryan shared is of his Polaris RZR up on the Elevator Lift. "My old lift would have never picked up my rzr! This one lifts it no problem !!!"

Corey's Review and Pics of his Elevator 2000E Lift Table

2000E ATV Lift

Corey says of his Elevator 2000E Electric Lift Table "Bought my Elevator 2000 about a year ago, works every day right with me. My productivity is so much better, best decision i've made for my restart. Lower back pain and problems are a thing of the past when you can put your work at eye level. NHProEquip were very professional and attentive to what I was looking for in a equipment lift."

This heavy duty 110 volt electric lift table lifts up to 2000lbs and rises to a full 48". It features front and rear drop down panels.This lift table will handle all kinds of power sports equipment: ATVs, UTVs, side by sides, super UTVs, and more - as well as lawnmowers, landscape, road work, and golf course equipment. The 2000E includes a 2 Year Warranty and comes standard with dual front drop and rear drop panels and a 4 piece side extension kit that extends the lift to 56".