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Randy Shares Pic of his Elevator 1800 Motorcycle Lift

Randy J Elevator 1800 Lift Photo and Review

Randy of Cut N Shoot Customs Trike Shop in Conroe, Texas, posted this pic of his Honda up on his Elevator 1800 lift table to our Facebook business page and wrote, "We have one NH and Handys in our shop, soon to be just NH. These are great lifts." Pic is of a new Honda Goldwing DCT. Randy converts these bikes to trikes. He shared another pic of the same bike converted to a trike. He said this was one of two they did for a husband and wife - customers of his.

conversion to trike using Elevator 1800 lift table



Thanks to Harris for Posting Pics of his 2 Post Lift in Action!

Harris in Warner, NH, for posts a great pic of his PRO 9000AC 2 post lift in action in his home garage!

Eric shares photos of his CRX722519RC Rolling Tool Box!

Eric in Rochester NH gave us some nice comments a few months ago about his tool box. He recently shared some great photos of his CRX7222519RC 72" roller tool box, and one of an open drawer with tools showing! He said of the box, "I purchased a RollCabs toolbox from them a few months ago (CRX722519RC). I have zero complaints with the box and love it. I’ve owned “name brand” boxes in the past and would definitely say the construction and quality is comparable. I love the fact that they have a ton of inventory so I didn’t have to wait and also could look one over before purchasing. You will not be disappointed in these boxes and I literally saved thousands compared to a tool truck! Highly recommend doing business with them."

Eric S Tool box with wheels 72"

Open Tool Box Drawer Customer Photo

"Let the build begin (Hardtail Conversion)"

I found this thread that one of our customers posted on, entitled "Let the build begin (Hardtail Conversion)" - great to see the use he's getting out of the PRO 1200 motorcycle lift! We loved watching the process unfold and asked his permission to re-post his photos/commentary to our blog. We wish you luck with your hardtail conversation project, George!!


Just in time for Christmas, my Son and I are ready to start our hardtail conversion. The lift came in just in time and all set up.

George's son poses with New PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift

Bike is loaded....

Sportster build on PRO 1200

Bike is lifted...

harley sportster loaded on pro 1200 motorcycle lift

This is the hardtail kit we're using from Haifley Brothers. Basic 2" EVO stretch kit. More pictures to come.

All we want for Christmas is to tear this thing apart!


Scott shares pics of his new 72" x 30" CRX Tool Box

Scott shared these nice pics of his CRX723019RC Rolling Tool Cabinet - his tools are arranged so neatly! He tells us, "Love it. So glad I pulled the trigger on the 72”. Thanks again." He then added, " Being able to organize so I can find everything was huge."

Nathan's 2006 Harley Dyna Street Bob FXDBI on the PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift

 2006 Harley Dyna Street Bob FXDBI Nathan in Omaha, Nebraska gave us some really nice comments about his PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift.

When I asked him how it was working out for him, he told me, "Incredible! I am beyond happy with the product." We were so glad to hear that. He also commented that the "product was treated with care and properly packaged and I thank you for protecting your customers investments. Anyone I hear of looking for a lift I will be directing them your way."

He also offered these two great pics of his 2006 Harley Dyna Street Bob FXDBI up on the lift. Thanks to Nathan for the great feedback and photos!   2006 Harley Dyna Street Bob FXDBI - Nathan Omaha, NE

Car Rotisserie/Rotator Review from Kevin in Newton NH

Thanks to Kevin in Newton, NH for his comments on his new PRO CR3000 car rotator / rotisserie. He says, "Love my rotisserie, hopefully buying another one soon."

Recessed Motorcycle Lift Table Pics (Elevator 1800)

Chris in Lowell says of his new Elevator 1800 motorcycle lift, "It works nice and smooth as Bob said it would. I am not a mechanic but enjoy wrenching on my own toys. I research for a while, as everyone does these days, before pulling the trigger on this purchase and am very confident I made the right choice. Lift is to quality and Bob was accommodating, great customer service."

JDL Cycle Shop, LLC Posts Great Pic of 2002 H-D Sportster on the PRO 1200 lift table!

Jeremy says of his PRO 1200, "It's fantastic! Fits all the bikes well; makes work an ease. Very happy with it." As for the bike, he's doing a little spring maintenance! He tells us, "That's my 2002 H-D Sportster, modded to 1250cc but originally an 883 Standard."

Thanks to Jim at 603 Baggers for the Elevator 1100SEMAX Motorcycle Lift Table Review

We want to thank Jim at 603 Baggers for his review of the Elevator 1100SEMAX Motorcycle Lift Table (he says it's "Excellent, I love it!") - and thanks for all these photos he posted of various HD bikes on the lift!! (Shown from top to bottom: 2012 HD Roadglide, 2001 HD Sportster, 2006 HD Streetglide, and 2015 HD Roadglide.) 2012 Harley Roadglide HD Elevator 1100SEMAX Lift 2001 Sportster at 603 Baggers on Elevator Lift 2006 Harley Streetglide on Elevator 1100 lift table 2015 Roadglide on Elevator 1100SEMAX Motorcycle Lift