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Compare the Car-DAQ-M, CarDAQ-Plus, and Mongoose Reprogramming Devices

CarDAQ-Plus and CarDAQ-M are designed for "all makes", while each Mongoose is designed for one specific make. If your shop focuses on one particular make, choose the Mongoose that fits your needs. If you do "all makes" Choose CarDAQ-Plus or CarDAQ-M.

Application Support         CarDAQ Plus         CarDAQ M         Mongoose Family        
BMW/Mini         x         x                 
Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge         x         x         Mongoose Chrysler Only        
Ford/Lincoln/Mercury         x         x         Mongoose Ford Only        
GM         x         x         Mongoose GM Only        
Honda/Acura         x         x                 
Hyundai         x         x                 
Isuzu         x         x                 
Jaguar/Land Rover         x         x         Mongoose JLR Only        
Kia         x         x                 
Mazda         x         x                 
Mitsubishi         x         x                 
Nissam/Infiniti         x         x                 
Subaru         x         x                 
Toyota/Lexus/Scion         x         x         Mongoose Toyota Only        
Volvo         x         x                 
VW/Audi         x         x         Mongoose VW Only        


USB                 x                 x                 x                
Ethernet                 x                                                  
J2534-2 Support                 x                             x                                                          


Return on Investment with Drew Technologies Products

Drew Technologies offers a range of products that immediately give your shop greater earning potential by providing job profitability, more “in-shop” services, and quality control.

How Drew Technologies' products can produce fast results in payback & profit for you:

--Gain control over the quality of repair
--Uses OEM’s current data and information
--Allows “in-shop” quality control
--Lowers vehicle repair times
--Allows better efficiency of shop and labor
--Helps job cost control
--Faster vehicle turns are attractive to all involved: Your shop, your customers and Direct Repair Program scoring

More shop capabilities = more customer calls and business

--Visibility to OEM TSBs, give you the ability to offer more services to your customers while you have the vehicle --The more services you can offer your customers, the more they will look to you for their needs --Keep more jobs in house, and the profit for yourself --Keep profitable jobs in your shop


# Customer/Mot            5
Revenue ($/Event)            125
Device Investment ($)            1,680
Lab/hr            19
Overheads ($)            9.5
Procedure Time (Hrs)            0.67
OEM Data ($/use)            30