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Single Post Lift with Porsche and Review from Nick!

Amgo Single Post Lift Porsche Nick G

Big thanks to Nick in Manchester, NH, who shared this pic of his Amgo single post lift lifting a Porsche and says, "Working great no complaints." The single post lift has a ‘78 Porsche 911 on it! He tells us the lift is "Working great, no complaints." We are glad to hear that!

The SML-7 is a portable single post lift that is the perfect choice for shops or homeowners who do not want to tie up space. This lift allows the operator to walk under the vehicle or move the lift around. Comes with excellent warranties on steel and electrical components, as well as hydraulic parts. With amazing portability, this lift has many awesome features, including a 7K lb lifting capacity, self lubricating UHMW Polyethylene sliders and bronze bushings and high quality cylinders and power units, manufactured to the highest standards! The maximum lifting height is77 3/4″ and minimum height is 4 3/8″.

2 Amgo Lifts at Ouellette's Auto Repair in NH

Ouellette's Auto Repair in NH has 2 Amgo Lifts from NHProEquipDel at Ouellette's Auto Repair recently shared this cool pic of his 2 Amgo Lifts side-by-side! A 2 Post (OH-9) and a 4 Post (407-P) to cover all the bases.😎
We have SALES going on right now with these AMGO LIFTS! 4 Post Storage Lifts Come with a FREE Jack Tray. and 2 Post Lifts Come with FREE Saddle Adapters

The jack tray is perfect to keep your tools organized while you work. Makes work easier and less cluttered!

The optional frame adapter set is available for most AMGO 2-post lifts. These special saddle adapters (used on the two rear arms in place of the standard round lift pads) are designed specifically to provide a secure lifting surface for those trucks that have the gas tank mounted very close to the frame. This saddle adapter set allows the frame to “sit inside the saddles” and provide a superior lifting surface.

Smith's NH Oil Undercoating Shares Pic of their 2 Post Lift BP-10

NH Oil Undercoat 2 Post Lift
Big Thanks to Louis at Smith's NH Oil Undercoating in Lisbon, NH, for the nice pic of the Amgo BP-10 2 Post Base Plate Lift! He says, "The lift works very good. I've had big 3/4 ton trucks on it and more - no issues." That's a 1981 VW Rabbit pickup up on the lift!

The BP-10 fits under 10' ceilings and is a commercial-grade, base-plate lift. The single-point safety release allows the operator to unlock the safety locks from both columns simultaneously. There is also a dual locking system for additional safety. The (4) three-stage front arms are perfect to work on more vehicles, and automatic arm restraints keep the arms locked in their proper positions. The lift features self-lubricating UHMW Polyethylene sliders and bronze bushings, and an aircraft quality cable is used for synchronization. This lift comes with a foot guard that is detachable and tool tray, which helps to keep your workspace free of clutter. Anchor bolts and hardware included.

Amgo PRO -12 4 Post Lift Review and Customer Photo

Amgo 4 Post Lift

Pleasant Hill Auto Repair in Lebanon, Maine, shows a pic of their Amgo PRO-12 4 Post lift in use! They tell us it "Works pretty good" and we are happy to hear it!

We have 2 PRO-12s left in stock! More info here:

Gregory at Summit Truck and Auto Body shares pic of his 2 Post 15K lift

Summit Trucking and Autobody's 2 Post Truck Lift from NHProEquip 15K
Thanks to Gregory at Summit Truck and Auto Body in Candia, NH, for the nice comments regarding his OH-15 2 Post Lift, along with a pic of it set up in his shop! He tells us the lift is "Perfect. It's awesome." Just what we like to hear! This model lift, the OH-15, was developed by AMGO for heavy-duty purpose with a lifting capacity up to 15,000lbs. It features heavy-duty construction, self-lubricating UHMW polyethylene sliders and bronze bushings. It is manufactured with high quality parts ...resulting in almost no required maintenance.

Roger offers comments on his 2 Post Lift...and leaves a Google Review !

OH-9 2 Post Lift Review Amgo Hydraulics

We want to take this opportunity to thank a great customer, Roger, for sharing his feedback about his new clear floor 2 post lift (Model OH-9 by Amgo Hydraulics.). He tells us, "Hey Clark everything is working great ! Thanks for checking in on that ! Love my Lift."

He kindly left us a Google review, as well! He wrote, "Great place to buy your Equipment at great prices!! I bought a 2 post lift and very happy with both the lift and the service! Give Clark a call today and you'll be happy you did !"

SML-6 Single Post Lift Review and Pic from Josh in Hudson, NH

Single Post Lift NH Car Lift UTV Lift
We want to say thanks to Josh in Hudson, NH, who shared this nice pic of an early 90s Honda Civic up on his portable SML-6 single post lift! He tells us the lift is "good so far." We always like to hear that. This lift has 6000lb capacity. The overall lift height is 108 7/8" and overall lift width is 90 3/8". This lift is a great choice for shops or homeowners who do not want to tie up space. This lift allows the operator to walk under the vehicle or move the lift around.

Ben reviews his 10000lb 2 post base plate lift and shares really nice pics!

Box Truck and Dump Truck on BP-10 Base Plate Lift

We want to thank Ben for these great pics of a couple heavy-duty vehicles up on his 10K 2 post base plate lift (model BP-10)! He reports he's "very happy" with the lift. Shown on the lift are a Ford crew cab diesel dump truck and a Dodge utility box truck.

The BP-10 10K capacity, commercial grade base plate lift fits under 10' ceilings. It features a single-point safety release, allowing the operator to unlock the safety locks from both columns simultaneously. There is also a dual locking system for additional safety. It also includes 4 three-stage front arms enabling you to work on more vehicles. Automatic arm restraints ensure the arms stay locked in their proper positions. This lift includes a detachable foot guard, tool tray, anchor bolts and hardware.

More info on the BP-20 2 Post Lift here.

Drew posts pic of his Amgo Hydraulics 2 Post Base Plate Lift to Social Media
Drew two post lift review Amgo NH

Drew posted to his FB page: " I am very happy with it. I have wanted a lift for years and years and I finally got one."
The BP-9X base-plate 2-post lift is perfect for garages with low ceilings - as low as 9'. The column height of 111 7/8″ allows this lift to be installed in almost any professional or home garage. This lift features symmetric arms, and automatic arm restraints. It also includes a single point release switch to make it easier to unlock both column locks from one column.
Here's a link to the model Drew purchased: 2 Post Lift Base Plate 9000lb BP-9X Amgo Hydraulics
Nice BP-9X Base Plate 2 Post Lift Review and Pics of Amgo from Keith at KMH Motors

Keith's Porsche up on BP-9X 2 Post Lift NH

Thanks to Keith of KMH Motors in Methuen, MA for sharing these cool pics of a Porsche 911 up on the BP-9X 9000lb capacity base plate car lift. He tells us the lift is "Great" and he shares that he wants to get another one soon.  This lift carries an incredible warranty, 5-Year Warranty on Steel Components, 3-year Warranty on Hydraulic Parts, and 2-Year Warranty on Electrical Components. With 9K capacity, this lift has greater flexibility to fit in smaller spaces, fitting conveniently under 10' ceilings. With secure single-point safety release, the lift operator has the ability to unlock the safety locks from both columns at the same time. For additional safety, there is also a dual locking system.
More info on the BP-9X Base Plate 2 Post Lift