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Ross Reviews his Phoenix Tire Changer Wheel Balancer Set
Tire Changer Wheel Balancer Set
Ross D. in Franklin NH says of the Phoenix tire equipment he purchased from us last year': "They are great!!" He tells us he's using the tire machines for mostly personal use: "Personal and friend and family stuff, small car tires to bigger off road tires." Ross shared this great pic of the machines set up and ready to service some wheels!

New Product! Spotlight on Black Diamond Wheel Balancer W1024ML

Black Diamond Tire Equipment is high quality and built to last. Using current technology, engineering, and the latest designs and features, we've packaged these units for you at an affordable price. The W1024ML wheel balancer is 110V/60HZ unit and boasts 512 angular sensing positions, 4 times more accurate than your average balancer. This balancer also uses a magnetic levitation system and self-propelled balancing. Which means....No Motor and No Belts! With self-calibration and self-diagnosis capabilities, it also includes 3D measurement for distance, diameter, and width.

Some of its features include Auto Entry - use measuring arm for distance and diameter, and measure width manually. Auto Lock: Stop Key: Lock Wheel for mounting weights, or inspection, or to stop in emergency. Auto Position: SPL key, "Smart Position Locator" wheel rotates to 12 o’clock, wheel locks, add required weight, cabinet light illuminates wheel, user-friendly for weight placement. ALU-S mode: SPL key : wheel rotates to 4 o’clock and locks, easily add adhesive weights, and the laser projects on wheel to pinpoint weight placement for both inside and outside plane. ALU key: Toggle to select corresponding aluminum mode. Split Weights: Hide key: hide weights behind spokes when ALU -S program is activated. Dynamic and Static balancing modes.  F key = Fn/Static. Fine key:  Balance within 1/4oz. Or 5 grams. C key: Recalculate balance without spinning after distance, diameter, or width has been changed. User Data pre setting: 4 pre sets for wheel data can be stored.
With cabinet floor plate for extra stability, and cabinet light for dim areas, this machine has all the features you'd want in a professional tire balancer. Call us for more info 603-234-2612. There is no sales tax on these units, and shipping is free.

Black Diamond Wheel Balancer

New Product Alert! Black Diamond Auto Equipment

Are you searching for Tire Equipment that offers the features that are necessary to service today’s larger, performance, stronger sidewall, and various fancy aluminum and steel wheels? Would you like to offer quality service, using current technology but with a moderate investment? We are excited to introduce Black Diamond Tire Equipment to our customers. We have developed a way to provide our customers with current technology, engineering, and the latest designs and features packaged at an affordable price. Based on our conversations with our customers we found different levels of need. A small shop may be shopping for standard equipment because of the volume they do. A larger shop may want a machine more automated to save time. We have the tire equipment to suit your needs.

Please Take the time to call, don't miss out on these very high quality products for a great price, you won't be sorry, we promise! 603-234-2612

Automatic Tire Changer from Black DiamondBlack Diamond wheel balancer

Michael at Mucks Trucks in Maine Leaves Awesome Tire Changer Wheel Balancer Review!

Mucks Trucks in Norway, Maine, offers tires and mount and demount service, courtesy of their Phoenix tire equipment! Here's a pic of the tire changer in action at their shop.

We want to thank Michael for taking the time to leave this Google review for us:

"I was opening my own shop and called about a Phoenix Tire Machine and Phoenix Balancer. Both machines combined were less than 1/2 of the competitors prices! I’ve have had the machines for 6 months now with daily use and haven’t had any problems with them at all! While I was there I also purchased a small mig,tig & stick welder which had paid for its self over and over. If all goes to plan I’ll be making the 2 hour trip back over to get a 2-post lift within a month! Very good people to deal wouldn’t hesitate buying anything they sell."

Michael purchased the 1535A/2950A combo set tire changer wheel balancer, along with a wheel weight kit. We have packaged our tire equipment sets to come with wheel weight kits or without. This particular set includes them. Ths deluxe wheel weight kit includes weights for aluminum applications, weights for steel applications, and adhesive wheel weights. Phoenix PWB1535A Wheel Balancer is a 110v 60 hz motorized digital wheel balancer with auto entry for distance and diameter setting. It is capable of balancing of steel and aluminum wheels as well as motorcycle wheels with optional adapter. 3 Aluminum Modes allow weight placement to avoid interference with brake and steering parts. The tire changer includes a helper arm, plastic duckhead for work on fragile wheels, all-metal metal air valving. Also comes with reservoir for rubber lubricant and adjustable duck head, bead blaster, and precise inflate / deflate air gauge and hose.

Call us if you are interested in ordering one today! 603-234-2612

Mucks Trucks NHProEquip Customer in Norway Maine

Kearsarge Truck & Auto Reviews Their Phoenix Wheel Balancer!

Brett, of Kearsarge Truck and Auto, in Warner NH, shared a post last year to our Facebook page with this photo of his PWB1530A Wheel Balancer and the following comments: "Thank you for the balancer! Now we are all set to do tires up here at Kearsarge truck and auto!"

We just followed up with him to see how the balancer has been working out, and he tells us, "It’s been working perfectly! I’ve been happy with it so far. And very happy with working with you guys for purchasing it! I’ve done everything from 20’s, 18’s with low profile, 35’s, one tons etc!"

We are always glad for the feedback - Thanks, Brett!

Kearsarge Auto NH Phoenix Wheel Balancer

Tire Changers and Wheel Balancers in Stock Now!

We have nice Phoenix Tire Equipment in stock right now. Our biggest selling Tire Equipment set is our PWB1535A Wheel Balancer and PWC2950A Tire Changer set. The tire changer includes a helper arm and a duckhead made of durable plastic that can be used when working with fragile or high end wheels. It also features a no flex - and heavy duty! - 28" turntable, 110 volt electric power for forward and reverse, and air power for clamping. Includes self-centering clamp with stepping function, a quick Inflation device for tubeless tire (bead blaster), and precise inflating/deflating air gauge and hose. This machine is comprised completely of rugged metal air valving throughout machine.

The motorized, digital wheel balancer is a 110v 60 hz and features auto entry for distance and diameter setting. 3 Aluminum Modes allow weight placement to avoid interference with brake and steering parts.

Phoenix Tire Service Equipment

Allison Auto Repair in NY Reviews their Phoenix Tire Changer + Balancer

Allison Auto Repair posted a nice pic of their new Phoenix Tire Changer and Balancer to their Facebook page. They write:

A new addition to our facility! We now have the ability to mount and balance tires up to 26" inches! We also have a state of the art tire pressure monitor scan tool to alleviate that pesky tire pressure light on your dash! Call us for all of your wheel and tire needs! (631)737-6267."

When I inquired about the machines and if they are working out, they replied:

"The tire machine and wheel balancer are awesome! Thanks for all your help!"

Allison Auto Repair used Phoenix Tire Service Equipment

Mike at American Diesel Performance LLC in FL posts review of Phoenix Tire Equipment!

Mike at American Diesel Performance in Oak Hill, Florida posted this great photo of his new Phoenix tire equipment, now set up as his shop and ready to be put to work! He says, "Thanks to Clark Heintz Tools & Equipment, American Diesel Performance LLC is set up for wheels and tires packages! Absolutely great equipment for the price! Already thinking of what to order next from you guys!"

American Diesel Performance Phoenix Tire Changer Wheel Balancer

A Shout-Out to the Boss

Thanks to Steve for his feedback on the 2710/1530 Phoenix Tire Changer Wheel Balancer Combo Set. While he tells us he hasn't had much of a chance to use them yet, he took the time to send us his comments, not just about the equipment, but about Clark's responsiveness. We appreciate our customers letting us know how their interactions are with us; we strive to make ourselves available as much a humanly possible, even if we are out of the shop! Positive customer experience is key! "So far everything is fine with them. I would like to thank the owner for taking a call regarding assembly while he was on vacation in Florida. Very nice."

Scorpion Choppers in NJ is Happy with Purchases!

Bought 2 full motorcycle lift packages, A tire machine and a wheel balancer with all the motorcycle adapters and everything shipped super fast and works great, I couldn't be happier and every time someone asks where I got my Equipment I proudly say, ask for Clark Heintz, he is the man!!! Anthony Caruso Scorpion Choppers Freehold, New Jersey