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"Let the build begin (Hardtail Conversion)"

I found this thread that one of our customers posted on, entitled "Let the build begin (Hardtail Conversion)" - great to see the use he's getting out of the PRO 1200 motorcycle lift! We loved watching the process unfold and asked his permission to re-post his photos/commentary to our blog. We wish you luck with your hardtail conversation project, George!!


Just in time for Christmas, my Son and I are ready to start our hardtail conversion. The lift came in just in time and all set up.

George's son poses with New PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift

Bike is loaded....

Sportster build on PRO 1200

Bike is lifted...

harley sportster loaded on pro 1200 motorcycle lift

This is the hardtail kit we're using from Haifley Brothers. Basic 2" EVO stretch kit. More pictures to come.

All we want for Christmas is to tear this thing apart!


Thanks to Jim at 603 Baggers for the Elevator 1100SEMAX Motorcycle Lift Table Review

We want to thank Jim at 603 Baggers for his review of the Elevator 1100SEMAX Motorcycle Lift Table (he says it's "Excellent, I love it!") - and thanks for all these photos he posted of various HD bikes on the lift!! (Shown from top to bottom: 2012 HD Roadglide, 2001 HD Sportster, 2006 HD Streetglide, and 2015 HD Roadglide.) 2012 Harley Roadglide HD Elevator 1100SEMAX Lift 2001 Sportster at 603 Baggers on Elevator Lift 2006 Harley Streetglide on Elevator 1100 lift table 2015 Roadglide on Elevator 1100SEMAX Motorcycle Lift