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Ron tells us his Single Post Lift (SML-6) is a "great tool"
single post lift can-am Ron review SML-6
Ron shared this pic of a Can Am getting a lift on the SML-6 Single Post Lift. He says, "Love it, great tool.. we have a fabricator coming in to make supports for narrow Side x Sides... Can ams. It's perfect." The SML-6 has a maximum lifting height of 77 1/8″ and a minumum height of 4 1/8″. It also features self-lubricating UHMW polyethylene sliders and bronze bushings and high quality cylinders and power units. A perfect choice for anyone working on vehicles - from repair shops to homeowners - who doesn't want to tie up space. 
Scott in Pembroke shares pic of 800 Maverick Trail on PRO 1200SEMAX Lift!

Scott shared this pic with us and says, "Just picked this up. It’s an 800. My other machines are Outlanders, Obviously this is bigger. It’s an 800 maverick Trail. Just picked it up for my wife. I totally love it. In fact I love it so much I’m thinking about getting myself a 1000 next year and keeping two of the Outlanders for my kids. It weighs 1300 pounds stock, but it has four to $5000 worth of accessories so I would imagine that adds a few hundred pounds. Lifts it no problem. Just doesn’t fit on ramp. I’ve had this lift for several years and had absolutely no issues with it. I own four ATVs and service others for friends." More info on the PRO 1200SEMAX Lift Table here.

800 Maverick Trail on PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift

Canam Spyder Gets Service on the Elevator 1800 at York County Power Sports Repair in PA
Southern York County Power Sports Repair in Brogue, PA, posted this great pic of a Can am Spyder RT in for a transmission problem and being lifted by the Elevator 1800 lift table.
Bryan Posts Pics of a Can Am Getting New Brake Pads - on the Elevator 1800 lift table!

Twisted Fab Motorsports in Greenville, South Carolina posts great pics of a Can Am getting worked on to our Facebook page. They tagged us in the post: "Putting new brake pads on the Can Am The easy way using the best Atv lift!! Thank you Clark Heintz this lift is a back saver!!!"