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Phoenix Tire Changer Review by Parker Power Sports

Chris at Parker Power Sports says, “The tire changer works great for Motorcycle, car and truck tires. Very happy we chose this tire changer not only because of the cost but it does everything that we needed it for.”

Mike at American Diesel Performance LLC in FL posts review of Phoenix Tire Equipment!

Mike at American Diesel Performance in Oak Hill, Florida posted this great photo of his new Phoenix tire equipment, now set up as his shop and ready to be put to work! He says, "Thanks to Clark Heintz Tools & Equipment, American Diesel Performance LLC is set up for wheels and tires packages! Absolutely great equipment for the price! Already thinking of what to order next from you guys!"

American Diesel Performance Phoenix Tire Changer Wheel Balancer

Phoenix PWB1530/PWC2710 Wheel Balancer Tire Changer Set Review

Thanks to Dave in Rome, NY for his review of the PHOENIX PWB1530/PWC2710 WHEEL BALANCER TIRE CHANGER COMBO. Dave purchased the combo package we have set up that also includes wheel weights, which is priced @ $2,364. This convenient package is set up for nice, easy checkout! If you are shopping on our website, purchasing this particular combo includes the wheel weights directly into your shopping cart; you do not need to make the extra effort of having to add them! "Finally had a chance to use the tire changer and balancer combination today for the first time was very happy with everything seems to work perfectly no issues can't wait to do some more work in the shop." -Dave, Rome, New York

Phoenix Tire Changer Wheel Balancer Wheel Weight Review