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Knuckle Up Cycles and Autos Sent Pics and Reviews of Motorcycle Lift, Tire Equipment

Thanks to Anthony at Knuckle Up Cycles & Autos in Lebanon, Maine, for sharing the photos and the comments about their shop equipment! Anthony tells us his PRO 1200SEMAX Motorcycle Lift "Works great," which we're always glad to hear! And as far as the tire equipment, Anthony says, "They're good. Still figuring out the little tricks on each one. But they work great!! Need a two post lift next."

Knuckle Up specializes in motorcycle painting, and they also do aftermarket parts, and tires, as well as mount and balance tires. They also do minor motorcycle repair including tune-ups, oil changes, complete audio equipment, suspension, and exhaust.

PRO 1200SEMAX Lift at Knuckle Up Cycles

Phoenix Tire Equipment at Knuckle Up Cycles

Phoenix Tire Changer Review by Parker Power Sports

Chris at Parker Power Sports says, “The tire changer works great for Motorcycle, car and truck tires. Very happy we chose this tire changer not only because of the cost but it does everything that we needed it for.”

Phoenix Tire Changer Wheel Balancer Set Review from Richard in Oregon

Richard in Orego posted a great pic of his Phoenix Tire Changer Wheel Balancer Set to Facebook. His review of his new tire equipment? "Best purchase I made. Both are working perfectly and make the job so much easier."

Phoenix Tire Changer Demo Video Filmed at Our Shop!

We've broken the process down into five steps: Breaking the bead, placing the tire on the turntable, removing the tire, installing the tire, and lastly, inflating the tire.

Phoenix Tire Changer Wheel Balancer Combo Review

phoenix pwb1530 pwc2950a tire changer wheel balancer combo Phoenix Tire Changer Wheel Balancer receives high marks from customer in Connecticut! Thanks to John, in Tolland, Connecticut, for this nice review of the Phoenix PWB1530 Wheel Balancer and PWC2950A Tire Changer.

His review is as follows: "Tire machine and balancer work fine. Great for low volume shop. Service from nhproequip was excellent. Received equipment in 1 day and no pieces were missing. I will use this company again in the future." -John W. Tolland, Connecticut

Inside the Phoenix Tire Changer

Inside the Phoenix Tire Changer

Phoenix manufactures quality wheel service equipment at affordable prices. Have a look inside (above) a Phoenix tire changer you will see components such as metal air valves rather than plastic, a bead breaker cylinder built to last with 5500 lbs of force, a motor and transmission that run smooth without vibration that transfer plenty of power to handle even larger wheels, such as Ford F350. Foot control pedals operate metal air control valves structured for long trouble-free operation, unlike many higher priced products that use plastic valving but charge a premium price, perform no better, and do not last. Comparing Phoenix equipment with the big names you will learn Phoenix offers the same quality at a lower price (no big food chain to feed). We also offer better service; when you call, we answer. You won't need to leave a message or pay ridiculous prices for replacement parts. The top of the machine uses a large turntable (24" or 26"), thick and rugged to handle large wheels. Behind the wheel clamps there are air jets, the part of the bead blaster which assists in seating the bead for mounting tires. The air supply tank is housed in the upright tower, eliminating the need for an exterior tank. The adjustable air regulator and water trap is mounted beside the automatic oiler, which is necessary to keep the machine lubricated - where there is compressed air, there is often moisture. The oiler drips oil into the machine each time you use a foot pedal function, spreading lubricant throughout the system and limiting wear on parts. It is easy to fill, just spin off the reservoir, on and off in a minute. Strong large cylinders under the turntable move the rim clamps in and out and provide a solid grip on wheels. Of course, the steel duck head -- which removes and installs the tire on the wheel -- is lined with plastic inserts to protect against damage to wheels. Included as a standard piece is an all plastic duck head you can install when working with high end wheels which are fragile. All other brands charge dearly for this as an option, usually $70-$100.00. So why spend more? These machines will perform just as well as the $3,000.00 machines available from the big names. We offer the same service and parts availability, but don't demand the higher price. Try one - you will see for yourself. Oh yeah, we'll ship it free too!