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Mustang up on the Midrise Lift! Courtesy of Tom in Maine

Mustang on Midrise Lift Table NHTom in Wilton, Maine picked up an MR06 midrise car lift from us in August. He sent this comment, along with a pick of his 2014 Mustang up on the lift. He tells us it has 588 miles on it (he bought it new). "I picked my lift Thursday from Bobby, nice people and good service. Set it up Friday. They put the warranty on computer for me, so far awesome." The MR06 Midrise Automotive Lift is an excellent choice for low ceiling shops and garages. It's also an ideal choice for adding a bay for seasonal increases in business. Great working height for tires, brakes and body repairs with extended raised height. Quick set up time. Includes excellent warranties.

9K 2 Post Lift Lifting a 1973 VW Bus

VW Bus 2 Post LiftA big thanks to Phillip in Webster NH says of his BP-9X 2 Post Base Plate Bus Lift: "It's working great, thanks for asking. It gets used daily." He recently posted this very cool pic of the lift in action: "One of the next projects 1973 VW bus. We have to do all brakes/lines etc. Get it running and driving and then some bodywork/interior etc. It's been off the road for 20 years so lots of maintenance/minor restoration." This lift is commercial grade and features 9K lb capacity. A particularly nice feature of this lift is it fits under 10' ceilings without overhead obstructions. Perfect for the DIY'er who doesn't have a lot of vertical space in their garage. It also includes 4 three-stage arms, suitable for working on more vehicles.  The arms stay locked in their proper positions with automatic arm restraints. Single-point safety release allows the operator to unlock the safety locks from both columns simultaneously. There is also a dual locking system for additional safety on this lift.

BP-9X 2 Post Lift Review from Michael in Hampton, NH

BP-9x 2 post lift review NH

Many thanks to Michael in Hampton, NH, who purchased his base plate lift from us back in March, and says of his BP-9X Amgo lift: "We use it all the time I absolutely love it. Can’t believe I lived so long without it." Since the vehicle was obscured in this photo, I had to ask...What's the car up there? He tells us that's a 1969 Dodge Dart GTS Convertible on the lift (see second pic!). "1 of 58 ever produced with a 340 4 speed. Fully restored that why it sits up there! Lol." We appreciate the feedback, Michael! Thanks for reaching out!
We have the BP-9X Base Plate 2 Post Lift in stock now!

Duncan reviews his 9K lb 2 post base plate lift

2 post lift review

Duncan in New Durham, NH, says of his new 9K base plate 2 post lift: "Absolutely love it. made my hobby of working on trucks actually enjoyable." He shared these great pics of not only the installation of the lift, but also with a 97’ Ford F350 diesel up on it!

This lift is perfect for low-ceiling garages - as low as 10'. The total column height of 111 7/8″ allows this lift to be installed in almost any professional or home garage with height limitations. With symmetric arms and automatic arm restraints, this lift also comes with a single point release switch to make it easier to unlock both column locks from one column.

More on this lift here:

Single Post Lift Review: Easier on the knees and back!
Single column lift review
We always like to hear comments like these - another benefit to having certain equipment in your shop is to make things a bit easier on your body. Mechanics have to deal with their own wear and tear - on their bodies! Having the right equipment can mitigate this problem. Gregg in Laconia says of his single post lift, "The lift is fantastic. My knee and back are loving it." Thanks to Gregg for sharing this great photo of his lift in action!
Kyle at Gauthier Auto Service Reviews his BP-12 2 Post Lift
12K Truck Lift Review from Gauthier Auto
Kyle at Gauthier Auto Service in Jaffrey, NH, purchased (2) 12K base plate truck/car lifts and tells us the lift is "Working great ! Have yet to set up the one we just picked up." The photo shows a 2008 Chrysler Town and Country caravan up on the lift. This 12,000 lbs capacity, chain-driven 2 post lift was designed for low ceiling professional and home garages with no obstructions and increased headroom.  User has option of  choosing between asymmetric and symmetric positions -- no need for two different lifts! The three-stage front arms and two-stage rear arms enable entry into vehicle at any time. Anchor bolts and hardware and detachable foot guard and tool tray are included.

2 Post Lift Review by Rob at Granite State Hot Rods

OHX-10 2 Post Lift Granite State Hot Rods

Rob at Granite State Hot Rod says, "The lift is working out well. I have been able to lift everything from Honda Civics to 1 Ton GMC Trucks." Shown is a pic of a 1970 Dodge Challenger up on the lift, which is an Amgo Hydraulics lift, model OHX-10. The professional lift model OHX Series are designed with extremely long carriages. They feature direct drive cylinders and height and width adjustment. With clear floor design, the super asymmetric arms allow you to load different vehicles in an asymmetric or symmetric configuration. The single point safety release allows the operator to disengage both columns simultaneously.

Ken reviews his car lift model BP-10 2 Post Lift

2 Post Car Lift ReviewKen of Lunenburg, MA shares his review of his new car lift. He also shared this photo of his Audi A5 up on his Amgo BP-10 2 post lift, and tells us, "Working great! Right now it's holding up my Audi A5 we have more space for winter storage."

Featuring 10K lb capacity, this lift is a commercial grade, 2-post base plate lift designed and built for any professional shops and home garages to fit low-ceiling workshops without overhead obstructions, With single-point safety release, the operator can unlock the safety locks from both columns simultaneously. Includes dual locking system for additional safety. The lift has (4) three-stage front arms enabling work on more vehicles. Automatic arm restraints keep the arms locked in their proper positions. Includes detachable foot guard and tool tray as well as anchor bolts and hardware.

Marc of EFI Motorsport Reviews his 11K 2 Post Lifts

2 post car lift nh deal customer photo MarcMarc of EFI Motorsport in Somersworth, NH, shared this really nice pic of his (2) 11000lb 2 post lifts (model# 11000C-DX) He tells us the lifts are "Great! No complaints at all. Would recommend."

The 11000CD-X 2 post lift is a clear floor, direct drive automotive lift and is manufactured with versatile bi-symmetric configurable arms that are easy to maneuver. Features include: symmetric columns, 3 stage front arms, and both symmetric and asymmetric arm configuration. Also includes single point lock release and low profile arms. Comes with rubber door guards, spin up pads with stackable truck adapters(2" and 4"), as well as anchor bolts and hardware. Overall height is 144" and overall width (including power unit) is 145-1/2".

More info on the 11K 2 post car lifts.

New Low Rise Lift Review and Pic from Russell in NH

Low Rise Car Lift NHWe asked Russell in Londonderry, NH what he thinks of his Amgo Hydraulics low rise lift (model LR06), and he shared this nice comment, "Working good, thank you for checking in." He also shared some great photos of the lift! Thanks for sharing the pic and comments, Russell!

Model LR06 is a portable, low-rise lift and an excellent choice for shops or garages with a low ceiling or there is a need to add a bay for seasonal business increases. This lift offers a good working height for tires, brakes and body repair. It features high speed lifting, and includes multiple safety locks with mechanical release. Includes high density rubber pads.

More info on the LR06 Lowrise lift.