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Quick Tricks for EVAP Repair
Top 10 Reasons Smoke Wizard Evap Leak Tester is the Best Choice
1.  UV Dye*Look for “trace” like a CSI: Finds Smallest Leaks!
2.  Accessories include*UV Glasses & LED Light!
3.  Flow Control Knob*Pinpoints leaks & verifies repair
4.  Pressure Gauge *Confirm no more leaks
5.  Vacuum Gauge*Performs vacuum decay tests
6.  Anti-Spill Design *Always available for use
7.  Safer Testing *OEM Approved Auto Shut-Off
8.  Finds Leaks Fast *EVAP, Vacuum, Air, Wind, Water
9.  Portable - No cart needed*Hangs under hood too! 10.  Makes You $$ * Verified repairs = less "comebacks"
"I Dumped My SmokePro for a Smoke Wizard..."
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Connect to workshop airline for general purpose leak detection applications. Smoke exiting a very small leak is sometimes even easier to see if after filling the system with smoke you reduce the smoke flow by turning the flow control knob clockwise, which slows the exiting smoke velocity and helps you see very small leak(s) Use the white light provided to highlight the smoke exiting a leak. Use the Ultraviolet (UV) light and yellow glasses provided to look for the fluorescent deposit at the exact location of a leak. When using alternate source of UV light, be sure it is one that covers the 400 nanometer (nm) UV light range. When operating the Tester in near freezing temperatures, cycle the operation of the Tester 15 seconds ON and 15 seconds OFF for approximately the first minute or two of operation. This will allow the Tester to reach its optimum operating temperature. When testing an engine's intake or exhaust system for leaks, it is recommended that the engine be cold. Small leaks may be sealed due to thermal expansion.
Smoke Wizard - Finding a Vacuum Leak
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