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Our Own CRX Series Tool Boxes Beat out the Name Brands, According to Our Customers
If you are in the market for a toolbox - or even a full set - consider our CRX Series toolboxes. Manufactured by Extreme Tools, we've taken their box and brought the level of quality to an even higher level. Extreme builds solid tool boxes at an affordable price and they've got a strong reputation. We've modified some of the features to make these boxes even better....from upgraded load capacity to rubber drawer liners, to name just a few. THESE BOXES ARE UNBEATABLE IN QUALITY AND PRICE.
72" Tool Box CDX722117RC Review and Photos!

Curtis sent us some comments about his 72" CDX722117RC Tool Box. He says, "It is great! So nice to have room for all of my tools. Really a nice piece of equipment." He also shared a pic of the Matco Tool Box he's replacing. Below are some pics of his box set up.

Here's a link to this 72" Tool Cabinet Box.

This tool storage cabinet measures 72"W x 21"D x 42.75"H. It featuers tubular loaded lock and keys, a PVC laminated MDF work surface, and PVC professional drawer liners, as well as AkzoNobel high gloss powder coat finish. There are 2 extra wide drawers and 4 mag wheel casters, which are heavy duty and support over 900 lbs each. Load capacity is 100-200* lbs per drawer and drawers feature full-width powder-coated steel drawer pulls.

Black CDX722117RC Storage Tool Box 72

Black 72" Roll Cabinet

Eric shares photos of his CRX722519RC Rolling Tool Box!

Eric in Rochester NH gave us some nice comments a few months ago about his tool box. He recently shared some great photos of his CRX7222519RC 72" roller tool box, and one of an open drawer with tools showing! He said of the box, "I purchased a RollCabs toolbox from them a few months ago (CRX722519RC). I have zero complaints with the box and love it. I’ve owned “name brand” boxes in the past and would definitely say the construction and quality is comparable. I love the fact that they have a ton of inventory so I didn’t have to wait and also could look one over before purchasing. You will not be disappointed in these boxes and I literally saved thousands compared to a tool truck! Highly recommend doing business with them."

Eric S Tool box with wheels 72"

Open Tool Box Drawer Customer Photo