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Single Post Lift Review: Easier on the knees and back!
Single column lift review
We always like to hear comments like these - another benefit to having certain equipment in your shop is to make things a bit easier on your body. Mechanics have to deal with their own wear and tear - on their bodies! Having the right equipment can mitigate this problem. Gregg in Laconia says of his single post lift, "The lift is fantastic. My knee and back are loving it." Thanks to Gregg for sharing this great photo of his lift in action!
Jon Reviews his OHX-10 2 Post Lift

2 post lift review NH jon h

Jon at Patriot Tractor, Truck & Equipment LLC in Somersworth, NH, tells us his Amgo OHX-10 2 post lift is "Awesome! We love it. The installers had to come back because the bolts had loosened but that’s not a defect. Zero complaints." Thanks to Jon for sharing the pic - that's a Ford Fusion getting some work done up on the lift! This 2 post lift features an extra long carriage and direct drive cylinders. It also comes with super asymmetric arms which allow you to load different vehicles in an asymmetric or symmetric configuration. Also includes height & width adjustment.

Kyle at Gauthier Auto Service Reviews his BP-12 2 Post Lift
12K Truck Lift Review from Gauthier Auto
Kyle at Gauthier Auto Service in Jaffrey, NH, purchased (2) 12K base plate truck/car lifts and tells us the lift is "Working great ! Have yet to set up the one we just picked up." The photo shows a 2008 Chrysler Town and Country caravan up on the lift. This 12,000 lbs capacity, chain-driven 2 post lift was designed for low ceiling professional and home garages with no obstructions and increased headroom.  User has option of  choosing between asymmetric and symmetric positions -- no need for two different lifts! The three-stage front arms and two-stage rear arms enable entry into vehicle at any time. Anchor bolts and hardware and detachable foot guard and tool tray are included.

New Low Rise Lift Review and Pic from Russell in NH

Low Rise Car Lift NHWe asked Russell in Londonderry, NH what he thinks of his Amgo Hydraulics low rise lift (model LR06), and he shared this nice comment, "Working good, thank you for checking in." He also shared some great photos of the lift! Thanks for sharing the pic and comments, Russell!

Model LR06 is a portable, low-rise lift and an excellent choice for shops or garages with a low ceiling or there is a need to add a bay for seasonal business increases. This lift offers a good working height for tires, brakes and body repair. It features high speed lifting, and includes multiple safety locks with mechanical release. Includes high density rubber pads.

More info on the LR06 Lowrise lift.

Nice 2 Post Lift Review from Bob in Maine

OH-10 2 post lift

When we asked Bob in Madison, Maine, how his Amgo Hydraulics OH-10 2 post lift was working for him, he told us, "Very well, no issues. I give your name to anyone who inquires. Super easy to install." Big thanks to Bob for his feedback and photo! The Amgo Hydraulics model OH-10 2 post lift features 10,000 lb capacity. With asymmetrical arms, it is easier to enter and exit the vehicle, which reduces the chances of dinging or denting your doors. The lift also includes dual direct drive hydraulic cylinders, self-lubricating UHMW Polyethylene sliders and bronze bushings.

Learn more about the Amgo Hydraulics 2 post lift.

Matt Reviews his 4 Post Storage Lift FP8000-DX-XLT
4 Post Car Lift NH | NHProEquip
Matt C., of Sanford, Maine, says, "love it!" of his FP8000-DX-XLT 4 post storage lift! On the lift is a 1966 Plymouth Satellite and, in front, is a 2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat. Sweet pic, Matt - thanks for sharing it!
The FP8000-DX-XLT 4 post lift features 8,000 lbs.capacity with internal lock ladder design and adjustable Lock Ladder leveling. It includes non-skid diamond plate runways, single point manual lock release and a slack-cable safety device system. Topped with a powdercoat finish, it includes steel approach ramps with caution strips, poly caster kit, three drip trays and jack/tool tray. This lift also has the added bonus of extended runway length and drive-through width, as well as extended runway clearance and lifting height.
Joe Reviews his 409-HP 4 post storage lift

Joe P. in Strafford, NH, shared these pics of his 409-HP 4 post storage lift and when we asked what he thinks of the lift, he told us, "Fantastic. I love it.." Similar to the 408-P Storage Lift, but it is longer, wider, and heavier. The 409-HP is capable of lifting 12″ higher and an additional 1,000 lbs than the 408-HP Storage Lift. With a 9000lb capacity, this lift fits under 10' ceilings and features a skid-proof, diamond platform, which provides traction for the tires to remain in place.

More info on this Agmo Hydraulics lift here.

409-HP Amgo Storage Lift Review

Gordon posts photos and comments of his Amgo OHX-10H 2 Post Lift

2 Post Amgo Lift OHX-10H Customer Photo

Gordon at Proven Performance Concepts in East Wakefield, NH, posted to our Facebook page recently, and said, "Nothing but positive interactions with NH Pro Equipment, in researching and purchasing an Amgo OHX-10H lift."

Amgo's OHX-10H lift was made with asymmetric arms, but it can also be set up for symmetric height and width adjustment. Its clear-floor design provides unobstructed floor use. This lift is adjustable for high ceilings with an extra-high lifting capacity of up to 168 inches. It features dual direct drive hydraulic cylinders and single point safety release, which enables the operator to disengage both columns simultaneously. The single piece column makes this lift easier to install. Comes with anchor bolts and hardware.

David's Pics of his 11000C-DX 2 Post Lift and Comments

PRO 11000 2 post lift set up at repair shop

David left this nice detailed comment about his service, buying process, and the product he purchased, the PRO 11000C-DX 2 post lift, which he picked up at our shop!

"Called Bob on Monday....went up Tuesday and purchased the Prolift 11K....Installed wednesday and thursday and BAM...ready to go. I was replacing a 9,000 pound lift that I bought and installed 5 years ago...the quality of this lift matches the quality of lifts twice the price...great finish, great packaging and awesome customer service!!!"

Andy Reviews his Amgo Hydraulics OH-15 2 Post Lift and Shares Pic

OH-15 2 post lift customer photo review

When I asked Andy at Crete Pavers how he's liking his Amgo Hydraulics OH-15 2 post lift, he said it "Works really good. Thanks for checking in." This 2 Post Heavy Duty Lift has full 15000lb capacity. It features 4 two-stages arms to lift the trucks from short to long wheel base and single-point safety release. With automatic arm restraints, it keeps the arms locked in their proper positions. This lift also has an adjustable two-height setting, to accommodate varying service ceiling heights

To make your workspace more manageable, it also includes a detachable foot guard and tool tray to keep your work area clutter-free.