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Flo-Dynamics BrakeMate Brake Flush Machine

Flo Dynamics Brakemate Brake Flush Machine is a fully automatic brake flushing machine that can service all 4 wheels in under 9 minutes. Select sequence feature allows technician to easily select the desired sequence for flushing. The BrakeMate features a complete master cylinder adapter set with carrying case, which includes: 15 foot lines, sight glasses, drain reservoir function, top off ability, fast 9 minute automatic process, full 4 wheel flush, pressure tests, separate ABS line, automatic shut off on new fluid tank and adapter case storage bracket. It is easy to use and makes for profitable brake service!

Flo-Dynamics has eliminated the need for a second technicican when performing a brake bleeding service.

The BrakeMate simultaneously fills and vacuums the brake system to provide an efficient, safe, and thorough way to flush the system. The BrakeMate is programmable to the OE recommended flushing sequence.

Just five easy steps to operate the BrakeMate: First, clean out the master cylinder, connect the special master cylinder adapter, connect the 4 hoses and open all 4 bleeder valves, then start the machine. No "babysitting" the machine, no flipping of switches, it's all automatic.


Dimensions 39"H x 17"W x 26"D
Shipping Weight: 70 lbs
New Fluid Tank: 5 Quart Capacity
Waste Fluid Tank: 20 Quart Capacity
Power: 12V DC frm vehicle's battery