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Roy's Power Equipment Service Reviews the Elevator 1800M Mower Lift Table

Roys Power Equipment Service Elevator 1800M Mower Lift Table

Roy at Roy's Power Equipment Service in Hanover, MA says hisĀ Elevator 1800M Mower Lift Table is "Excellent. Wish I had room for another." We got some really great feedback from Roy about the lift and how he uses it. He shared this with us: "I got the wider side extensions and at first thought they would be too wide and make it difficult to work on ride on mowers but once you get a mower up on the table it is easy to pull it towards you if necessary. The unexpected benefit is that you have plenty of extra room next to the mower where you can lie on it and get right under the mower. Definitely a huge bonus."

Great info Roy shared! Glad to hear that by moving the mower closer to have better access, and then additionally allows for more room to get underneath the vehicle if necessary! Thanks for sharing your insights with us, Roy!

Corey's Review and Pics of his Elevator 2000E Lift Table

2000E ATV Lift

Corey says of hisĀ Elevator 2000E Electric Lift Table "Bought my Elevator 2000 about a year ago, works every day right with me. My productivity is so much better, best decision i've made for my restart. Lower back pain and problems are a thing of the past when you can put your work at eye level. NHProEquip were very professional and attentive to what I was looking for in a equipment lift."

This heavy duty 110 volt electric lift table lifts up to 2000lbs and rises to a full 48". It features front and rear drop down panels.This lift table will handle all kinds of power sports equipment: ATVs, UTVs, side by sides, super UTVs, and more - as well as lawnmowers, landscape, road work, and golf course equipment. The 2000E includes a 2 Year Warranty and comes standard with dual front drop and rear drop panels and a 4 piece side extension kit that extends the lift to 56".

Elevator 2000E Electric Lift Table Demo

Check out our Elevator 2000E Lift table Demo video! You can learn more about the 2000E, a 2000lb capacity high rise professional lift table, here.

Jeff's Son Fixes a John Deere Mower using the PRO 1200SEMAX Lift Table

Jeff's son is pictured, helping to remove the mower deck, installing the snowblower and changing the engine oil. He does great work using the PRO 1200SEMAX lift table. And the stool helps boost him to just the right height! Jeff tells us, "So happy that my son has an interest in fixing things. I took this picture the other day when Matthew and I were preparing the tractor for winter. Removing the mower deck, installing the snowblower and changing the engine oil. He makes me very proud." We can see why he makes Jeff proud - looks like a hard worker, for sure!

Check out the PRO 1200SEMAX Motorcycle / ATV Lift Table here.

John Deere Mower on PRO 1200SEMAX Lift Table

Snowblower and Mower on PRO 1200MAX Motorcycle Lift

RDL Equipment Sales and Service LLC in Rehoboth, MA posted some great pics of vehicles, including a Ariens deluxe 28" snowblower, a BadBoyMowers 60" Outlaw stand-on mower, and a Honda TRX250 ATV, they are servicing on their PRO 1200SEMAX lift table to their Facebook page.

This is what they tell us about their lifts: "So far so good, thanks. Matches my branding colors and logos. I'll have to grab a pic of the other table too, again colors are great made the purchase even easier. Great product, thanks again."

Ariens-deluxe-28-snowblower on the PRO 1200SEMAX snowblower lift table BadBoy Mowers 60" Outlaw stand on shown on PRO 1200SEMAX mower lift tableHonda TRX250 ATV on PRO 1200SEMAX ATV Lift Table