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Drew posts pic of his Amgo Hydraulics 2 Post Base Plate Lift to Social Media
Drew two post lift review Amgo NH

Drew posted to his FB page: " I am very happy with it. I have wanted a lift for years and years and I finally got one."
The BP-9X base-plate 2-post lift is perfect for garages with low ceilings - as low as 9'. The column height of 111 7/8″ allows this lift to be installed in almost any professional or home garage. This lift features symmetric arms, and automatic arm restraints. It also includes a single point release switch to make it easier to unlock both column locks from one column.
Here's a link to the model Drew purchased: 2 Post Lift Base Plate 9000lb BP-9X Amgo Hydraulics
72" Roller Cabinet + Hutch Tool Box Set CDX72211701SET Customer Review

Christopher in Sterling, Massachusetts says of his 72" Roller Cabinet + Hutch Tool Box Set CDX72211701SET, "Works out great. Nice piece of equipment." He chose the orange set with black trim!

This tool box set also comes in blue with black trim, green with black trim, or matte black with black trim. Features include quick release drawer pulls, drawer self-latching system that secures drawers,
and heavy-duty mag wheel casters support over 900lbs each. Tool Box frame is made with tough 14 gauge steel for extra support. Also includes 2 extra deep drawers allow you to store larger, more unwieldy tools.

Right now there is a special sale going on! Check out this tool box set and current sale here:

CDX72 orange tool box set

Making the Website Work: Reciprocal Links - Good or Bad?

So, today I'm crafting a blog post that's a little off topic from the usual postings on this blog. We are an auto tools and equipment store, with full online shopping capabilities (my job to promote), and therefore, I'm feeling compelled to write about some of my daily pursuits in making sure that everyone knows we are here. That is, here in the "physical sense" at the shop in Bow, NH, but also Here Online, ready and waiting for you to peruse our great selection of various tools and equipment, and take note of our rock bottom prices...well....rather than go into a sales pitch, I'll try to stay on topic.

How Do We Let People Know We Are Here? We've been faithfully hammering away at the many facets of Search Engine Optimization to make sure we're right at the top of the searches in Google for those folks seeking our products. And we are at the top in many searches for many of our products, which is really exciting! There is a LOT involved. It's absolutely mind-boggling reading Google Analytics. The amount of data they are able to capture is just incredibly helpful re: tailoring our SEO approaches.  On our 1000+ page website, I'm trying to reduce photos sizes, add meta tags, headline tags, and including as many resources as I can pack into our product descriptions to make them as informative and helpful as possible.

We want the customer to have a unique experience when shopping on our site. We want to offer as much information as we can so you won't have to feel like you need to shop elsewhere to find answers or other pertinent product information. That's been our goal. Has this effort been helpful to you? Is there anything else you'd like to see on our website that you haven't been able to find? I'd love to hear from you --feedback, positive or negative, is what guides us to stay on the right path. I find myself focusing on a number of things simultaneously to keep us in the Top 10 [p.1 in Google], and ultimately propel us to the Top of the Top 10.

Right now, my focus is on reciprocal links. Ideally, you want people to just link to you, without you having to link back. That means you have awesome content and people like it enough to share it with the world. (Yep. Working on that...) Having links from other websites is HUGE. But you have to be careful...Don't get sucked into "link farms" or anything else that might drop your ranking in Google. Many times a link from a completely unrelated site is something that could knock you down a few pegs because it's become a "cheap" way, of sorts, to gain momentum; "cheap," because it's too easy, and not really legitimate or relevant.

A sign that you may be seeking out a link farm is that there are 4,000 other websites listed on the page that you are hoping to be listed on. There are no special parameters, they just list anyone who requests that they be listed. Google is able to detect an astronomical number of links on one page, which could raise red flags to them. SO...What I am looking for is folks in the auto industry, or in the trucking industry, or even the logging industry. Police Departments. Fire Stations. websites.

Your ideal reciprocal links should be with businesses in the same general industry, but not a direct competitor to your business. And websites that have significance - not just any website. If a website is highly-ranked, and you are linking from it, this will be very helpful to your SEO. If the website doesn't carry any particular weight, while it may not be harmful, it also will likely not be beneficial.

Make sure you are selective and choose your connections wisely.

If you are interested in seeking out reciprocal links: Do it the Right Way. When Google put the smackdown on business who are listed with link farms, several years ago now, it was a huge boon to those operating in an 'above board' way. If you are doing the hard work to achieve your gains in Google, you should be rewarded as such - conversely, if you are paying for links you should be penalized. Some links may look legit, but...are they really? They might advertise under the guise of something that might appear to be legit (e.g. 'Worldwide Directory'). Make sure you Google the URL that you are interested in signing up with, to find out more information about them. And it always makes sense to do a search for their page rank, to get a better sense of how Google views them.

To quote my favorite SEO book, InBound Marketing: Get Found using Google, Social Media and Blogs: "The most effective way to get inbound links is by creating remarkable content that is useful and interesting. And, getting inbound links is the most effective way to get better rankings in Google." Creating content is the best thing you can do - as a natural order of things, people will share that content if it's something worth reading about - so make it good, really dig in and find those gaps that haven't been covered in discussions. Answer questions that customers tend to ask. Write about what you know and what might be of interest to someone else who isn't as knowledgeable. The possibilities are endless.

Next stop: Inbound links.