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Dave posts pic of his boat on the PRO 11000C-DX 2 Post Lift

PRO 11000C-DX 2 Post Lift lifting boat for repairs

We really have awesome customers. Dave in Barre, MA (Dave's Small Engine and Auto Repair) made a point of reaching out to us on Facebook to ask if we'd like him to share "some pretty awesome pictures of my lift picking my boat off the trailer." Of course we wanted to check them out! Dave purchased a PRO 11000C-DX 2 Post Lift and it sounds like it was just the right size for the width of the trailer, from what he tells us.

He went on to explain: "That boat is 26 ft long and is 4400 lb empty. I was super stoked to find out that my trailer was only a 101 in. wide giving me enough room to literally Drive the boat and trailer through the lift. My previous lift was a 9000 pound that only had 94 in. between the columns I do Small Engine & Automotive Repair from home. Although it's not an official business at this point I am just using the income to help stay afloat in this time of Chaos in this circus of a country!! I will add some pictures of a modified ATV lift that I use the arms of this Automotive lift to stand lawn tractors up to work underneath."

This 11,000 lb. two post direct drive lift clear floor lift was built with versatile, user-friendly bi-symmetric configurable arms, 3 stage front arms, symmetric columns, low profile arms, single point lock release, rubber door guards, and spin up pads with 2" and 4" stackable truck adapters. Featuers 180 degree front arm full-rotation.

Specs on this lift:

11,000 lbs. capacity
144" Overall HeightPower: 220V - 20 AMP - 1 PH
145-1/2" Overall Width (Including Power Unit)
104" Drive-Through Clearance

71" Height (Max)
4" Pad Height (Min)
116" (Width Between Columns)
50S (Lifting Speed)
1,705 lbs. Ship Weight

Weare Repair in NH Reviews their Electric Lift Table 2000E

Janice of Weare Repair in Weare, NH was so kind to take the time to leave us both a Facebook review as well as a Google review about their experience shopping for a lift table with us. She says of her Elevator 2000E Electric Motorcycle ATV Lift Table:

"Weare Repair purchased a lift table from NHProEquip. While we did have a general idea of what we were looking for, the staff took the time to review the benefits of each model with us. This enabled us to select the best table for our space and intended use. NHProEquip’s extensive inventory enabled us to take immediate delivery. We have been using the table for a month now and are fully satisfied. When we need additional equipment, we will definitely be a repeat customer."

Weare Repair is a "fix it" shop, performing equipment repair, as well as small engine repair (including tractors, snow blowers, lawn mowers, generators, blowers, chain saws, etc). Janice tells us she will share a photo once they have a vehicle or equipment up on the lift again. Thanks Janice for your great feedback, and we hope the lift continues to serve you well!

Elevator 1500 lifts Scag 48" walk behind and XMark 60 zero turn Lawnmowers, Honda ATC 350X 3 Wheeler

Thanks to Alex of A&A Equipment Repair in New Milford, CT for submitting these photos of his repair work on lawn and garden equipment/tractors as well as a trike. Great photos - we're glad to see the lift is working out for you for small engine repair.

Exmark 60 Zero Turn Lawnmower Repair performed on Elevator 1500 Motorcycle Lift Exmark 60 Zero Turn Lawnmower Repair performed on Elevator 1500 Motorcycle Lift[/caption] [caption id="attachment_2993" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Scag 48" walk behind mower Scag 48" walk behind mower[/caption] [caption id="attachment_2986" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Honda ATC 350X 3 Wheeler Serviced on Elevator 1500 3 Trike Lift Honda ATC 350X 3 Wheeler Serviced on Elevator 1500 Trike Lift[/caption]