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Our Customer Service and Lift Delivery Time: "Easier than Ordering a Pizza"

Order a PRO 1200SEMAX ATV Lift - easier than ordering a pizza!

I found a nice review on our website from Tom in Maine. He left it over the weekend, referencing his newly-purchased PRO 1200SEMAX ATV / Motorcycle Lift. Tom's review was especially nice to receive because he shared with us all of the types of vehicles and machinery he works on as a professional mechanic - and how this lift works well to service all of it.

Elevator 1800U Lift Table Pics and Comments from Mark in Charlton, MA

We want to thank Mark in Charlton, MA for sharing these pics of his 1500lb 60" Gravely zero turn mower up on his Elevator 1800U Lift Table! Mark tells us the lift is "Great," and "Totally a good purchase." This mower is getting its blades sharpened and ready for the season!The Elevator 1800U Mower lift table comes with free shipping and there is no sales tax! Some top-notch features, including air-operated twin cylinders for smooth operation and multi-position safety lock system. Includesdual front drop and rear drop panels and 2 step air-operated foot pedal. Also comes with 4-piece (quarters) side extension kit with ramps (sides expand the lift width to 56") as well as a 46" long loading ramp.

Gravel Zero Turn Mower Elevator 1800U Lift Table

60" Gravel Zero Turn Mower

Part 2: Jeff at One Pull Lawnmower Shares more pics of Zero Turn Mower on the Lift!

Jeff at One Pull Lawnmower shared some more pics of his lift in action with an awesome lawnmower. He tells us the lift, "Works great for all my commercial customers."

These are some great pics Jeff shared with us of an Exmark Lazer Z HPZero Turn Mower up on the Elevator 1800 Mower Lift Table.

XMark Zero Turn Mower on Elevator 1800 Lift