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Instructions for Loading Motorcycle Onto a PRO Lift Table

(Shown in screen shots below is the
PRO 2500 UTV Motorcycle High Rise Lift Table.)

First prep the lift. Ensure front wheel vise is set to
proper width to accept the front wheel.

Next, lower the lift completely and secure the ramp to the lift.

prep the lift set vise to proper width

lower lift table

secure ramp to lift Prep the bike for the lift

Attach soft straps to the handlebars of the bike.

attach soft straps to handlebars of bike

Prep your ratchet straps to the right length and have them
within reach of the front vise.

ratchet straps must be at right length and within reach of vise

With the bike ready and the lift ready, slowly load the bike onto the ramp.

load bike on ramp to lift table

The extra long pro 2500 ramps make loading a bike by yourself simple.

While holding the front handlebars of the bike,
secure the wheel vise tightly.

hold handlebars and secure bike in vise tightly

Next, attach one of your straps to the lift
and then to the soft straps on the bike. Tighten the strap until there is tension.

attach soft straps to bike

Then repeat on the other side, making sure the straps are even, and the bike remains level.
Tighten the straps enough to slightly compress the front forks of the bike.

Your bike is now secure on the lift.

Follow the manufacturer's instructions for raising and lowering your lift.