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Tiger Tool Heavy Duty Universal Joint Puller Demo

This is a nice demo video produced by Tiger Tool of the 10102 Universal Joint Puller disassembling a driveline.

Check out Tiger Tool's 10102 here on our website.

**This Just in! Tiger Tool Shipment Delivered to the Shop**

We've gotten lots of calls about our Tiger Tool selection. There a are a few reasons for this: We are listed as a featured online dealer on Tiger Tool's website, which has generated a lot of buzz in our direction. Secondly, we've been really working at reducing our prices as much as we can to stay competitive with the 'chain' stores that seem to be able to undercut everyone else...and I do believe it is working! We strive to get you the best deals we possibly can, and we are continuously comparatively checking other websites to make sure we can deliver the best quality goods at the lowest possible price. We WANT to get you the best deals. It is a happy day for us as much as it is for you when you feel like you've found a great deal.

We want to continue to get you the best deals and hope that you tell a friend or two about it, in the process! The image above is #10850 Automotive Yoke Puller. Also in stock are the #10310 Tie Rod End Remover Kit and #10385 Pitman Arm Puller, and the #70301 Snap Ring Body Panel and Clip Pliers - 75 degree . Our entire selection of Tiger Tools are listed here, categorized by Driveline Tools, Axle Shaft Tools, Slack Adjuster Tools, Wheel Stud Tools, Tie Rod Tools, Hydraulic Accessories, Pitman Arm Tools, Suspension Tools and Combination Kits.

Tiger Tool featured on Motorhead Garage with their 10608 HD Truck Wheel Stud Service Kit
[caption id="attachment_845" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="Tiger Tools featured on Fox Sports Network on Dec. 11-12 demonstrating proper wheel stud install and removal"][/caption]Tiger Tool International Incorporated made its television debut on Fox Sports Network (FSN) on Sunday, Dec. 11 and Monday, Dec. 12 by demonstrating proper wheel stud installation and removal techniques on heavy duty trucks with their new 10608 Heavy Duty Wheel Stud Service Kit, on the MotorHead Garage - Big Rig Series. Viewers got a close-up look at the hydraulics in action, as Kirk Jansen, Production Manager, for Tiger Tool International Incorporated, demonstrated the easy removal and installation of wheel studs in just minutes. This patented design safely delivers up to 10 tons of pressing power making quick work of the most stubborn wheel studs while eliminating the need to use a hammer or remove the hub risking damage to studs, hubs, seals, or wheel bearings.
Tiger Tool: Solid Driveline Tools at a Great Price

Tiger Tool was founded by the owner of a fleet of highway trucks, who took care of his own truck maintenance. As it states on Tiger Tool's website, Founder Mike Skoworodko was attempting to remove a seized universal joint, but was contending with a driveline that could not be budged without causing surrounding damage. He wanted to develop a better way, and thus the world's most effective Universal Joint Puller was born! He then began to develop several other specialty tools directed at the Heavy-Duty Equipment Industry, and after attending several North American, and European tradeshows, sales began to skyrocket. Tiger Tool has a solid reputation with regard to design, and development of unique, specialized tools used for servicing the needs of the Light and Heavy-Duty Equipment Industry.

We at Clark Heintz Tools & Equipment LLC fully endorse these quality, rugged products. We've chosen a special line of Tiger Tools to carry that cover all the bases when trying to get the job done! Our Driveline Tiger Tools include Snap Ring Plier Kits, which come with the original 70300 Snap Ring Plier as well as the newer-to-the-line 70301 75 Degree Snap Ring Plier, to allow for easy removal of body panel clips and hotchkiss style snap rings in hard-to-reach areas. Also within the realm of driveline tools is the 14001 Torsion Bar, used with GM's K-35 series trucks with heavy duty chassis, which require a heavy-duty tool to deal with the larger torsion bar; Bearing Cup Installers, used for accurate installation of bolt-retained bearing cups; Yoke Pullers, which expedite and streamline the removal of automotive yokes on drive shafts, transmissions and rear-end differentials without damage to the yokes; Universal Joint Puller designed to fit drivelines 1500 series and under, on intermediate trucks, school buses, farm, and light industrial vehicles; and the 10803 Yoke Puller Kit, designed to remove yokes on transmissions, driveshafts, and rear-end differentials without damage to yokes or other components. Fits 16 different sizes of yokes.

Our featured axle shaft tool is the 11001 axle shaft puller. Among our slack adjuster tools, we carry the 10502 Slack Adjuster Rod Pin Press, the 10501 Brake Clevis Pin, used for virtually all makes and models of truck and trailer slack adjuster brake clevis pins; and several Slack Adjuster Pullers, including the 10406, 10407, 10409, and 10410. Wheel stud tools include a 22mm adapter (10630), Wheel Stud Adapter 1 1/8" Right Hand (10610), Wheel Stud Adapter 1 1/8" Left Hand (10615), Wheel Stud Adapter 3/4" Right Hand (10620), Wheel Stud Adapter 3/4" Left Hand (10625). Our Tie Rod Tools consist of various Tie Rod End Removers, including 10301 7/8" Tie Rod End Remover, 10302 3/4" Tie Rod End Remover, 10304 20mm Tie Rod End Remover, and last but not least, the 10310 Tie Rod End Remover Kit, which offers a safe and effective means to "shock" tie rod ends loose without risk of damage to threaded areas, grease nipples, and rubber seals. Fits tie rod end sizes 7/8" (heavy duty trucks), 3/4"(mid-size trucks), and 20mm (European trucks).

Tiger's high strength adjustable pulling arms fit various widths of pitman arms for easy installation and removal of the tool. Our selection of Pitman Arm Tools includes 10386 Pitman Arm Spreader, which provides quick and safe removal of Pitman Arms on 2-ton and larger trucks. 10385 HD Pitman Arm Puller is designed to remove pitman arms on virtually all heavy-duty trucks; 10388 Intermediate Pitman Puller is made for school buses, intermediate trucks, delivery trucks, and any other vehicles with a nut release Pitman arm. The 20387 Pitman Arm Service Kit is truly a "must have" for any mechanic or shop servicing steering boxes. The Tiger Tool Combination Kits consist of 20503 Automotive Universal Joint Kit Package, 20503 Auto Universal Joint Service Kit designed for the disassembly and/or reassembly of u-joints on steering knuckles, power take-offs, cars, light and medium duty trucks, buses, and farm machinery, etc. 20101 Universal Joint Puller Kit comes complete with 3 U-Joint Pullers: one each for heavy duty trucks, mid-size trucks, and cars and pickup trucks; 20150 Heavy-Duty U-Joint Service Kit for dismantling and assembling heavy-duty truck u-joints; 20301 Heavy-Duty Mechanic's Kit includes 5 heavy-duty parts including the 10102 U-Joint Puller; the 20201 Heavy-Duty Mechanic's Kit, 20401 Heavy Duty Mechanic's Kit includes 5 heavy-duty parts, including the 10102 U-Joint Puller; and the 20602 Slack Adjuster Service Kit comes with everything you need to service manual/automatic self-adjusting type slacks. So, as you can see, we cover a lot of ground in the Tiger Tool department. Please call Clark with any questions --or to place an order-- at 603-234-2612.