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Ross Reviews his Phoenix Tire Changer Wheel Balancer Set
Tire Changer Wheel Balancer Set
Ross D. in Franklin NH says of the Phoenix tire equipment he purchased from us last year': "They are great!!" He tells us he's using the tire machines for mostly personal use: "Personal and friend and family stuff, small car tires to bigger off road tires." Ross shared this great pic of the machines set up and ready to service some wheels!

Michael at Mucks Trucks in Maine Leaves Awesome Tire Changer Wheel Balancer Review!

Mucks Trucks in Norway, Maine, offers tires and mount and demount service, courtesy of their Phoenix tire equipment! Here's a pic of the tire changer in action at their shop.

We want to thank Michael for taking the time to leave this Google review for us:

"I was opening my own shop and called about a Phoenix Tire Machine and Phoenix Balancer. Both machines combined were less than 1/2 of the competitors prices! I’ve have had the machines for 6 months now with daily use and haven’t had any problems with them at all! While I was there I also purchased a small mig,tig & stick welder which had paid for its self over and over. If all goes to plan I’ll be making the 2 hour trip back over to get a 2-post lift within a month! Very good people to deal wouldn’t hesitate buying anything they sell."

Michael purchased the 1535A/2950A combo set tire changer wheel balancer, along with a wheel weight kit. We have packaged our tire equipment sets to come with wheel weight kits or without. This particular set includes them. Ths deluxe wheel weight kit includes weights for aluminum applications, weights for steel applications, and adhesive wheel weights. Phoenix PWB1535A Wheel Balancer is a 110v 60 hz motorized digital wheel balancer with auto entry for distance and diameter setting. It is capable of balancing of steel and aluminum wheels as well as motorcycle wheels with optional adapter. 3 Aluminum Modes allow weight placement to avoid interference with brake and steering parts. The tire changer includes a helper arm, plastic duckhead for work on fragile wheels, all-metal metal air valving. Also comes with reservoir for rubber lubricant and adjustable duck head, bead blaster, and precise inflate / deflate air gauge and hose.

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Mucks Trucks NHProEquip Customer in Norway Maine

Phoenix Tire Changer in Action at Christopher's Mobile Automotive

Thanks to Justin at Christopher's Mobile Automotive in Lonetree, Colorado for sharing this great pic of the Phoenix 2950A tire machine in action! (Note the Phoenix wheel balancer in the foreground...) He says, "Mounted and balanced 38/13.50/20 tires with ease."

2950a tire changer at christopher's mobile automotive

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    • CEMB has been selling equipment in the US for about 40 years, mostly under private labels
CEMB is one of the largest garage wheel service equipment manufacturers in the world. They have been in the wheel service equipment manufacturing business since 1946.
  • Distributors may have sold or end users may even be using a CEMB product and are unaware of it!
  • CEMB invented the fixed shaft automotive wheel balancer, which we use today
  • CEMB is a privately held company with a double digit percent increase in sales in the recent down marketplace.
  • CEMB is the largest balancer manufacturer in the world.
  • CEMB is the "name behind the brand throughout the world on wheel balancers."
  • CEMB's wheel alignment equipment-- only recently introduced in the US -- is already a major player in that product line
  • CEMB is the only manufacturer in the world to make both garage and industrial balancing equipment
  • CEMB is the only manufacturer in the world to make both garage and automated assembly line wheel service mounting and balancing equipment. As well as tire matching, diagnostic, and tire uniformity testing.
  • CEMB'S assembly line equipment can be found throughout the world in plants of automobile and tire manufacturing companies.
  • CEMB balances everything in the transportation industry: Bus, Truck, Airplane Wheels and Jet Engine Rotors to High Speed Train Wheels and Axles.
  • In the automotive industries --besides wheels, tires, and alignment service-- CEMB also sells equipment to OEM manufacturers to balance and mill disc brake rotors and balancers for engine crankshafts.
  • In the industrial field, CEMB sells equipment to balance everything from a dentist drill and the rotating tool and holder that made it to the diagnostic tool to solve vibrations issues coming from the rotation of a vibrating drive shaft and screw of large cruise ships.