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Clark and Bobby discuss the RollCabs brand Tool Boxes

Bobby and Clark sit down with Greg Trost to talk about their new RollCabs brand tool boxes. Many customers have cited a comparison between the name brands (Snap on, Matco, Mac, to name a few...) to the CRX Series brand tool boxes. We wanted to highlight this fact, so in our video we ask you to compare any name brand with this tool cabinet and you will be pleasantly surprised, not only at specs, design, features...but the price is not comparable, in a very good way! You will pay a fraction of the price for our CRX Series. Please call us for more detail, we'd be happy to give you more information. Call 603-234-2612

"Whether you're a profressional or a homeowner, or anything in between, you'll find a vast array of different sizes, capacities and qualities of different tool boxes to fit your needs.

After being in the tool box business for 45 years, I found out what mechanics really want, really like, and really need. We were able to help design the tool box that we were looking for to make it something of value, that has the nice features that a customer would be looking for. Pick any brand you want.

Compare them against You will be impressed. The weights, the design...Anything you want to look at. Go right ahead. Then compare the price. You'll be surprised at what kind of a tool box you can buy for how little money. If you're shopping for a tool box, it's a large purchase. We expect that you'll have plenty of questions. But we want to put you at ease with what you're buying. So please, we encourage you to give us a call."

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