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John posts nice pic of Electraglide on the Elevator 1800 Motorcycle Lift!

We want to thank John H., in Moultonborough NH for posting this sweet pic of a 1977 Harley Davidson Electraglide on the Elevator 1800 Motorcycle Lift Table. He captioned the photo he posted with a simple comment: "Great Lift!" We love to see our customers' photos using their equipment purchased from us - keep 'em coming and always let us know your thoughts about what you're using - we love the feedback!

1977 Harley Davidson Electraglide on the Elevator 1800 motorcycle lift table

Gordon posts photos and comments of his Amgo OHX-10H 2 Post Lift

2 Post Amgo Lift OHX-10H Customer Photo

Gordon at Proven Performance Concepts in East Wakefield, NH, posted to our Facebook page recently, and said, "Nothing but positive interactions with NH Pro Equipment, in researching and purchasing an Amgo OHX-10H lift."

Amgo's OHX-10H lift was made with asymmetric arms, but it can also be set up for symmetric height and width adjustment. Its clear-floor design provides unobstructed floor use. This lift is adjustable for high ceilings with an extra-high lifting capacity of up to 168 inches. It features dual direct drive hydraulic cylinders and single point safety release, which enables the operator to disengage both columns simultaneously. The single piece column makes this lift easier to install. Comes with anchor bolts and hardware.

Drew posts pic of his Amgo Hydraulics 2 Post Base Plate Lift to Social Media
Drew two post lift review Amgo NH

Drew posted to his FB page: " I am very happy with it. I have wanted a lift for years and years and I finally got one."
The BP-9X base-plate 2-post lift is perfect for garages with low ceilings - as low as 9'. The column height of 111 7/8″ allows this lift to be installed in almost any professional or home garage. This lift features symmetric arms, and automatic arm restraints. It also includes a single point release switch to make it easier to unlock both column locks from one column.
Here's a link to the model Drew purchased: 2 Post Lift Base Plate 9000lb BP-9X Amgo Hydraulics
Aaron sends Pics and Review of his 2 Post Lift

BP-10 Amgo Lift Review from Aaron in Keene, Nh

Aaron in Keene, NH picked up the BP-10 2 Post Lift from us in December. He says of the lift, "It's been awesome! Been able to work on more powerstrokes with it. Thanks again for such a pain less transaction." He shared a couple pics of an F250 up on the lift getting some work done. Thanks to Aaron for the comments and photos!

Aaron runs $crap-I-Do: "I buy junk vehicles & converters. But the garage is for our toys."

Keith shares pic of his Spyder RTL up on the Elevator 1800 Lift Table

Keith in Etters, PA shared this nice pic of his Spyder RTL up on the Elevator 1800U ATV UTV Lift Table. He says, "Love the Lift Elevator 1800. Makes detailing and working on my Spyder RTL so much easier not having to constantly be bending over."

Thanks to Summit Powersports for pic of Intimidator XDSport UTV on Elevator 1800 lift table

Summit Powersports of Jackson, MI posted this great pic of this Intimidator XDSport UTV, they recently sold, on the lowered Elevator 1800 lift table. I asked them how they like the lift so far and they replied, "Great.... makes life alot easier," which we were happy to hear!

For a utility task vehicle like this one, we also offer options like front and rear extensions. These extensions can accommodate the longest vehicles and using both of these extender panels can lenthen the lift to a full 134".

Intimidator XDSport UTV atop Elevator 1800 lift table

Knuckle Up Cycles and Autos Sent Pics and Reviews of Motorcycle Lift, Tire Equipment

Thanks to Anthony at Knuckle Up Cycles & Autos in Lebanon, Maine, for sharing the photos and the comments about their shop equipment! Anthony tells us his PRO 1200SEMAX Motorcycle Lift "Works great," which we're always glad to hear! And as far as the tire equipment, Anthony says, "They're good. Still figuring out the little tricks on each one. But they work great!! Need a two post lift next."

Knuckle Up specializes in motorcycle painting, and they also do aftermarket parts, and tires, as well as mount and balance tires. They also do minor motorcycle repair including tune-ups, oil changes, complete audio equipment, suspension, and exhaust.

PRO 1200SEMAX Lift at Knuckle Up Cycles

Phoenix Tire Equipment at Knuckle Up Cycles

Harris shares outdoor fire place, fabricated using new plasma cutter!

Harris says of his new plasma cutter: "Love it so much, easier than all my saws." This pic he shared with us is of an outdoor fire place made from an oil tank. He says, "I cut the hole, now I’m doing trim work and some other odds and ends to it. That’s why I needed the cutter." Thanks for sharing, Harris! He tells us he'll send another pic when it's finished, which we are looking forward to. We always like to see customer photos and seeing equipment "set up" is always fun, like a tire balancer or a tool box. But with fabrication projects, the creativity is endless. The last one we received was of a mailbox topper. This outdoor fire place is very cool - a great idea if you are looking to repurpose an old oil tank, too.

Call us for more information at 603-234-2612.

oil tanked turned outdoor fireplace using plasma cutter

finished fireplace using plasma cutter

Motorcycle Lift Packaging and Shipping Review from Jon

Our customer, Jon, commented on another post of ours about our shipping process. It's always great to hear from customers about the products and service they've received from us. It helps us to strive to be better when we receive feedback, good or bad! It's especially nice and helpful for us to hear about the shipping process and how that is handled; from our paperwork and communication with the customer regarding scheduling, right down to the shipping carriers and the delivery itself. We want to thank him for taking the time to give his feedback about this part of the buying process! We're glad to hear the carrier was impressed, too! And, yes, we do include a photo of the shipment when it leaves our shop, as we believe having this documentation in place verifies the shipment condition in case there are any other issues en route that might need to be addressed.

He says, "I’ve never taken a photo of an item I purchased upon arrival before. The carrier and I stood over this NHPro shipment and were amazed how well it was packed up. It even had a photo of the shipment on the top box showing how it looked when it left NHPro. This is an example of the personal treatment you get from these guys. I got the Elevator 2000 with pretty much the works. I grin every time I use it two years later."

Shipping PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift

1984 Cushman Truckster up on the Elevator 1800 lift table

Thanks to Mark of Pelosi Family Farm in Epping, NH, for sharing this nice pic of his 1984 Cushman Truckster on the Elevator 1800 lift table! The truckster is a small, light duty utility cart. First one we've ever seen on this lift - very cool!